This weekend's poll is a pretty simple one, but one that I'm curious to see the results of given our worldwide audience: how did you pay for your current phone?

In the US, there are generally three ways (broadly speaking) you can buy a smartphone - on-contract from a wireless carrier (aka subsidized), outright (full price, no contract), or as part of an installment / financing plan. Carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile offer phone financing plans, offsetting the full cost of a device by spreading it over the course of one or two years. Some smartphone manufacturers like Motorola even offer no-interest credit financing if you buy a phone from them directly.

To be clear, for the purpose of this poll, buying a phone using a credit card does not count as installments or financing, unless that credit offer was from the phone manufacturer or a wireless provider.

If you didn't buy your current phone (eg, it was a gift, it was a trade, etc.), choose the option that to the best of your knowledge applies to the person who did originally purchase it.

How did you pay for your current phone - outright, subsidized, or in installments / financing?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Fry

    Got That nexus 5 from the play store yo

    • Severo Rivera

      Couldn't have said it better myself. Nexus 5 ftw!

      • FApplay7359

        мʏ ƈօ-աօʀĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ'ѕ ѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ք-мօтн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ мαĸɛ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $62 ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʋ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀʏ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ ʟαιɖ օғғ ғօʀ ѕ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʋ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ ιɴƈօм­­­­­­e­­­­­­ աαѕ $1461з ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ιɴт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­т ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. тօք αʀтιƈʟ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ SaveJury&#46com

        • Fry

          Hurrr durrr

    • BigTimmay


      • Luca3998

        Nexus 5!!!

        • Bob Hart

          Nexus 5 32GB from the Play Store

          Wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Paul G

      Yo 2

    • archercc

      Still rocking the N4 but same wheelhouse. Its easy when the phone is only $350, then I can save $30 a month+ on an MNVO.

  • Avalos

    Upgraded from the Nexus 5 to the Google Play Edition Z Ultra.

    I don't regret it, but I do wish it had been cheaper. The Nexus price point definitely spoiled me.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

      Yeah but that $649 got you a nice phone than the Nexus 5 could even dream of being.

  • Marvin U.

    Got a Moto G.

    • Scott

      I bought a 16 GB moto G for the g/f, what a fantastic phone for the price.

  • Garrett

    I've been buying my phones outright for years now and using them on prepaid plans. It's definitely the best way to go and I've saved TONS of money!

    • Aki I.

      I broke my contract, paid the early termination and bought a note2 two years ago and till saved over staying on contract for the rest of its remaining life.

  • Gracticus

    I bought the nexus 4 on installment from T-Mobile in June then got the nexus 5 from the play store on launch day. So I sold the 4 and bought the 5 outright and still have a few months of payments on the 4 (stinking Google reducing the price of the 4 lol).

  • nezlobnyj

    nexus 5 32gb black, cost me $500, still better than that-other-overpriced-phone. and best in terms of compromises.

  • Nabeel Farooqui

    Always Outright.

  • Himmat Singh

    Well, my phone's a Lumia. But I still bought it outright. Spend less than $30 a year on my phone credit so no point in going on a contract.

  • Stephen McGann

    Moto X during that glorious 8 Hour window that verizon let me upgrade and keep my unlimited data plan. Turned out to be a huge mistake.

    • taxi333

      why a mistake ? ... when did those 8 glorious hours happened? :( I don't want to lose my unlimited data ...

      • Stephen McGann

        There website screwed up in October or late September. but I ended up paying 170$ for a phone on contract that I could have had customized off contract for 330$ 3 months later. Obviously isn't not that bad a mistake but it is kind of ironic.

        • Nathan Fletcher

          Either way, I think that the moto x is a really nice phone. While I do happen to like the power and screen size of the nexus 5, I think that I prefer the moto x in daily use because of things such as active notifications.

  • Tim Harper

    You should have a used off contract option..I would never pay $600 for a phone, but I didn't want to lose my unlimited data.

  • Greek_Ice

    No other way than the Nexus way.

  • Matt

    Grey imported my Note 2 to Australia for about $300 less than what I would have paid in a store.
    It still kills me to see people paying $1000 for phones when they can be obtained SO much cheaper!

  • Auburngirl

    Where is the option for comes with the job?

  • ProtoKun7

    I always buy my phones outright. Never had a contract. Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 both from the Play Store.

