Last Updated: February 13th, 2014

Update: Motorola is saying that the OTA was delayed slightly. It should start rolling out today 2/13.

Right on the heels of the T-Mobile update, US Cellular's Moto X is getting the bump up to version 4.4.2. This OTA started hitting a few devices last week, but now it should be rolling out to everyone. Head to the settings and check your update menu at your earliest convenience.

2014-02-12 15_01_09-Android Downloads _ Android-Powered Phones _ U.S. Cellular

Android 4.4.2 isn't a huge update for the US Cellular variant of the Moto X (XT1055), but it's similar to the T-Mobile version. That means you can expect some camera tweaks, battery life improvements, and expanded Google print services, among other things. We'll know for sure once the changelog is posted.

Keep in mind the update will probably require the stock recovery and ROM, so get back on stock if you want to update.

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  • mustbepbs

    C'monnnn Verizon!

    No whammies..

    • Jeremy Martin

      What are you talking about? Verizon is ran by whammies. They hit stop long ago :P

    • Sam Hollis

      Seems like Verizon's back to sucking. KitKat was a fluke.

  • Cesar

    Darn you, Verizon!! *shakes fist*

  • omp

    I can believe big phone companies like Verizon still have 4.1 android on these phones and expensive plans.. and prepaid companies more cheaper, have the lastest Android version on their phones..

    • Bob

      The Verizon version of the Moto X is 4.4, not 4.1.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    We reached out to US Cellular to make sure, and they told us that "This was delayed slightly by Motorola, and the OTA update will start tomorrow morning."

    Tomorrow meaning Feb 14. Just FYI for anyone waiting.