The kernel source dropped yesterday, which seemed to point to an impending release, and we didn't have to wait long. Android 4.4 is on its way to all Galaxy S4 users on Sprint, but you'll have to wait your turn.


Here's what you can expect in the coming OTA for build L720VPUFNAE:

  • Android 4.4 (Kit Kat): The Samsung Galaxy S 4 device will be updated to support the Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) software.
  • Prevention Information alert: Customers should no longer receive "Prevention Information - An application has been forced to stop for an unauthorized attempt to access system in your device. It may be safe to delete an application obtained from an unauthorized route. Check now?" alert messages on the device.
  • Zact Mobile: Device now includes the Zact Mobile compatibility.

You can mash the update button if you want, but it sounds like that won't do any good until your device is added to the update pool. It might take a few days, but calm yourself – KitKat isn't that far off.

[Sprint – Thanks, anon]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Cody Shiranai

    So if I clap my hands and wish really hard, VZW will push Kit-Kat to the S4 soon... right? Yeah, right... I should be lucky I just got an S4 to even be close to getting Kit-Kat (just escaped from the S3 with 4.3 mess).

  • Sorian

    Cool, letting my work know that all the S4's we gave to employees will be getting update.

  • egg

    Meanwhile, international unlocked devices are yet to receive the update. That's some bizarro-world-ass shit.

    • Josh Coppinger

      Love the Superman refrence

      • rdubyah

        You mean Superfriends? Ha.

    • Jellybean2

      It's also annoying as I have an international variant and I am waiting

  • Josh Coppinger

    So.... When does ATT Get it?

    • JeremyT


  • Kevin Kohrman

    This is why I love Sprint. Alaways the first to do updates out of any carrier.

    • Fifth313ment

      And last in service, speed and reliability! But boy they sure get those updates out there fast. Too bad you have to be on WiFi to download it! LOL

      • fzammetti

        People seem to say this sort of things a lot, and surely some have bad experiences, but I've been with Sprint going on 10 years and aside from speed, which recently has improved significantly due to finally seeing a significant 4G rollout, it simply hasn't been my experience. I've always gotten good service from them, the few times I've needed it, and I've noticed no problems with reliability any worse than any of my friends on other carriers have... spotty in spots of course, but that's true of all carriers (I used to be a Verizon and AT&T customer and they were no better for me). I don't know, I can only go based on my own experience and I have more complaints about some of Sprint's pricing changes and policies than I ever did with their actual service.

        • Jenna Ali

          Same here. Well over a decade with no horror stories.

        • Usmc Girl

          I left Verizon to come to Sprint. Sprint is far better than Verizon. Verizon tried to accuse me of stealing their vet discount because they decided that I should update my veteran status & did NOT tell me about it until after they already took the discount & caused my already high bill to go even higher. So I called to get it fixed & they decided that they couldn't reduce my bill properly retroactively. I said that's it I have had it with you guys! First of all how do you ever stop being a veteran?!! Secondly you are way overpriced and thirdly you don't seem to know your head from your @$$! I started researching and decided to go with sprint which cut my bill in half for BETTER service and coverage. Then Verizon tried to charge me 800$ for leaving after I wasn't even on contract with them and hadn't been on contract in 3 years! Verizon is sooooooooo not worth the headache and hassle & they are way overpriced & they are in cahoots with the NSA & willingly turns over all data on all users American citizen or not. The ACLU & ACLJ are both currently locked in lawsuits against NSA for that data. OBTW the NSA took it upon themselves to not purge the system & indefinitely hold all Verizon's data you know in case they need it for court except ACLU & ACLJ said if the data was purged the suit would be dropped because that's all they ever wanted to begin with the illegal data deleted. So you guys on Verizon .... you really should think about switching....

      • Kevin Kohrman

        I have been with Sprint going on 13 years. Wouldn't you think if they sucked so bad I would of switched. They have the best plans, phones and I have always had the best customer service with them. I just don't get why everyone has a bad thing to say about them. Yea there coverage is spotty, but I have had LTE in Atlanta for about 2 yrs. That's all I need.

        • Duncan Clark

          My experience with them was they worked well in flat cities, which is never where I spend my time. Left them quickly when I started visiting SF and Seattle more often. Wonderful in large chunks of the mid-west.

      • Jake

        Not to mention I downloaded the update over the mobile network, not wifi. And I have always received great customer service, only time I needed it was in activating a new device. Lastly the only service problem I had was spotty data at home, and since 4G that's no longer true.

  • usaff22

    Why does it say "customers must wait until the Google Over-The-Air servers push the update"? Google isn't pushing the update at all...

  • tommys4

    How is it that the "largest and most reliable" network can't get this update out before the smaller sprint. Why do I pay Verizon all this money??!!?? This is why I hate Verizon... They have to put all this crap on top of of touch whiz on top of android.

    • Scott

      Or sadly mistaken if you're paying verizon in hopes of them delivering speedy software updates.

      • tommys4

        Yeah. I've been with them for 12 years. And since the smartphone has come along been disappointed with the bloatware, software updates and phone selections. Like the reception, but at&t moving forward strong. So will see by end year when I have choices to make.

