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Last Updated: February 25th, 2014

It was only a matter of time before LG decided to make another phablet. Today the company announced the new LG G Pro 2, the sequel to its original Galaxy Note fighter, with a selection of improved hardware and software features. Since it's a phablet, the screen is what you're probably most interested in - it's a 5.9-inch 1080p LCD panel, appropriately matching the screen on the Note 3. LG says it has "an industry-leading screen-to-frame ratio of 77.2 percent."

G PRO 2 08%5B20140213104617320%5D

Under the hood you get a 2.26Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, an impressive 13MP rear camera, and a whopping 3,200mAh removable battery. The internal storage will be either 16GB or 32GB, plus whatever you can cram in the MicroSD card slot. In the photos you can see LG's new standard rear-mounted volume and power buttons beneath the camera, and the phone will be offered in at least three colors with a unique texture on the battery cover. LG is particularly proud of a new 1-watt speaker, which is 30% louder than the previous model.

LG hasn't said when the phone will launch, but when it does it will run Android 4.4 plus LG's usual suite of add-ons. These include a new selfie-friendly picture mode which shrinks the preview window and borders it with white for better facial lighting. They call it "Flash for Selfie," but there's no actual flash on the front, and the front-facing camera is still a rather paltry 2.1MP. The rear camera benefits from optical image stabilization, 120FPS high-speed/slow motion shooting, and a 4K recording mode. Other goodies include a "display shrink" option that limits the size of the screen for one-handed operation and a splitscreen web browser.

LG hasn't said when the G Pro 2 will be available or for how much, but you can bet it will be hitting all the major markets before too long. LG will be showing off its new baby at Mobile World Congress in a little over a week.

SEOUL, Feb. 13, 2014 ― Today LG Electronics (LG) introduced the LG G Pro 2, its follow-up to the award-winning G Pro, to the Korean public. Much like last year’s G Pro, which was recognized as the Best Smartphone of MWC 2013, the G Pro 2 comes equipped with a state-of-the-art display and new UX features to take user convenience to the next level.

With a stunning 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display and extra slim bezel of 3.3mm, the G Pro 2 offers an industry-leading screen-to-frame ratio of 77.2 percent. A thicker, high-power 1W Hi-Fi sound that’s 30 percent louder than in the G Pro delivers clearer sound with more powerful bass. And to simplify the powering on and unlocking process, LG engineers developed a completely unique feature called Knock Code™ which makes unlocking and using the G Pro 2 easier and more convenient than ever before.

“Knock Code is an example of LG bringing simpler, more convenient solutions to consumers’ mobile lives,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “Whereas in the early years of smartphones it was a contest to see how many features could be stuffed into the phones, our researchers took a long, hard look at how consumers were really using their devices in their daily lives and included just the most useful UX features. We think customers will agree.”

An evolution of the popular KnockON feature that was first unveiled last year in the LG G2, Knock Code allows owners to power on and unlock their G Pro 2 smartphones in one easy step by tapping their screens using one of 86,367 “knock” combinations. Thanks to LG’s intelligent algorithm and advanced hardware, the knock pattern can be entered on any area of the screen ― whether the display is turned on or off ― using anywhere from two to eight taps.

The G Pro 2 is the first LG smartphone to benefit from an enhanced 13MP camera with OIS+ (Optical Image Stabilizer Plus) and advanced functions ideal for creating sharing content. LG’s proprietary OIS+ technology adds software anti-shake functionality to the acclaimed hardware-based feature already built into the slim camera module for the best photos and videos possible when in motion or in low light situations. What’s more, the sensors and lens of the rear and front camera on the G Pro 2 have increased in both size and sensitivity, for images that rival many standalone point-and-shoot cameras. Some of the other advanced image capturing features built into the G Pro 2 are:

· 120FPS HD Video Recording and Slow-Motion Editing: Records in 120fps HD and allows editing of video in three different speeds ― one-half slow motion, one-fourth slow motion and original