  • Matthew Brown

    I completely outright bought my LG G2 unlocked and sim free. I then pay a contract on top of that. That way I get the rolling contract and the option to change network or buy a new phone whenever I want.

  • Si Fudge

    got the nexus 4 from google in its price drop couple of months before the n5 came out ;)

  • Wayne Randall

    Nexus 4 owner straight out of Comto.. Er Play Store.

    And a hearty lol at the article demonstrating how douchey the readers have become. Can't we just have a poll that has three options and no instructions?
    Apparently not.

    • Nathan

      I don't know. It's important for voters to know what they can vote to make sure the results are as correct as possible.

      • Wayne Randall

        Were you here for the last poll, Nate? The comment section was full of douche, for the simplest of poll options even.

        There's two things I don't read here at AP any more; Ryan's posts on app sales, and David's poll comments.

  • Erstam

    I have bought all my phones outright since the nexus one first existed. One, galaxy nexus, 4, 5. Also had a s2 somewhere in there. And a couple other randomness phones for less than a month.

  • WestFiasco

    Bought mine on Ebay, new

  • rheerani

    Sending this from moto g, so yeah...

  • dangerdad

    Got my Samsung Galaxy Lite from Newegg on one of the shell shocker deals. Replaces my 4-year old Nexus One. I didn't notice until after buying it how little internal storage it has (8GB, really 5GB useable) but the 64GB microSD makes up for it. I'll hold on to phones with removeable storage and battery until there are none left.

    • someone755

      Would you please mind explaining why a removable battery is a selling point to you, sir?
      I'm baffled, since I can't find a single plus, though maybe you can enlighten me on the topic...?

      • Fry

        Easy to replace when it goes bad.
        Easy to swap when it's dead and you've got spares.

        • someone755

          Oh, so it's good for either paranoid people or someone who travels frequently/needs the juice for something else, I see now.
          Thank you for the explanation, Sir.

      • dangerdad

        1) You can replace it (the charge a battery can hold decreases over time for any Lithium battery)
        2) You can bring a spare with you and swap out
        3) If the system freezes, you can pop it out to power cycle the unit.

        • someone755

          I get 1 and 2.
          3 is bullsheet tho. Any phone can be shut down with a combination of two (sometimes three) buttons.

          • dangerdad

            I've had phones (2 different models) freeze and nothing would bring them back until I popped the battery. No button-mashing combo (including the manufacturer's claims) would do the job. It was rare, but I was glad I could pop the battery.

          • someone755

            Either you didn't do the right combination (or long enough) or those phones were broken.
            Popping the battery while the system is writing things also resulted in quite a few broken flash chips in my family....

  • Detonation

    Last phone I signed a contract for was the Galaxy Nexus. Since then it's been all Swappa or Ebay. Actually, the Moto X I just bought is the first official "new" phone I've owned since then.

    • Scott

      Dude Moto X is a kickass phone.

    • Dakota

      I'm too distrustful.. Not comfortable with used devices from unknown people who in a month or less might not work

  • GryphKid44

    Note 3 from Verizon outright to keep my unlimited data

  • Tim Harper

    You should have an option for used off contract. I would never pay full price for a phone, but I want to keep my Verizon unlimited data.

  • Testraindrop

    Nexus, go figure

  • jonzey231

    Nexus 4 during flash sale :)

  • someone755

    370€ for an Xperia S.
    Biggest ripoff I've ever seen, but I had no clue about chipsets and the kind back then...
    Waiting till summer 2015 for a new phone, I do hope there's something cool out by then!

  • Matt

    Gee, I wonder if the AP reader survey is going to be biased towards outright purchases:P This website may have a worldwide audience, but the sample is still going to be a very poor statistical representation of overall Android phone buyers. Nevertheless, I suppose it's interesting to see the exact breakdown.

  • http://shanked.me/ Shank

    Nexus 4 from Play Store. Can't see myself ever going back.

  • Hector

    Nexus 5 - Full Price
    Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition - Full Price

    I hate contracts. Carriers put bloatware and suck the money out the individual(s)!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

      GS4 GPE owner myself. It's been my daily driver for a while and I don't see that changing any time soon.

      • gotluck

        Woop GS4 GE here too.

