• darkdude1

    "CloudMagic creates a high performance index of your emails on the cloud" - I'd love to use this app, but storing my emails on someone elses server doesn't sound like a good idea to me tbth...

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      This is a very valid point, so I've added a note to the end of the post along with a link to the company's privacy policy.

    • Rohit Nadhani


      CloudMagic founder here. Yes, indexing on servers does not look nice on the surface, but only by by using a cloud layer, CloudMagic can bring fundamental improvements to IMAP or ActiveSync.

      Improved search requires that we use our own indexing technology. When we introduce snoozing, a cloud proxy would be required to hold emails and resurface it again at the right time.

      I honestly believe that the days of a thick IMAP/ActiveSync email client are numbered.

      We are trying extremely hard not to screw up with privacy - https://cloudmagic.com/k/privacypolicy

      • jazz7

        i believe it'll be against security policy of most of the companies to allow a 3rd party to index mails, so I don't see how it is useful for exchange services.

      • Alex

        Even if that is true, my company does not allow cloud solutions, so that would be a no-go for me... and for many people.
        A light version with local indexing would be something I'd pay for

    • HeCareth

      Same. My company strictly prohibits 3rd parties having that type of access to our email

    • wf

      You own Google's servers? Amazing.

    • rob damiani

      lol, do you use gmail? SMH

  • herbivoor

    I tried this app but there were 2 things I didn't like:
    1. If someone send you an invitation you can't add it to your calendar
    2. The emails zoom kinda awkwardly

    • heeslazy

      I installed and configured Cloudmagic on my Samsung GS4 for my work Exchange account...i can send e-mails, but the screen has been on this message for hours...Indexing in progress. Check back in a few minutes...
      Anybody have an idea what the issue is?

  • hitouch

    You should add that your emails are stored on cloudmagics servers.

  • Trent Callahan

    I think I'll stick with Gmail - I don't need my info stored on someone else's server.

    • wf

      You also own Google's servers?

      • Alphajoe

        I assume the question is, how many people you want to grant access in total.
        You using GMail: You + Google (plus maybe the NSA).
        You using GMail through CloudMagic: You + Google + CloudMagic (plus maybe the NSA).

        No matter how you turn it, there's one more in the chain. The privacy policy however reads like a fair deal.

    • rob damiani


  • Simon Belmont

    This client looks pretty nice. I wouldn't even be considering another client if Google would fix the darned problem in the stock email client where I can't download my attachments (pictures in particular).

    It's a pretty big issue that's been starred a lot: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=62805 .

  • KanishkSingh

    Works great with my work exchange email account and do not have to worry about exchange policies being forced like the encryption.
    I hope they add calendar integration as well, as of now I can only accept meetings but cannot view them.
    The zoom does not work on the main window, you have to double click on the email content to open a separate window to zoom.

    • stewartsoda

      I don't know about you but violating security policies like that is a good way to get fired at most workplaces.

      • Zach Bonjour

        Especially since CloudMagic stores all of his corporate emails on their servers for indexing.

      • ubiquitous

        Not if your work is AT cloudmagic :p

  • Raymond Berger

    The only thing it's missing is scheduling emails :/

  • Derek

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an app or service that functions like the OLD CloudMagic? I don't want to use a separate email client, I like the official gmail app, but I have multiple accounts and want to be able to perform a unified search through all of them.

    I surely can't be the only person who just wants a unified search app for mail.

    • JayDelz

      Try the new app called Nine Exchange Activesync. It's on for half price at $10.

  • skelly

    Yes. CloudMagic is great!!
    But why can't I delete emails once and have it delete on all my devices?

  • John

    I can use my gmail contacts to send and forward mail, but can't seem to use my gmail groups. Is it possible to send to a gmail group?