· 4K ULTRA HD Recording: Records video footage in ultra-high definition mode for playback on 4K TV sets

· Magic Focus: After the shot is taken, user have the option to select the preferred depth of focus before saving. Users can also press the all-in-focus icon to make every object in the frame look their sharpest

· Natural Flash: Offers more balanced color temperature and exposure for the most natural-looking photos compared to images taken with a normal flash

· Flash for Selfie: Reduces the size of the preview screen and adds a bright white background for more “soft” lighting in self-portrait mode

· Burst Shot: Takes up to 20 continuous shots and automatically edits them to create a video of the captured images

· Gallery Collage: Allows users to select photos from their gallery to create a collage for easy uploading to favorite social network sites

In addition to the latest components, the G Pro 2 also boasts a collection of upgraded features that complements today’s mobile lifestyle where much of the information we need is in the palm of our hands or in our back pockets. Some of these new UX features include:

· Content Lock: Provides users more security with the ability to lock files, photos, videos and memos with a unique password

· Mini View: Enables users to comfortably use the G Pro 2 with one hand by shrinking the display to a size ranging from 3.4 inches to 4.7 inches, depending on the user’s preference

· Dual Browser: Divides the expansive screen into two separate browser windows for more convenient surfing

Availability of G Pro 2 in markets outside of Korea has not yet been determined but attendees to the 2014 Mobile World Congress can experience the G Pro 2 and its features first-hand at LG’s Booth in Hall 3 of Fira Gran Via.

Key Specifications:

- Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800 (2.26 GHz Quad-Core)

- GPU: Qualcomm Technologies Adreno™ 330

- Display: 5.9-inch Full HD IPS (1920 x 1080), Slim Bezel

- Memory: 3GB DDR3 RAM / 16GB/32GB eMMC ROM / microSD slot

- Camera: Rear 13.0MP OIS+ / Front 2.1MP

- Battery: 3,200mAh (removable)

- Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat

- Size: 157.9 x 81.9 x 8.3mm

- Weight: 172g

- Network: LTE / HSPA+

- Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart Ready (BT 4.0) / USB / WiFi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) / NFC / SlimPort

- Colors: Titan, White, Red

- Other: Knock Code™, 1W Hi-Fi Sound, Content Lock

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • chris125

    Hopefully if Verizon gets it the wireless charging doesn't make them have to change the buttons again

  • enoch861

    Impressive specs.
    Now this leaves us to wonder, what will the G3 have?
    And LG, where's my G2's Kit Kat upgrade?

    • chris125

      Prob will come once this is released.

    • joser116

      What I really want is for manufactures to include all their stock software into a separate memory module and have each device truly have 16, 32 GB etc of memory available to the users.

      • Sergii Pylypenko

        Soldering another memory chip will increase the price, I guess by no less than $100. They should just change their advertising to 12Gb instead of 16, and drop that power-of-two sizes, flash chips have lot of backup free storage, to compensate for constant wear, so it's never exactly 16Gb.

        • HopelesslyFaithful

          yea 100 bucks for an extra memory chip is garbage unless they are using SLC, which they aren't...even than it isn't even close...They might add that much to charge consumers extra but doesn't cost more than a few bucks.

        • joser116

          I doubt it would cost that much. An 8 GB chip would be enough. They could just keep the prices the same and take the cost hit for the sake of having a better phone and THE better phone, which WILL sell more if marketed correctly.

          • RTWright

            Lets be honest here, you're complaining about the lack of it not being a full 16GB, but this has been the same thing ALL computers have suffered from day one. If you put a 16GB HDD in a computer and then install the OS, you're not going to have the full 16GB, yet the OEM's even for PC's advertise them as 16GB ( Granted now days we're talking 1 to 2TB, same thing still applies though ).