    • Marc Edwards

      to me a phone is just hardware these days, i have an S4, i voided the warranty for cyanogenmod within a couple of days and never looked back. i just go for the cheepest way to have the hardware i want which this renewal worked out to be buying outright

  • Blake Pool

    Where's the option for buying second handed? I never buy new phones anymore, I generally wait 6 months after release and get one for about half price from some sap who bought it and hated it and then put it up on craigslist. That's how I got my Nexus, S3 and soon to be Moto X

    • Gary Graf

      I usually wait 3-6 months and buy used on eBay for $400 - $500

  • Mike Decker

    Preorderd the S3 on VZW so I can keep my unlimited data plan. Dropped Texting (use hangouts/voice) and the insurance plan. Next phone will be bought outright as long as VZW doesn't kill the grandfathered unlimited data.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition (daily driver)
    Moto G Google Play Edition
    Galaxy Note 3 AT&T VariantVariant

    All bought outright. The two GPE phones were bought new off the Play Store but the Note 3 was bought for a great deal from my neighbor who bought it new and hated it.

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    Moto Financing on the Moto X Valentine's day deal!

    • Scott

      Same here, 32 GB moto X for 350 with no interest financing for 12 months.

  • heyheythere

    Moto x for a penny. Can't beat that. Subsidized /contract so what? kept my unlimited and it was a penny

    • Scott

      You paid the fake price.

      • Davis Hernandez

        well, in my case i got a note 2 for free on a $18 monthly contract, no regrets it gives me 3gb of internet and 300 minutes, for me its a deal as i the prepaid cards here at mexico are expensive as fuck (2 talk minutes cost you $1 buck, at here its very espensive compared to the contract)

  • Emilio Montes

    i got four lg g2 for free....

  • Fabian Pineda

    Shocking numbers... I thought the general American audience would have bought with a contract rather than full price. Maybe it's just that AP is an overall niche circle, but I swear that these numbers don't fit with the US.

    • Unknown182

      Definitely because of the crowd. Nexus 5 and $30 a month plan for me!

    • http://visionaforethought.wordpress.com/ Oflife

      Or the UK. Must be a Nexus 5 bias. Perhaps the pole should ask readers to specify their phone too?

      • kaoruAngel

        Perhaps the pole should learn how to dance on women also?

    • CaibreGreyblade

      Germany/Poland here. Definitely not a norm here on old continent too.

    • xnadax

      Far from all voters are from the US, I guess.

    • Dakota

      The people Comme ting here are not even close to reflective of the general population, who definitely get their phones through subsidies

      • Fabian Pineda

        Yeah, I agree with you. That's what I first said.

        Maybe the poll could've been like "I live in the US and I bought my phone...." and "I live outside the US and I bought my phone...". Although I don't believe the trend could be much of a difference, since like I said, AP is a niche circle.

        • Cerberus_tm

          Why this preoccupation with America? What does it matter?

    • wtf

      " I swear that these numbers don't fit with the US."

      And since the whole world is the US, its impossible that any foreigners could have voted.

      • Fabian Pineda

        You're being oversensitive. I don't even live in the US, but it's more than natural that I'd consider the US to be the majority of AP's fanbase.

        I guess common sense is the less common of senses after all.

  • Owen Finn

    Stole it?

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Not funny.

    • Scott

      No idea how you're getting upvotes. I hope you're not serious.

  • Marikenio

    I've both 2 HTC One (black & silver) from Amazon for $50.00 (1st unit $49.99, then $0.01) with 2 yr contract w/ AT&T ($100.00/mo).

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    Wow. This poll is hard to believe. With 1,544 votes in atm, 77% (!!!) say they bought their phone outright VS a carrier subsidy. Guess it just goes to show that AP doesn't attract your average overpaying math-challenged subsidy zombie. :)

    (Bought my T-Mobile Note 3 for $690 on swappa in October.)

    • Scott

      That and this poll was globally.

    • dogulas

      I wonder what percent of the voters are outside the U.S.

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        Good question. Since the poll is hosted on androidpolice (afaik) maybe they can break it down later by GeoIP.

      • https://sites.google.com/site/livingroomhush/ Alessandro L

        For sure AP got a lot of readers outside the us, but I think it most attract open minded readers with its impartial way to put things down. Anyhow in eu the trend is on carriers contracts for most of the people since they're not really into the tech news or price hunting.