    • Usmc Girl

      You really should leave Verizon. I had Verizon for many years. At first they were good but as they got bigger they went way down hill & took the philosophy that they could treat their customers badly & the customers would get over it & still stay on the Verizon network. I left Verizon for sprint cut my bill in half & I have unlimited everything. If I'm out in BFE in the farmlands then I get spotty service but as I recall Verizon was spotty there too. Verizon's customer service is a nightmare. Verizon is losing so many customers they've turned to screwing faithful customers to make up that extra money. Also as I mentioned in a previous comment above Verizon willingly sells out their customers to NSA American citizen or not. You can get better service for half the price at pretty much all the other carriers. Verizon is quickly losing it's mojo. Customers are quickly catching on that Verizon is worse than the other carriers. Verizon can't stay competitive anymore. Customers are tired of their BS. Also Verizon doesn't take care of the loyal customers they focus on the new once you're under contract they treat you like crap. They really think you won't leave them. It's like an abusive relationship. If you are worried all the other carriers give you a month to try it & break the contract if you decide you don't want it or like it. Just go try any of them out. If you don't like it no harm no foul if you do you saved yourself a ton of money & lots of headaches from stupidity & arrogance.

  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    I see someone's using caret browsing :P

  • Kevin
    • shawn

      What do we do with that ?

      • diogo

        You have to download it them move it onto an sd card. Shut off your phone after you back it up. Turn it on while holding the power up volume key and your home button. Then use the down key to and press update from external source (something like that) and click the power button. Then find the update you installed from the link and press the power button. Wait for it to download (takes about 10 minutes). I downloaded it like this and it works perfectly and says I have 4.4.2 and the correct firmware name.

        • jose

          does it really work ?

          • diogo

            Yeah everything works for at least what I've experienced. It is a lot faster and the battery life is better.

          • ohiojim1

            seems to work flawlessly

          • 8MGarcia7

            Did anything get erased? Pictures, apps etc?

        • Mallik

          During verification phase, update stopped with error related to sideload .

  • Marxus

    Had mine waiting for me first thing this morning...surprised sprint came thru so quickly.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Major props to Sprint. They are always taking care of business when it comes to updates.

  • fzammetti

    A word of caution: your SD card might be a whole lot less useful after this update. See this xda thread:


    Also note that at least a few people, me included, are having Bluetooth issues after this update. Currently, Bluetooth won't even turn on for me :(

    Also worth noting that Samsung (and/or Sprint, not sure) decided to NOT include the ART runtime in this update. Argh. Argh I say, ARGH!

    Finally, FYI for root users: you WILL lose root if you install this, though if root is all you have (i.e., you haven't changed any system files or frozen any system apps) then you should be able to install the OTA just fine, and CF Autoroot DOES work still since the OTA didn't include a new recovery image, so no big deal losing it.

    • John Smith

      This information needs to be voted to the top to make everyone aware of the B.S.

    • fzammetti

      FYI, I had to do a wipe to get Bluetooth working again :( Not the end of the world, at least I didn't have to ODIN back to the last version and then take the OTA again, but still, kind of annoying. Bottom line though is I'm good to go again.

  • jamie

    Gash my note 3 hasn't even got it yet

  • frafri

    nothing yet in Illinois :/

  • Sup9

    Received my 4.4.2 update last night. Seems that all is working fine. Seeing some improvement on the battery life this morning and seems a little faster. Only lost one app from my system and 3 others that were still on my phone but the icons needed to be re-set.

    • Rich Mascia

      Where are you located?. I'm in Connecticut and still waiting..

  • Tracy

    My apps, they got wiped....wtf!

    • Will

      Mine too. I'm pissed. I can't remember every app I had and my widgets were screwed up too! arrrrgh. Wish I hadn't even updated until I had a screenshot of my home screen. Restoration was worthless.

    • bby

      same! this is a moderate inconvenience!!

    • DRP6833

      Same here. "Moderate inconvenience" is an understatement! I'm just beginning to figure out what is missing - already found a couple database programs in addition to several games. Wish I'd have known this was going to happen.

  • 1bigbaddaddy

    I just downloaded the 4.4.2 update here in the states on my sprint gs4. Not only did the update completely wipe out about 15 downloaded apps and games, but there is no change I can see at all other than the battery icon is now white which I do not like. There are no signs of any kitkat goodies which I was hoping for. Needless to say I am very frustrated with the update. It did nothing but make me try to figure out all the apps that were missing and redownload them. And all my game save data is gone. Thanks kitkat update. Waste of time and very frustrating. More damage than good. Worthless.

    • Sruly J

      There's no ART in dev settings? :(

  • Leslie08

    Installed the new KitKat a few days ago. The only thing that it has done is make it so my Email won't sync anymore. Oh, and I had to hunt down a bunch of apps and icons. Anyone have the same problem with the Email? If so, how did you fix it?

    • michael

      Go into settings and turn account sync back on

  • Will

    I just got the newest update, and now my 4g lte service is not as reliable before the update. How does my 4g service get bad after an update to the operating system?

  • Daniel Martin

    I unrooted and Odin-flashed the 4.4.2 image for Sprint S4 and I'm pretty happy with the way that works. TouchWiz can be very wonderful, and I find I get good battery with this. I was on CyanogenMod before, but this latest TouchWiz is excellent!

  • Elliander Eldridge

    This was force installed onto my phone without permission while I was asleep and I hate it! It reset all the app settings to auto update on a data connection when I previously told them to never update. (Ate half my bandwidth for the month) It turned off the auto daylight savings setting which threw off my alarm. Text message apps were also screwed up. When I reply to one now, it asks if I want to change me default messenger every time even after clicking no.

    There is not a single worth while feature and countless bugs that I am still discovering. Why is it legal for anyone to hijack my phone and force install software without permission?

  • Brandon Coleman

    Verizon still haven't received it