If your phone was already one of the very first devices to get the latest version of Android, do you really need a custom ROM like CyanogenMod? If you're shouting "YES" at the screen right now, you'll want to know about the first nightly builds available for the Moto X. The CM team has published CM11 nightlies for the Moto X on T-Mobile (XT1053, which is also the standard unlocked GSM edition) and for Verizon (XT1060), though the later needs to be a Developer Edition.


Those users who sprang for the Verizon developer version of the phone should be particularly happy to hear this news, since the Moto X is about as close to a recent Nexus phone as you can get on Big Red. AT&T customers who insisted on an unlocked bootloader and bought the GSM Developer Edition should also be covered, since it's essentially the same phone as the T-Mobile model. As far as we know, no one has cracked the bootloader on the standard Moto X models for AT&T and Verizon, despite a large bounty for the exploit. There's no word on a CyanogenMod build for the Sprint version of the Moto X or any of the smaller regional carriers.

At the time of writing each phone has just one nightly published. As always with nightly builds, be prepared for a few bugs here and there. If you've already got a custom recovery installed, just load up the ZIP file (and Gapps if you'd like access to the Play Store), wipe your old ROM, and flash it. Remember to back up your current build before doing anything else.

Source: Download.CyanogenMod.com

Michael Crider
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  • Fozzybare

    can't do it without active display...

    • lensgrabber

      active display is my drug. I want it, I NEED it.

    • Scott

      That's the single best feature of this phone. I'd put the camera gesture at number two.

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    I'm really into CM on my S3, but because TW sucks for me. I'm not sure I'd want CM on a Moto X, really.

  • Detonation

    CM would be a downgrade for me. No active display, touchless controls, camera twist, etc.

    • Scott

      The only thing I want from CM is the quick reply options for SMS from the notification window.

      • Danny Blaney

        I am running the CM messaging app on the stock rom. Just download the rom, and pull the apk from the zip and replace the one in system. Works perfect, no bugs.

      • Brad

        8sms is in the app store

  • z32589

    This is good news solely because we are uncertain of Moto's future OS design & update frequency with the Lenovo takeover. Cyanogen may be the best hope for a stock update to the next Android version. Exactly the reason why the D.E. MotoX was a good investment. This phone really is shaping up similar to the story of the OG Droid - amazing game changing phone that evolved into something very different from what it started out as. Dev's kept that phone alive for years past it's life cycle.

    • Chris P

      Lenovo could let Moto carry on as usual. It is good, though, that CM support is now a thing - keeps the options open.

  • geel

    I wait for official CM11 for Moto G

  • dude

    CM11 is ridiculously fast on this phone, dualcores and what not, but I quickly flashed back to stock for the Motorola features.

  • Jason

    I'd love to get cyanogenmod on mine, but as others have stated, I can't live without the brilliant moto x stock features. Why can't we have the best of both worlds??

  • jasonpwright

    I'm wondering if a US sourced Moto X would work in the UK/ Europe?