      • BigPigEatin’aFig

        I am, for one.

  • BillygotTalent

    Bought the N5 outright, because there is no other option. I thought buying outright would be cheaper than together with a contract, but that really is not the case.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      If there is no other option other than buying off-contract, how do you know buying it with a contract would have been cheaper?

      Also if you wouldn't mind explaining exactly how going with a contract would have been cheaper? I'm actually really curious.

  • mark boyle

    i think people who follow android police are not the general public and are more likely to be knowledgeable and technologically savvy about finding a good phone for a good deal with a reasonably priced carrier. For instance I'm a nexus 5 owner, I was on walmart's $40 unlimited everything plan, now I'm on t-mobile's $60 plan which has insanely fast lte.(NYC). I doubt many people that buy their own phone would have at&t or verizon, those guys are just rip off artists.

  • Andrew

    I'm on Verizon unlimited plan for now. Definitely outright for my last few phones. Being able to sell my older phone for a good price helps cut down the sticker shock a bit.

  • BAM1789

    Bought on Swappa! Z Ultra GPE!

    • Scott

      How is swappa? I've always heard about it but never used it.

      • BAM1789

        Swappa is actually pretty awesome. If you are into Rooting, ROMs, and whatnot it is a great place to find and sell a phone. Whenever I sell a phone on craigslist I have cater towards the "average" person who knows nothing about Android besides it's the other OS than Apple.. Swappa has a good amount of people that are on XDA.

  • Uncle_Rico

    N5.. 32GB, received last Wednesday... sweet!

  • Trysta

    Even before I started by Nexii I bought my first smartphone full price from T-mobile on their old even more plus plan. There always seemed to be something deeply wrong to me about the contract model with huge monthly bills in exchange for not paying all at once for what amounts to a mini computer with mobile data. I'm really happy that buying phones full price is getting easier these days.

  • Simon Belmont

    Outright. I have a day one Nexus 5.

    Also paid for my Galaxy Nexus outright (got it lightly used). Last phone I bought subsidized was my HTC EVO 3D.

  • Godspoken

    Got my AT&T Galaxy Note on eBay. I'm guessing the original owner got it subsidized.

    • andrew__des_moines

      I hope that is at least a Note 2 -- the original Note was excruciatingly under-powered.

      • Godspoken

        You think so? Maybe it's because I'm not a "power user", whatever that means, but I've never really had an issue with my OG Note since I got it shortly after the Note II was released. It's played every game I've ever wanted to play on it just fine (Square Enix games, mostly, and Temple Run, etc. Nothing super demanding like one of those pretty yet completely devoid of meaningful gameplay racing games). The only thing I might complain about is the RAM, only 1 GB, but then, most devices had 1 GB when it was released.

        I could easily upgrade to something like the Z Ultra, but when I actually evaluate what I would functionally get from that, the answer is: not much. A bigger screen, yeah, can't complain there. A few extra frames, I suppose, and perhaps more battery life. But my Note already lasts all day with some game time, and I can't say that a couple seconds of occasional lag really bothers me. Honestly, I have to say that tech enthusiasts really overblow the importance of year-to-year spec updates. Not that that's anything new (oh my god, this new graphics card has 4GB of RAM, which I will totally make use of with my 1080p single monitor!), but it's especially trite in the area of phones. Because let's be honest: phones don't do all that much right now, and the only reason most people bother to upgrade their phone every year, or every two years, is because they're told to by manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and their peers (who are also informed by manufacturers, telecommunications companies, and their peers, creating a powerful sort of positive feedback loop of a cultural phenomenon). I think it's great to see mobile consumer technology growing every year, because one day, mobile devices probably will drive most of our technology (that, or "cloud" processing, or both simultaneously). But the consumer doesn't actually benefit much from these yearly spec updates. Still, what makes you happy makes you happy!

        • andrew__des_moines

          My wife, decidedly not a power user, had the original Note. Probably because of all the social widgets, the phone was extremely slow in tasks like responding to touch, transition homescreens, etc. Ever since she took my Note 2, she has not had any issues.

  • CraigM25

    Nexus 4 from Google Play

  • andrew__des_moines

    After AT&T was deservedly criticized when they came out with the Next plan, they have quietly introduced major plan discounts that make the plan a very good deal under certain circumstances. It is certainly worth checking out if you have AT&T.