            This is why having the microSD is important to me on these devices because I know full well how much room MP3's, Video Files, Games and other stuff you're going to put on your device ( Apps of all kinds are starting to get a LOT bigger in file size lately ). But you will never ever see the full space of a 16 or 32GB storage due to the file system alone. Once formatted it's not a full 16GB even without an OS. Now where I do agree, is I wish you could at least Uninstall the Bloatware that the OEM's and Carriers plaque us with. It's garbage and they know there are some of us who really could care less and don't want it on our devices.

            As for putting another storage chip on the phones, they would raise the price, then the other backlash of this is that even if you root the phone? Those bloatware apps and junk would still be there, because more than likely they'd lock that chip to make sure those apps stayed on no matter what. That I'd not like at all.

          • joser116

            Don't you think I know all of what you just said?
            Stick strictly to the point.
            And no I was not complaining AT ALL. All I said was that they should do that. PERIOD. And they should.
            And yes, they COULD raise the price, but they also could NOT like I said before.

          • RTWright

            Okay for starters, you're an idiot then. First you take everything I said as an attack towards you, your first mistake, second? There is NO OEM that is going to just GIVE us anything like that. Not without a price increase, not without us being stuck with that crap on a special chip that would be locked so even if you bloody rooted the device you'd still have their stinking bloatware on it. This if I'm not mistaken is one of the FIRST times that LG has even put a microSD card on a high end anything....

            Anything that an OEM puts on any device, is just another reason to raise the price more for them to make what? More money! They will not do anything for free or in our favor. It has to be a gain for them or they wont do it. And as for sticking to the point? Again, you're being a self righteous idiot, because I responded to what you said and that WAS and IS the point. Comprehensive Reading 101, I suggest you take it. It would do you some good.

            Anything we discuss here is necessary, because not everyone is an idiot like you. I've been in the computer technology business well over 20 years, Smartphones are nothing but that, small handheld computers. They're worse than laptops and people are suckered into upgrading all the time because they want the latest and greatest every year. These OEM's know this, so anything we would like? Comes at an extra cost on OUR end more than theirs.

            I swear, the internet breeds some of the stupidest people across the planet. Every one of them thinks they bloody know everything and don't you DARE speak against what they say, because they'll bring about the Wrath of the GODS down upon you for doing so. Good job for being a fool!

          • joser116

            Your first reply was directly irrelevant to my comment , except the pricing part, and I pointed both things out, although in a very thorough way.

    • Dmitri Smirnov

      Hey, I've found your upgrade, it's in G Pro 2.

      LG doesn't remember G2, after all, you've already bought it.

      • enoch861

        Well played.

  • Sean Cummins

    "- Battery: 3,200mAh (removable)"

    Oh, hi!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      LG is doing great. I might take this over the M8. Just gotta give HTC more time to show what they got

      • Man Of Persia

        LG is only numbers and names! I mean LG says its phone has GPS. Ok! now lets compare G2`s GPS wit S4. Now you can see G2 take 2-3 mins too find 10 sats but S4 find 15+ sats in 2-3 seconds.
        Another ex: LG has WiFi Direct. it is good yes? but wait! it can only use between LGs phone. LOL
        and ....
        Only names and number

    • http://www.youtube.com/kimirPORTALS kimir

      Not to downplay that massive battery, but (considering the G2 has a 3000mAh battery) I was expecting more than a 200mAh bump.

      • HopelesslyFaithful

        ~ same size as the one max, which has good enough battery life. I dont use it as heavily as i used to but i dont have issues with running out.

  • Brendan


  • jonathan3579

    The colors say titan, white, and red but I see white, gray, and black.

  • taz89

    LG have been making some nice devices recently but I just don't trust them with there updates or lack of and they don't really support there devices for too long. Also not that huge fan of there ui, not fan of tw so using a tw rip off isn't the best thing to be using.. Honestly if LG were great at updates and had a clean ui like sense 5 or closer to stock I would have enough issue purchasing a LG phone I mean I already have there TV bug then again they not that great supporting it's TV's. Let's see how they do this year and might get a LG phone next year when am due a new contract.

