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At this point pretty much everything about Sony's next flagship phone has been spoiled except for the name. The Xperia D6503 "Sirius," which will almost certainly be getting a much less interesting title when it's officially revealed, has had multiple large leaks. A new 12-minute video shows off pretty much everything about the included software.

The video comes from the same YouTube user who posted the last big leak, and it looks like it's the same phone running the same software. This time he's kindly shown us the outer casing, which uses Sony's standard industrial design adapted into a slightly more rounded shell. The color is blue-gray, though given the recording quality it's hard to tell what it will look like in person. Sony's typical waterproof port layout is on display, including a dedicated dock port (switched to the left edge) and a physical shutter button. A previous leak detailed unconfirmed specs that are slightly better than the Xperia Z1: Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 5.2-inch 1080P screen, and Sony's 20.7MP rear camera.

If you're too impatient to comb through the video, here's a hit list of some of the more interesting features on display:

  • Android 4.4.2
  • Refreshed Sony UI
  • New music widgets on homescreen and lockscreen
  • Xperia Connect - screen mirroring between the phone and Sony tablets
  • Dual Shock 3 controller compatibility
  • Auto-answer calls by raising the phone to your head
  • Simplified alternate homescreen
  • Glove mode
  • Tap to wake
  • 4K, timeshift, background defocus, and other various video recording options

Given the apparent completeness of this software build and Sony's upcoming press conference, I would definitely expect an announcement at Mobile World Congress. The phone in the video used UK English, so an initial launch in the UK and Europe (at least) seems likely.

Source: XDA-Developers

Michael Crider
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  • hamdi

    Remember when Sony wanted to prevent leaks?

    • Justin Foster

      Lol I know right. They're trying hard to recover from Ericsson's rep, so a few good leaks is more help than harm right now.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    Does the glove mode mean that the Xperia Z2 can handle stylus input like the Z Ultra as well? The Z Ultra only uses extra sensitivity for this, from what I've read.

    Also, could glove mode be enabled on Xperia Z1 devices through an update? I'm receiving my Z1 in a couple of days and I'd love to have a glove mode. Not that I'd use it very often, but I do like added functionality like this :)

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    To be honest, the Xperia Z2 doesn't really sound like much of an upgrade over the Z1. Almost everything that is shown in the video above can be added through software updates, and coming from an Xperia S I can tell you Sony does add quite a lot of software tweaks on older phones through updates.

    I just hope the release of the Z2 won't make the Z1 receive updates too late, like what I experienced with my Sony Xperia S. Apart from that, I'm glad I'm getting a Z1. The Z2 is just a compliment to the Z1, showing that Sony doesn't have a lot to improve from the already great Z1.

    • Justin Foster

      I agree. Sony is so focused on specs, it's not using its wealth of gaming and music technology to the max. Release a phone with great specs AND a gamepad connected to PSN, (Xperia Play Z). Release a phone with great Sony speakers and camera tech. Do SOMETHING different besides waterproofing.

      • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

        Here's my take on your well-stated comment:

        Sony now releases two flagships a year. What if they would release one high-end waterproof device like the Z1/2, and make the other flagship a different monstrous phone not necessarily waterproof but truly excelling with one particular topic like a camera, or gamepad?

        How awesome would it be to have Sony come up with a (non-waterproof) Xperia PlayZ with high-quality stereo speakers. Next year, maybe release a truly epic cameraphone like Nokia's take with the Lumia 1020. It'll cost a lot of resources for Sony, but that's supposed to be their strength. They should really combine all of their forces, camera and game centric, and put it in a smartphone. Even more so than they are already trying with the Z1/2!

        • Justin Foster

          Exactly. They are trying to avoid the feature phone thing again but it'll be an even greater strength now if they continue using great specs on their devices. They can market themselves as Sony Mobile, "a phone for everyone." Samsung is doing this and very well. They have the note series for productivity, the S series for cool features and pure phone users, and a number of other phones for budget users. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung is already working on a more entertainment oriented phone

  • supremekizzle

    I was hoping the bezels would be gone by final revision. Guess not. Shame....

    • someone755

      This is an Xperia phone, you should know by now that bezels are mandatory here.

  • Sean Royce

    I honestly can't wait for this device! I have never given Sony a proper chance, but it's close to say they might be my next device. Really, really over Touchwiz on my S4. I hope Sammy shapes up. Phones like the Moto G are even faster then their flagship S4.

    • Andrei Muresan

      Couldn't agree more. I'm really thinking about ditching my S4 for this Z2 !

      • Sean Royce

        So am I man. I am starting to really fall in love with Sony devices. I really could care less about bezels. As long as it fits in my pocket, I'm all for it.

        • 0A05

          Well I have the first Xperia Z phone and I have almost nothing to complain about, giving it a try was a very good decision, and Sony is giving it a good software update (just minor bugs as any update is perfect...but nothing to worry about), I have almost a year with it now and I recommend the Z family :)

          • Sean Royce

            Cheers man.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Huh, no native Dual shock 4 support?

  • bse88

    I find the lag of widgets loading when you swipe through screen quite unnaceptable.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Not final software

  • someone755

    "Refreshed Sony UI" Yeah like we haven't heard that one before... Imo, every version of their "revolutionary new UI" looks the same.

    • God Shaped Hole

      "Refreshed" doesn't mean "revolutionary". When Sony says that the UI is getting a refresh, they change a few things, improve others, and slightly modify the design. That's precisely what a refresh means.

      • someone755

        Since ICS, all they've done is changed the launcher and shifted the app colors from black to white (zero tweaks done in between). Also a worse lockscreen (way worse). And we can't forget, they changed the font of one of the clock widgets.
        They had 3 software revisions and that's all they've done.

  • basteagow

    From the looks of the screen at full brightness during boot-up, I'm worried it's yet another crappy TN panel. I hope I'm wrong.

  • Jephri

    So excited for this phone. A few major improvements that I see over the z1s which I own and love.

    1) That is an IPS panel... Finally! The sub par viewing angles an the z1s are its only true weakness. (I learned that from an outside source)

    2) The bezels on the side and top are both smaller. It looks like they fit a 5.2 inch display in the same size body as the 5 inch z1s.

    3) Tap to wake and better screen sensitivity (glove mode). I love the tap to wake feature, and this increase in sensitivity may make the phones touch screen work underwater.

    And now Mr. video maker. Next time you make a movie please vacuum your floor first and put on some shoes! :)

  • abobobilly

    And once again we are granted with that HORRIBLE looking screen when rest of the world moves towards perfection from the likes of HTC One, G2 or Note 3. Everytime i look at these sony phones, a part of me cries with ME puking by having a look at these :

    For clarification, i am talking about the "Washed out Colors". High-Res ONLY doesn't make a screen good.

  • Marcell LĂ©vai

    Double-tap to unlock ftw!

  • Diaz1999

    ugly camera interface