  • schlanz

    wow. lots of nexus users in here

  • Sidd

    Well all of my phones are full price. They are
    Galaxy S2, S3, Note 2, HTC One, Nexus 5 and Z1
    Now saving for S5 :-)

  • John Smith

    Nexus 5 + AT&T GoPhone.

  • MarkG54321

    Nexus5 fullprice

  • chris125

    I buy outright. Usually wait a little while or take advantage of best buys 18 month no financing credit offer that way I pay it off over time and can always have the latest device if I feel the need.

  • n_a_v

    N4 and Moto X

  • http://www.bordersweather.co.uk/ Andy J

    Nexus 4, previous phone HTC One X (International) is still being paid for as part of contract (up in May)

  • bobbutts

    Didn't vote, bought used from ebay.

  • Joey Colclough

    Bought Note 3 outright at €649 this includes Irish VAT @23% I generally upgrade once a year, otherwise I would be stuck in a 12-24 month contract with little benefits and also have to put a deposit down ranging from €150-350 based on contract duration. As it stand's I pay €20 per month for 10k text's to any network, 15GB 4G data allowance, and free 3 to 3 calls and at weekend free any network calls.

  • steelew

    Even after paying full price, the bootloader is still locked. I hate you AT&T. I wish I had known they were doing that before I bought it. My AT&T galaxy note did not have a locked bootloader.

  • badabundz

    had a s2+bb 9300 sold them, bought a moto G sold it, then bought a s4 mini change it for a note 2 sold that bought a used htc one and exchanged that for a s4 Bingo.

  • GraveUypo

    full price outright.

  • Mantis99

    Moto X Dev Ed Verizon Cyber Monday sale

  • Sebastian Nuñez Del Prado

    I bought my Note 2 (Sgh-i317) for $150 on eBay. Used in perfect condition.

  • serotheo

    The only phone I've got installments on is my Note 3, my Nexus 4 and S3 were bought of contract.

  • deltatux

    Current phone, the Nexus 4 was paid outright, C$422.67 to be exact, tax and shipping incl.

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    Nexus 5 from the play store, $17 a month for my service. 2gb data, $800 of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS, no contract.

  • Primalxconvoy

    In Japan, it's very difficult to buy a stock phone and use it, due oe combination of nationalism/racism (controlled markets to protect domestic markets), corporate greed and political corruption. This has all combined to have a system where foreign tourists are often not helped in English speaking, "foreigner friendly" self proclaimed "flagship" shops (such as Softbank's Harajuku branch.

    I've seen tourists bringing in (unlocked) iPhone and asking for tourist sims and being met with indifference and no help whatsoever.

    There are ways to use unlocked phones (Docomo will even unlock certain phones bought from them, but usually you have to go on a contract for two years to pay for them) on a special sim card company that works BUT Japan has done a great job at creating psudo standards and regulations that make it a bit of a nightmare.

    Not to worry though. This is all helping to make Japan less relevant and only making China more so.

    • Scott

      That really sucks because everything else I've seen/heard about Japan seems really awesome.

      • Primalxconvoy

        If it concerns technology then you are probably mistaken. Although the internet speed is good here, it is illegal to rent games, full price games rarely come down in price quickly. There are no real great smartphone produced by Japanese companies, used games are pretty expensive and full proved games were even more so (the average Japanese produced android game goes for about 5-10 dollars, like squaresoft's offerings).

        What with Sony not being as strong and Nintendo failing hard with the Wii-U, Japan is not the centre of tech anymore and continues to sink more with every inward-looking, nationalistic action it takes.

        • Scott

          That's disappointing. But please tell me how awesome the Japanese cars and chicks are! :)

          • Primalxconvoy

            Both are great in posters but not so great when you get to ride them, if I'm honest.

            Most J-girls are not as interested in foreign males as you might think and their fashion sense has a lot to be desired. Still, there are beautiful women anywhere and Japan is no different; just don't expect to ever be pulling hot young girls like you see off the TV (they only date rich Japanese men).

  • RayWarthog

    I bought my phone outright, though I'm from an international audience.

    Judging by the usual news about the late updates or even outright no updates for carrier phones, I would stay the hell away from them if I were in the US

  • Casey Mills

    You should add full price second hand. Swappa.com, eBay, Craig's List, etc...