  • http://www.google.com/ JAA

    I probably would of gotten this instead of the Note 3 but when it comes to LG updating their phone's it's gamble you take. I'm glad they're adding the SD slot back to their phones. One of my main reason's I didn't get a HTC One back then was due to no SD slot.

    • Themask007

      No gamble. LG Never update.

  • Kevin Kraft

    so with google forcing the overflow button on apps in kitkat, will LG finally add the option to put a recents button on the navbar? Anyone with a kitkat G2 care to comment?

    • Omar Feliciano

      Actually you can customize the software buttons at the bottom and add recent apps if needed.

  • Mystery Man

    How is this better than note 3?

    • Tuấn Ankh

      Simple: It's not better.
      It's just an option, I think.

    • Gabernasher

      On screen keys. No Touchwiz.

      • Sean Royce

        LG's UI is 100x worse then Touchwiz. From what I've seen it's bloated to the teeth. I know Touchwiz is bad, but this is worse.

        • Chris

          I really don't see what you think is so bloated about their UI.... The only thing bloated on it is the stupid notification shade cus they put every setting and it's brother in it. Besides that, there's a handful of Q apps and the customized settings (which are mostly pretty great, like being able to play around with the soft keys, and some pretty cool lockscreen customization). None of this slows down the phone either, I got my dad a G2 when his Iphone was run over while he was working, and it's a pretty damn smooth phone. My S4 on the other hand was awful on stock Touchwiz, which is why I have a custom ROM on it, so really if LG would get on the ball about updates they'd make damn good devices.

          • Sean Royce

            The notification shade was one of my main arguments, plus it's a pretty ugly UI. This is just my opinion, I don't care if I get down voted for it.

          • RTWright

            Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, GO Launcher, ADW Launcher, hmmmm I could list about 30 more if you like, there are solutions to the UI issue all over the place. Most of them are Free with a Pro ( Paid for ) upgrade as well that unlocks a ton of features that no stock home screen launcher comes with. Never understood why so many complain about the stock launchers with so many options out there to give them what they want and more.

          • Sean Royce

            Dude I know, I use Nova launcher exclusively. But more my point is they could make a launcher good enough for the normal user who doesn't know anything about that sort of thing.

          • Chris

            And if your opinion is that it's super bloated, you're wrong, and you aren't using facts, you're using bias. Cant say the UI is ugly when you've never touched LG's devices.

          • Sean Royce

            I used to own a Nexus 4. But that's on a whole other level.

          • Chris

            I knew you would bring up owning a Nexus, but sorry to tell you, that doesn't count. Their UI wasn't on it, it was stock. ;)

          • Sean Royce

            As I said, on a whole other level...

        • bobby

          i moved from a GSIII to the LGG2. i dont think the UI is that bad.
          (i have also had a G1,Nexus One and a HTC Amaze.) i have not even rooted my G2, it has been that good stock. i love the back buttons and the knockon. have the people that say the UI sucks even owned one. you dont get that great of an idea just looking at one at the store or reading about it. ask me about my Battery too. last a long time.

          • Chris

            This guy is extremely biased, LG phones are really smooth, I had the orginal Optimus G before I got the S4 and it is a millions times smoother stock then any other phone I've used, including my current one.

      • Matthew Merrick

        if they didn't get rid of the permanent onscreen menu button, then the onscreen buttons give little advantage.

      • GraveUypo

        on screen keys is a disavantage to some (including me). less screen real state.

        • Whyzor

          Exactly, why have a bezel on the bottom that would otherwise go unused if there were onscreen buttons.

        • Gabernasher

          Immersive mode?

    • Chris

      Not pentile.

    • Matthew Merrick

      should be a better camera. that's about it.

  • erikiksaz

    For once, equal top and bottom bezels! Looks so much better than unequal bezels!

  • NinoBr0wn

    Jeez..Reading the specs in that press release honestly is making me consider buying a "phablet." O_O what is going on here

    • kingdazy

      Just let it happen....

