Perhaps you've heard of a little app called DashClock? The creator of that mega-versatile widget has just released a new app, but this time it's less utilitarian. Muzei Live Wallpaper takes pretty pictures, adds some Gaussian blur, and slaps them on your home screen.

Each day the app will get a new piece of art to serve as the base of the background. You can go into the Muzei app to see the piece in more detail (in immersive mode), or double tap on the home screen to clear the blur effect for a few seconds. If the art isn't doing it for you, there is also support for random or specific images from your gallery. The blur and dim effects are configurable in either case, and scrolling performance seems excellent.

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Like DashClock, Muzei (a transliteration of the Russian word for museum) has a developer API that allows third-parties to add image sources to the app. Muzei is a very cool, understated live wallpaper that shares another thing with DashClock – it's completely free and open source.

[+Roman Nurik]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Paul_Werner

    Thanks for sharing this. I've been looking for a great live wallpaper that wouldn't get old quickly. Pretty sure I'll be keeping this one like everyone did with DashClock

    • Sean Raphael Jacob

      You should check out 500 firepaper, It aggregates photos from 500px and uses them as wallpaper. Going to download this though, looks pretty nifty

      • joeljfischer

        The neat thing about this one though, is the open API. Anyone can make an extension that uses 500px as a source.

      • Gabriel

        There's already a 500px extension the Muzei app, check it out

        • Matt

          Do you have a link, perhance?

  • usaff22

    In terms of design, this is on par with Timely.

    • WORPspeed

      I like this more than timely. Timely was too flashy at times (pun not intended)...this is perfectly minimal without being barebones. I wish all of Android was this polished looking

  • John Smith

    i would like to see a live wallpaper like this where the painting actually swirls and moves and is interactive -


    • WestFiasco

      Sounds like a nice batttery sucker.

      • Sergio

        Yeah, we better wait for graphene batteries to install this... :)

  • HebeGuess

    Muzei has just became the third Roman Nurik app on my phone.
    In case anyone interest in the calendar widget shown on the screenshot, it is also from Roman Nurik. The pretty widget is simple and does nothing more than what you had seen.

    Compile yourself or grab it there:

  • Sean Raphael Jacob

    Is the picture completely blurred out when you're at your home screen? i turned down the dimness and the blur in the settings, but on my home and lock screen the picture is pretty much unidentifiable. Any idea how i can change that ?

  • Sergio

    Just amazing. Perfect for people who like a clean desktop and learning a bit of art. Just missing the option of double touch to return to homescreen.

  • TheSparks

    This app is competition for Paranoid Android's paid wRotatr app
    Looks like their sales might dip...

  • MarkG54321

    I'm using something similar for cycling though National Geographic Pictures, it does it as a live wallpaper, and also as a Daydream.


  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    It's nice, but the blur and dim options don't change at all when you slide them unless you turn them completely off. I don't know why they're sliders. Also, being able to change the double tap feature to some other gesture would be nice. I already have Nova's double tap setup to take me to the app drawer, so as it currently is, whenever I want to unblur the wallpaper, I'm taken into the app drawer as well. Which is kinda annoying.

    • http://blog.tonysarju.com/ Infowerx Solutions

      The sliders do work, they just don't show you instant results. You have to back out and view the change then go back in to tweak as necessary.

      • OmniWrench

        For me the sliders do work, but there's a heck of a delay between moving the slider and the sample background changing (nearly 5 seconds on my Nexus 4), it's then made worse if during that delay you then tap the slider again thinking you didn't do anything. The delay is worse when using pics from my gallery rather than the built-in art (I'm guessing my pics are probably larger, so not surprising).

        I was using a Kittehface live wallpaper to cycle through gallery pics as wallpaper on my phone, but the provided "time between pics" intervals were fairly small and it did have a noticeable battery drain, doing a "once a day wallpaper" seems potentially fun and should make the battery drain effectively null... Plus.. It's free! :-)

        Very interesting app.

    • Steve B

      Hmmm...What's easier? Roman recode the app or you reconfigure your stupid homescreen gesture?

      • TheFirstUniverseKing

        I'm used to double tapping the screen to access my app drawer. It's become a part of my workflow, as I can easily access the app drawer from anywhere within any homescreen. Having to change my habits to accommodate a live wallpaper seems extreme. The developer doesn't need to change its double tap implementation, all I'm doing is throwing out a suggestion to improve my personal user experience.

  • Adi

    Looks really good.
    Just one question though, does it not scroll or am I doing something wrong? Can somebody please confirm

    • Steve B

      Mine scrolls on the Nexus 5, with the Google Now launcher.

      • Kevin Kraft

        MIne didnt scroll at first, but for some reason my wallpaper scrolling in Nova was disabled after i installed it. Just went back into Nova settings and reenabled wallpaper scrolling.

  • G

    Thanks for the share. Have been looking for an app like this. Been using kuvva for the mac which does something similar. I think the app has been designed well also which I think is important. Just wandering if any of you guys know any good books on app development to make something as slick as this? I wouldn't be an expert so if any of you know a few books I could check out to eventually make something like this I'd be really grateful. Thanks.

  • Chad

    This is everything I wanted DayFrame to be and unlike DayFrame it's actually compatible with any photo source. I have photos I keep in Box showing flawlessly. Thanks Roman Nurik, keep doing what you do the Android community appreciates it!

  • Deepak
  • FreddyNogo

    Not for Android 4,1???

  • Aegeuss

    Guys, this is a greap app and I'm using it for a few days now with automated picker; however I have a massive battery drain with it although it's set to 24 hours. Anyone with me?