The Battery Guru app from Qualcomm promises to learn how you use your phone and make small tweaks to improve battery life. Glance, a new app from Qualcomm, uses that same usage data to build an intelligent lock screen. Battery Guru is required, so that means this is a Snapdragon-only experience.

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Glance integrates a lot of supposedly intelligent features that tailor themselves to your usage. It lists upcoming appointments, apps you might want to use, frequent contacts, and the weather (because everything has to show the weather). There's a bit of customization to be done if you don't like the way Glance organizes things, but the idea is that you just let it do its thing.

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The visuals are not bad, but it's not exactly lovely either. It's probably more about functionality than design, and it is a beta. This app is free and should work on most Snapdragon-powered phones.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • mechapathy

    Looks very...WinMo 6.5-esque

  • darkdude1

    Ehhhh, not sure what to make of the UI...

  • jules

    Already al long time ago trying, this still b├Ęta app used more battery than all other drainers combined.

  • brkshr

    Is Battery Guru really that great? I tried it for a bit, but it just seemed like the old Advanced Task Killer app that isn't really needed anymore.

    • DrewNusser

      It did a good job on my Nexus 4 until it started turning off my wifi every day. I wonder if that's fixed now.

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        It seemed pretty neat to me, until it started turning on WiFi when not required, and turning it off for no reason, as you say.
        So much for the "learning mode".

    • Wayne Randall

      It works on my N4, gives me a few extra hours of use. However, I use location-based apps for keeping my timecard, sending text messages, locking and unlocking my device, and more. For that to work with great accuracy, wifi needs to be on and certain apps need to be aware. Battery Guru interfered with this; I'd end up punching in and out thirty times a day, cluttering up my database. Text messages were sent multiple times when entering a location. My device would be locked or unlocked when it shouldn't be. It was more work that it was worth. So I bought a portable battery. Problem Level: non-existent.

      If you need your device to work it's location based magic, pass on by. Otherwise, Highly recommended. Well, maybe not 'highly', but recommended anyway. YMMV

  • Michael J Carroll

    They did the fade for the status bar but not for the navigation? Why, Qualcomm, why?

  • Blendi Krasniqi

    If you have Auto Sync off , the Battery Guru does almost nothing. Talked to developers and they confirmed it ;)

  • abobobilly

    How can people actually believe in these apps which are in-itself resource consuming as hell. :S NEVER worked for me. Hogs your RAM and takes place of other apps. What a great strategy these apps implement to "reduce battery timings" (bling bling)

  • fonix232

    Why oh why does this remind me to the old Symbian times? S60v5 anyone?

  • Trina Morgan

    Not available for the LG G2. Makes no sense...

    • stenbergs

      I also tried to download it on my stock LG G2 but wouldn't even find it in the play store. After downloading it on my brand new Xperia Z1 Compact I had a quick glance at the FAQ and found it is only compatible with Android versions 4.3 or higher. So unless you are on a custom rom I guess you will just have to wait for an update from LG. Just like me.

  • danishdhanshe

    Is it just me or I am unable to get an unlock ring on this lock screen and have to hold back button to kill this app?

  • Joshua Hill

    Not compatible with N7 2013!

    • stenbergs

      Well, the Battery Guru that is required is not N7 compatible either. When I asked Qualcomm about it some months ago that said it was only optimised for phones not tablets, although I believe some earlier versions where tablet compatible.

  • cities516

    [Requires Android 4.3 or later.]
    Why, Qualcomm, why?
    (Looking at my dying Xperia S)