      (in all seriousness though, they're (phablets) becoming the choice for those that must have the best. It happened to me, and I never looked back. My Note3 is hands down the best device I've ever loved.)

      • Kamal

        I went from a Nexus 4 to a Note 3 for 2 weeks and it was just too big. Also, touchwiz felt slow compared to even the N4. However, the camera and screen on it were amazing. Using a Nexus 5 now.

        • Matthew Fry

          I rooted mine, disabled the S-Crap and put Action Launcher on. It runs like a dream now. (and the stylus is still 100% functional).

  • wargamer1969

    Not worth an upgrade if you already have the G Pro like me. Wait to see what the Note 4 brings to the table later this year.

    • Danny

      Why the hell would you like to watch 4k videos on a 5.9 phone?...

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Because it's better... 4K > 1080p... with that rationale we would have never gone from 720p to 1080p!

  • Bob Hart

    IPS screen,removable battery,micro sd slot and 4.4.2 alone make it a win.

    Snapdragon 800 and 3GB of ram = icing on the cake.

    Maybe a GPe in the near future?

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      I sure hope so, vanilla Android on this sweet thing will be epic win

  • Al McDowall

    Looks like they have done an awful lot right with this one. BIG removable battery, SD slot, camera sounds great, processor is the best available currently (805 is too new, don't expect to see that in production models for a few months), display looks well specced.

    This vs. SGS5 vs. HTC One+/One 2/M8....I suspect I will have to buy a new phone this year but which one? WHICH ONE?!?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      I have a G Pro right now, and I'm leaning toward the M8. It just entices me, and the front-facing speakers will be a welcome addition.

      Although I'm really hoping the HTC has 3GB of RAM...

      • Al McDowall

        I wanted the One, but I had not long bought my current phone (GNex, just been revived with CM11 and it's doing everything I need it to - still!!) However, I still covet the One, I just think it's the most attractive phone (design wise) and the specs were really very good at the time. Now, of course, it makes no sense to buy it so I'm crossing all fingers for the M8. I'm reasonably sure it will come with 3Gb RAM, that's the standard now for flagships. I'm hoping for an SD card slot, and a lack of HTC on the bottom of the front of the phone - all the recent leaks point to non-physical buttons which is DEFINITELY a step in the right direction.

        So much about the One was bang on the money, hope they can do it again (if not better)!

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    I have the Optimus G Pro, and while I love it I'm disheartened with the fact I'm still on 4.1. And the speaker blows - the new one needs to be at least 200% louder.

    I may go for the HTC M8 instead. LG could have blown me away (or at least blown me a software update) with my G Pro, but instead I'm left in the dust.

    • Al McDowall

      I know it's not the point, but have you looked into custom ROMs for your phone? Just to get up to 4.4.X?

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        There are not any 4.4 ROMs for my phone, to my knowledge.

      • Guest123

        There are a few for the OGP however, the 4.3 ones still have bugs and significantly worse battery life than stock, and the 4.4 versions are all in beta, and really only a couple worth discussing. . . and they have their issues.

  • Danny365

    I hope it will be possible to port this camera software to my G2. I don't care about 4k recording, but 120 fps sounds good.

  • slider112

    No glossy, fingerprint magnet back plate, FTW...

  • Chris

    Holy crap, I really hope the next Nexus is LG again.

  • thartist

    Those software features that don't sound like just bloat, the camera, kitkat, small bezels all around, battery, sdcard, the finish of the back, mini view (OMG that's interesting, i wanna see that working!)... Actually the first time ever i put an LG in the map... I'm surprised! Good work LG!

    OTOH god bless them with inspiration for the awful UI, let's see how that goes...

  • moe

    Are these not the same specs as the note 3 ?

  • GarrySty

    Note 3 is the best phone I've ever owned - by a landslide. Nice to see there's alternatives as well for next time round.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Is this device supposed to be a GNote competitor?

