Motorola Moto G - Black

The Motorola direct price on the Moto G is great, but some carriers have opted to sell the phone even cheaper in an attempt to lure customers. US Cellular is following Verizon's lead today in offering the Moto G for just $99.99 off-contract. It's live on the US Cellular website right now and will be in stores February 10th.

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The Moto G is $179 from Motorola as an unlocked GSM device, so you're saving a fair amount if you don't mind sticking with USC. The internals are identical to the other variants of the G – 8GB of storage, 4.5-inch 720p screen, quad-core Snapdragon 400, and Android 4.4 KitKat. No LTE, though.

The device is intended to complement US Cellular's new no-contract plan, which includes unlimited voice, messaging, and data (500MB high-speed) for $50 per month.

[US Cellular Moto G]

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  • ProductFRED

    You should clarify that US Cellular is a CDMA-only provider, and being a 3G/EV-DO only device, this variant is only usable on US Cellular (no SIM card slot).

    • turdbogls

      this is what i came here to ask.
      I love the moto G (bought the verizon one to use as an MP3 player) so much so that i wish i would have just bought an unlocked one so i could swap back and forth with my Nexus 5 when i was getting "bored" or going somewhere that could harm my precious N5.

  • aled

    what a phone!! just perfect...its a 4.5 Nexus :D

  • mustbepbs

    Really wish Verizon would allow you to use the Moto G on a post-paid account rather than make you use pre-paid for 6 months.