There are a few full-featured office apps on Android, but Docs To Go was starting to look a little stagnant compared to the others. That changes today with the big version 4.0 update. The app looks completely different and has a couple new features that bring it up to par with the competition. The price has also been reduced to celebrate – a full version key is $9.95, down from $14.95.

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The new interface is much more modern and finally loses the legacy menu button of shame. Content is organized by tabs that are rearranged into a second pane on tablets. It's not quite a #holoyolo makeover, but it fits much better with Android than that busted old Gingerbread theme (you can see some old screens down at the bottom).

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In addition to the new UI, Docs To Go 4.0 brings native support for editing and syncing documents saved in cloud directories like Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, and Box. Beginning with this version, editing is allowed with the free version of the app. There will still be ads in the free app, but it includes in-app purchases if you only want certain features.

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