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    If you're a G Pro owner, you know what I mean. This is what the headline should have read:

    • HopelesslyFaithful

      heading should also remove those bullshit ads...i hate sites that sell ads to shady as places

      • Roger Siegenthaler

        That's Google Ads... though you can report it like here in the comments and AP can blacklist certain ads from appearing. The one in the screenshot is pretty annoying tbh.

    • Guest123

      LG does good with the hardware then kills it with bloat and lack of updates once they push it out the door — you would at least think they would give a way to unlock the bootloader easily if they aren't going to support their devices.

    • Themask007

      good one. forever stuck on 4.1 for g pro.

  • Sergio

    Wow, another rear speaker... My table will be happy...

  • namesib

    Would consider buying this over a Samsung device if it had hardware buttons. Oh well.

  • Joseph Cascio

    Play Edition? Plz

    • BozzyB

      I could imagine those special features of the phone e.g. of the camera can't be supported by stock rom. So the LG rom will be needed to fully support the phone's hardware.

  • LPF

    Bah, still no stylus

  • Martin

    What's the difference between G Pro 2 and the next G3 ? Screen size? Maybe in G3 they will put the Sndrgn 805, and more updates? Why someone will prefer this over waiting for G3? Had Note 3, but always wanted to change it for G2, camera is killer.. I am not a big LG guy :-)

  • BozzyB

    The small bezel is impressiv. You see LG is really into display technology ;)

  • Guest

    LG releasing a phone with the latest version of Android????

  • blackk

    Magic Focus... I like.

  • Himmat Singh

    Sadly, people buying this would be considered "losing out". The Snapdragon 800 has been out for half a year already now and the 805 should be coming within the next month or two.

  • HopelesslyFaithful

    i thought current arms only supported up to 2 GB of ram and 4GB wasn't supported until next gen came out....i must have missed something a while back :/

    Yea the removable battery plus 3 GB is pretty damn sweet. I would prefer a 5.5 in screen though. I find using the one max a total bitch and i dont even have small hands :/ 5.7 might be ok but i know 5.9 for me is way to big to be comfortable. using it one handed is hard because you have to shuffle it around in various positions to be able to reach parts of the screen.

  • jeffhesser

    I love my G Pro. The removable battery paired with an easily removable case has been one of my favorite parts. Swapping batteries feels so much nicer than charging. Knowing that at a moments notice I can jump to 100% battery has been awesome.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    It seems to me like whatever brand gets to do a Nexus ends up really getting their crap together pretty shortly after. This is a badass device.

  • jamesfuston

    "Colors: Titan,..."

    Aaaand now Titanfall is the only thing I can think about.

  • JaySee

    As a G Pro owner, I call this an epic fail. It's unbelievable that they're proud of making the stupidly placed rear speaker louder. Simply putting 2 speakers on the front like the HTC One would've been better. The also made the phone wider. A big reason I bought my G Pro was that it was the only phablet that I could use one-handed. I also loved the LED home button, which they removed. There's plenty of room on the bottom bezel for buttons. It looks like the G3 will be the true successor to the G Pro, since they're both growing.

  • Jillxz

    Will this come to Verizon ?

  • JJCommonSense

    Um.. LG is really coming off like a Samsung knockoff. I mean really? 13mp? If you've ever looked at the camera software on the LG it has the exact same shooting modes as the samsung and the pictures of those modes look very similar. LG needs to step out of Samsungs shadow

    • TheUndertaker21

      TOTALLY agreed

  • Arthur Dent

    Dammit, Google! Another phone with slow-mo. I want to see 120fps recording on the Nexus 5! The hardware should more than be able to handle it. Can we get a fucking modern camera app?

    Git 'er done!

    That said, this looks nice with the exception of the damn buttons on the back and the fact that it'll never get an update after release, because LG.

  • Chris

    This actually looks pretty nice! First thing I've moderately considered since my Note 2...but still will probably wait. No rush for me. Note 2 still does it all and with the 9300 mAh battery it lasts 1.5-2 days on a charge with heavy use.