The Galaxy S4 is nearly a year old now, but that doesn't mean Samsung's done releasing new variations of it. Today the company has officially announced a new "Black Edition" of the flagship that comes with the plastic, faux-stitched back panel that first appeared with the debut of the Note 3.The new S4 model is joined by a variation of the S4 mini that looks the same, just smaller.

S4-1 S4-2 S4-3

The new Galaxy S4 and S4 mini come with black power adapters, data cables, and headphones (as opposed to the usual white ones). They will also come preloaded with a set of eight wallpapers and a few new ringtones. Aside from that, this is the same phone you or a someone you know has probably already made their own.

The Black Edition Galaxy S4 and S4 mini will hit select markets starting in February. Samsung has yet to specify which ones, but it looks like Russia will at least be one of them.

Source: Samsung

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Ishaan Rajiv

    So close to S5 launch, how does it make any sense?

    • jonathan3579

      It doesn't but many consumers aren't smart enough to notice or simply may not care.

    • Pratik Holla

      To boost sales of an old phone, thats why.

    • Eli Shirk

      Helps Samsung unload old hardware before the S5 launch. All they did was attach a new back cover and include some wallpapers and ship it with black power cords and headphones (which they might package with the S5, or might be left over from the S3).

    • http://www.allankintz.com ack154

      Just because they'll be announcing the S5 soon (assumed) doesn't mean it'll be available.

    • Gabernasher

      I do believe they're still selling S3s. Just like Apple sells a few generations.

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Of course it doesn't make Sense. It makes TouchWiz.

  • gotluck

    so, can I buy the backplate?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

    I wonder if they'll make S-View covers for it that have the stitched backing, and then wireless charging S-View covers with that same backing. $$$$$$$$$$$$

    • simbak2k

      Stop giving them more ideas!

      • abobobilly

        Well if Shawn is in US, he could always file a dispute with Samsung after they implement his idea -.-

  • aaron nyquist

    I would buy an OEM back cover like this for my note 2 if Sammy sold one.

  • NoReply

    Oh i would love to have that back panel for my S4!!

  • http://androiddissected.com/ Nick Schiwy

    I won't lie, I hate Samsung's phones but that is pretty damn attractive.

  • Semianonymous

    I'd have bought bought this at launch.

    Too late now, samsung

  • Jun

    Does anyone know where to get that wallpaper? It looks very classy.

  • GraveUypo

    i'd really like if my s3 was black like this. black's the best color by far for phones, i dunno why samsung messes around with these other stupid dark colors and don't offer actual black

    • flosserelli

      Once you go black...

  • http://paulpicksacruise.co.uk/ Paul Holroyd

    Special edition this special edition that just more money making scams.

  • abobobilly

    When i read black edition, i felt like "Mercedes Blacn Edition AMG" vehicular-ized thing. But its literally Black, just black.

  • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

    Black is the new white

  • dyeyourcarpet

    I love and hate Samsung. What is hot todays is cold tomorrow. Now if only the competition can compete. I don't like like Sammy is coding there devices to use only official Samsung covers and chargers.