Oppo has been gaining some notoriety as of late after the company got all buddy-buddy with Cyanogen, and if rumors about its upcoming Find 7 phone are true, they might be getting some more soon. The company posted the photo below to Chinese Twitter alternative Weibo, tacitly confirming the announcement of the phone for March 19th.


What's up with "Find 7 are coming?" According to Engadget, that's a surprisingly subtle hint that the Find 7 will be offered with two 5.5-inch screen resolution options: a standard 1080p model and a "2K" alternative, using a 2560x1400 LCD panel from JDI. An anonymous source says that there may be other differences between the high-end and midrange models. It's in interesting choice, and a smart one - why not save the R&D necessary for a completely new body and a redesigned interior?

Consider all this a chasing after the wind until we get some more concrete sources, but since Oppo seems more than inclined to try out new hardware ideas, it sounds plausible at the very least. The company is making some sincere efforts to expand outside of Asia as well, so it's entirely possible that we could see a bigger American presence for the next Find flagship. We'll find out (sorry) in about five weeks.

Source: Weibo via Engaget

Michael Crider
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  • Danny365

    I still find 2k pointless on such small screens.

    • Milind Shah

      Although I agree, the same was said about 1080p screens back when the find 5 was released

      • flosserelli

        Good luck getting more than 3 hours screen on time with a 2k display.

        • Matthew Fry

          Is there a way to determine the battery consumption rate based on the pixel density and screen technology? I suppose these devices will show unequivocally what double the pixels really does to your battery...

        • Sean Lumly

          Battery life does not linearly scale with screen resolution. Consider that the 5" Galaxy S4 display (at Maximum Brightness and 50% Average Picture Level) uses LESS power than the 4" iPhone 5 display despite pushing nearly 3x the pixels (1080p vs 640p) and significantly larger screen area. In this case, the power consumption is more in proportion with the brightness of the pixels (as is common with OLED).

          I expect these screens will consume more power, but certainly not so much as to make them a crippling addition and will likely be offset by improved batteries and more efficient internals. Time will tell.

          Lastly, games will be able to render at 720p/1080p and scale up to fill the screen, as is quite popular on mobile these days (and consoles and PCs for that matter).

      • Sean Royce

        720p is more then fine for absolutely anyones eyes. Just look at the iPhone, it isn't even HD but it has one of the most crisp accurate displays on the market. And people don't complain about it. PPI is what really matters for the most part. That and screen calibration.

        • Milind Shah

          It is a 4 inch screen...

          • Sean Royce

            Damn, look at all those down votes.

    • Matthew Fry

      You can't really make that decision until you see it. Although it's scientifically proven that we cannot distinguish individual pixel densities over 300 at 12" away, they never said anything about how display looks as a whole. Personally, I'm more excited for 2k to 4k screens so I don't have to look at the gigantic pixels on the 80" 1080p TVs in stores. I'm always kind of blown away that my phone with 9.46 in^2 has the same exact number of pixels as the 2742.21 in^2 TV.

  • Ricardo Kummel

    I "find" it hard to change to Oppo when I still am in love with HTC.

  • Tony T.

    This will be great if the price is right. I will not abandon ship on my N5, but mt GF is looking for an unlocked phone in the near-ish future, so...

  • Sean Lumly

    I personally cannot wait for these resolutions.

    I use a smartphone-based head-mounted-display for virtual reality, and having these resolutions would mean very little screen-door effect and have at least one large advantage over the Oculus Rift (that is running at 1080p at the moment). If my Nexus 10 is any guide, a modern SoC can EASILY run a dual-display at 2.5K resolution. Second, the accelerometer tracking is quite adequate polling at around 200Hz, for a great experience -- it's not perfect, but it's quite good. A low-persistence AMOLED panel at these resolutions (eg. Galaxy S5/Note 4) would be a dream come true.

    I sincerely hope that this encourages outside development that could include external tracking (ala the Crystal Cove OR demo), and more, higher quality software.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Oppo are fucking nuts if they are really gonna put 2K resolution screen on a smartphone

  • Luka Mlinar

    OPPO moving exclusively into the phablet market is a bad idea.

  • Andy

    All in the Find 7 is one of the most perfect smartphones I have every owned. The screen is beautiful, performance is top-notch, the camera is amazing, and the fast charging and Maxx Audio are features that I don’t think I could live without on future smartphones. And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.