Just like every other manufacturer, Huawei would really appreciate it if you paid them some attention starting next week. Once Mobile World Congress starts, it'll be a mad melee of journalists, PR managers, presenters, and executives all scrambling to either show off or see the latest hardware. Huawei is being a bit proactive with their announcement trailer, poking fun at the world's two biggest phone makers in the process. IDC says Huawei is currently number three.

Pretty standard stuff - Huawei has at least two tablets and one smartphone to announce. But take a close look at the video's "I Can't Believe It's Not Siri" readout, and you can see that the rube holding the phone chose his questions very carefully.


Oooh, burn.

Apple's too cool to show up to trade shows, and Samsung has been holding their own parallel events for big reveals for the last several years. Maybe that's why Huawei felt the need to poke the bear. Whatever their motivation, we'll see if they've got the goods to "amaze the world again"on February 23rd in Barcelona.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Milton P.

    I don't really like when they try to impress you throwing shit to others, have more confidence and amaze us with the real product, we will decide if it's amazing and we wanna get it. I don't care about fruit or Somesong, I care about innovation.

    • WORPspeed

      So glad you are the first to comment on this article!
      Well said!

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo


    That's a pretty strong word to pull out of your ass and put in everyone's face.

  • rocket_crotch


  • Never Hide

    And the funny thing is , it's not funny

  • skatsbrayt

    Some song? Really?

    • Bambalazs

      'Same Song' would be more appropriate. :)

  • Blake Forehand

    Did I miss when they amazed the world the first time?

    • Michael J Carroll

      I mean, the fact that they still exist is pretty impressive.

      • Valecky

        Huawei is the 3rd biggest OEM, only Samsung and Apple sold more phones than Huawei in 2013. I don't think it should be surprising that they still exist.

        • Some dude

          Yes but in revenue apple and samsung (in that order) are the leaders... And by far

          • Charlene A. Smolen


            ◚◚◚ ◚◚◚⩩ ◚◚◚ ◚⨹◚◚◚ ◚�◚◚ ◚◚◚Do this and your products will sell themselves. Don't try and belittle the competition, it comes across as petty and desperate.

        • Michael J Carroll

          But have you seen their phones? I mean, I understand that there is a demand for low-end phones in developing markets, but is it still necessary to make your flagship phone have a 1.2Ghz Dual-Core MediaTek processor and then brag about how speedy it is?

      • Andrés

        Well, we need to divide Huawei first. There is the Huawei that makes Telco Equipment and is HUGE, you won't see them in markets where they're banned due to espionage concerns (US) but on the rest they are now a given.
        And there is the Huawei that makes phones, most very crappy phones. Important here the word most. I went to a bunch of conferences given by Huawei for Telcos and they had a bunch of tablets and smartphones laying around to play. We were like meh, we're here already anyways. We'll bloddy hell we caught on to a couple that were really good. And I do mean that, the quality of the screen was amazing, the processor and RAM, the internal memory, dual SIM, and a lot of stuff I can't remember. Oh the best part, they barely messed with Android. The price was half of what I had though it would be. Seriously slick device. There's a catch, it's only sold in China. So just because we're not seeing them in our markets it doesn't mean they don't build quality stuff. I started to read Indian and Chinese tech blogs to see what they're really up to.

    • Marcell Lévai

      Ascend P6 ringing any bells?

      • skatsbrayt

        I wasn't aware that the iPhone 4 copy-cat "AMAZED" the world for the first time.

        • Marcell Lévai

          It was/is pretty succesful in Eureope (and the East I guess). It has good software additions, somewhat based on miui. And yes, it resembles the iPhone 4 a bit, but it could do worse.

  • Jephri

    In this ad Huawei plays the part of the awkward bully in high school who makes fun of the popular kids and tries to marginalize their popularity by speaking disdainfully about the accomplishments that make them well liked. "Can you believe that people like Brittany? Ugh, I can't stand how she is everywhere on this campus, class president, debate team member and cheer Co-captain. Ha, who is she trying to impress. She is so annoyingly happy all the time too."

    That strategy just makes the bully look more desperate and insecure. Make great products, well designed software and use your ads to create an emotional connection between your hardware and your potential clients. Do this and your products will sell themselves. Don't try and belittle the competition, it comes across as petty and desperate.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I like your phones but don't be laughing just yet Huawei. Apple and Samsung are still leagues above you and LG and soon Lenovo(once Motorola is taken in) are about to challenge your position fast. Time to step up your game.

    And its time to put the Play Store for once in your phones.

  • abobobilly

    Oooh, burn.

  • Jadephyre

    Amaze the world again? I'm sorry, but did something amazing come from Huawei when I wasn't looking? All their phones were pretty "meh" so far.

  • Akshay Mehta

    Samsung and apple laugh at huawei's profit per year

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Huawei fucking sucks anyway

  • bakakun028

    Should have been like "its either huawei or no way!"

    • Jadephyre

      Very punny :D

  • thartist

    Most jarring add I've ever seen. Sh1t, that stuttering voice almost made my brain explode.