  • CasperTFG

    Still rocking the toro GNex for over 2 years now. Grandfathered unlimited on Verizon. We with subsidized. The next one will be outright on another carrier.

  • DeadSOL

    Nexus 5 from the Play Store!

  • patrick

    Got my S4 on contract with VZW. Used my family member #'s upgrade offer, used the VZW loophole, and was able to keep my unlimited data.

  • Rob H.

    Another N5 from the Play store at full $350 plus taxes and shipping. This is my 6th phone I purchased outright. 3rd Nexus device.

  • Goose

    India, no carrier subsidy/contract system.

  • Davis Hernandez

    well, i have to say i got my note 2 for free on a contract and i can renew every 18 months, well maybe its not so fast but its a great deal for a $18 contract that includes me 3gb of internet and 300 mins. monthly, i CANT see myself buying the phone for the full price

  • Samvith V Rao

    Bought it from Swappa. A HTC ONE mint condition for $310 :)

  • Gobbles

    Carrier update circles, with even more bloat attached? Hell no!

    I've learned from my GT-I5801. Nexus all the way now.

  • Matt Dowdy

    Vodafone UK. Note 3, free phone, unlimited sms,unlimited minutes, unlimited data, 24 months spotify premium included £38 per month

  • Chris King

    Refurbished at&t Galaxy Note 2 off eBay for around 400. Using it with the tmob 30 month plan. Left Verizon and haven't missed it at all.

  • Russ Novak

    Paid 330 for my s3 virgin mobile never be on a contract again

  • Dakota

    Hope you realize this poll is not reflective of the general population. I couldn't pass up the cheap Nexus 5 with a $45 Straight Talk plan. Saving a lot of money every month

    • Fellwalker

      Nexus 5 with a £10 SIM only contract? 2 years of £20 pm difference is £480. Unlocked means I can sell for more, anytime a new phone takes my fancy. Just a shame coverage is so poor.

  • WarRaven

    Two Nexus 5 to replace my two Nexus 4 from last February.
    Outright only, I'll never lock into contract for phone subsidy again.

  • Daniel DS

    Got my Nexus 4 back at AP's huge Nexus giveaway, I won the grand prize! :D

  • Rolf


  • http://infotainmentempire.blogspot.com Rob

    Looks like we either have a bunch of Verizon customers with unlimited data or Nexus users on this site.

  • Carlos David Cervantes

    I live in a small island in the Caribbean. I'm currently visiting Europe and while in the Netherlands I bought the Nexus 5 (16g) outright in an electronics store. It was for approx. EUR 400 (which would be around USD 545).
    It breaks my heart knowing that it's much cheaper in the US, but I couldn't help it. I saw it and had to buy it. I am however very happy with it.

  • Adam Watts

    Curious why so many would buy outright. I've done it once, but that was to get a carrier exclusive phone. Otherwise, I'm happy to take the subsidy since I'm going to have a phone for the foreseeable future.

  • http://volumeboy-man.bandcamp.com/ VBM

    Nexus 5. The first non contract/bought outright (smart)phone I've ever purchased.

  • Romario Maxwell

    I won my phone from an online contest.

  • xylene718

    Paid 350 many months ago for a mint used Note 2 off swappa. Saving a ton with a great prepaid plan as well. The amount im saving vs buying a new phone with a subsidized plan is insane. I will never get shafted again with contract subsidies.

  • kyfeam

    brand new LG Optimus G $150 bucks new unlocked.. best deal ever.. BB has this for $499 or free on 2 year contract.. fail..

  • gladgura

    I bought my new Nexus 5 phone at full price then I got it all back after I sold my 1 year old phone. This is how I get free phones year after year on Ting. Although do to the lower cost nature of the Nexus 5, this method may not prove as fruitful next year.

  • Nick V

    First the Nexus 4, and now the Nexus 5. If Google continues with this, I will have the Nexus 6 or Nexus Phone 2014, or whatever they will be calling it.

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    No prepaid Canada/US plans :( I'm a Canadian living in the US. I have no choice, gotta be on contract if I want to be able to use my phone on either side of the border or call family without stupid restrictions or added fees. If only T-Mobile had LTE coverage in Vermont... or even HSPA+ would be nice.