Klinker Apps is on a roll lately. In addition to debuting the excellent Talon for Twitter and EvolveSMS apps last month, they've been consistently updating their portfolio with new features like Pebble integration. Yesterday Talon was updated to version 1.4, and there's a new version of EvolveSMS in the pipeline for the next few days as well. But perhaps most interesting is the way that the small developer has issued a secondary support app, Klinker Apps Portal.

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The Portal app isn't on the Play Store - you can download the beta version directly to your device in the Theme Settings menu of either Talon or EvolveSMS. It's pretty barebones at the moment, with a basic theme gallery (no downloads) and periodic updates from the developers on the primary apps. According to Klinker's Google+ posts, the functionality of the Portal will gradually be expanded. You can still download themes directly from the Play Store.

As far as the updates themselves go, Talon gets customization options for the two pages to the side of the primary timeline view, a long-tap option to remove favorite users, a progress bar for the integrated browser, and a few stability and bug fixes. The upcoming EvolveSMS update is more drastic, adding SMS backups to Google Drive and Dropbox, emoticon display, new options for contact images, and more themable portions of the app.

Source: Klinker Apps Google+

Michael Crider
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  • Brendan

    It upsets me to no end that Kilner denies that MMS over WiFi is possible, even though Textra supports it flawlessly.

    • ScottColbert

      You might have more success if you spelled his name right.

      • Brendan

        Wow I've been reading his name wrong this entire time. :P

    • Trent Callahan

      Who is this Kilner you speak of?

      • Brendan

        The Dev. I just noticed I've been spelling his name wrong the entire time.

    • Björn Lundén

      Most carriers don't support MMS over WiFi as far as I know. That's probably why.

      • Brendan

        Well Sprint does and the fact still stands that Textra supports it flawlessly and he DENIES that it's possible.

        That's what irritates me.

  • The Narrator

    Evolve sms is a beautiful app but constant reports of failing to receive mms and other reported bugs prevent me from using it.

    • Gem Jefferson

      Agreed. Looks incredible, but weird lag, messages don't always send either. I'll keep an eye on it though. Hopefully it improves over time.

    • ScottColbert

      Been using it, for about a week without any issues. Only problem I have is sending pics-it's clunky to say the least.

    • abobobilly

      You can use Sliding Messaging by the same developer.

      Personally, the GUI is the most impressive point in all of Klinker's apps. And he made me a huge fan and admirer of his work.

      All of these bugs and problems in Evolve SMS are just temporary, not to mention ... its completely free atm (kind of like BETA testing). So yeah, i won't complain about anything wrong with the app. Because its just Works... and onto its way towards PERFECTION.

  • April Kozlosky

    I have always had almost instanteous replies from Jacob.

    • abobobilly

      Me too. The guy is just great. If i am not mistaken, he did mention at one time that he is a student, so that fact alone earns him my respect. Because keeping his apps in perfect condition given his circumstances, also considering his response towards customers/users ... is not easy.

  • abobobilly

    Whoever thinks that Talon is the best thing ever happened to Twitter app, say AYE.

    Love Klinker and all of his apps. He closely follows the Android's UI guidelines. LOVE HIM for that.