This was just too good of a goof to pass up. "Swype, for all those times you need to make the most ironic typos." Perhaps, installing SwiftKey might be a good idea:

Via: @Swype (imgur mirror for when they take it down)

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  • jrop

    Looks like the ring-finger over-shot the "a" by 40dp.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It's a whole extra character, not just a wrong character. The SwiftKey jab was just for fun, but seriously - it would have never happened with it.

      • zhop


      • jrop

        I realize that it was for fun. I was just making a passive remark about how you can fat-finger the "w" and the "a" at the same time with ring finger.

        I'm not exactly sure how that came across, but hey, it's late Fri. afternoon here...my brain is getting spotty coverage anyways :)

      • Cerberus_tm

        Are you suggesting this would have happened had they been using Swype?

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

    Free advertising from sites like AndroidPolice.
    Not ironic but very clever indeed ;)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      More like free advertising for SwiftKey.

      • bozs13

        he said from AP...

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          OK... what's your point?

          • bozs13

            To me it just sounds like you're saying the same thing he said (I might be wrong)

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            From vs for. He's saying it's free advertising for Swype. I'm saying it's free advertising but for Swiftkey.

          • bozs13

            Roger that ;) Got it. I see now.

          • http://www.flickr.com/photos/77537273@N03/ Herman

            Free advertising for any of those involved.
            It's a win-win :)

      • My name is….

        That's what he meant

  • Jeff718

    Proponent of SwiftKey here, but in Swype's defense that's not even a word. If they were swiping (the main feature of that keyboard), this wouldn't have happened. I'm guessing one of their social media employee's just made an innocent goof.

    • Jerrod Schultz

      I think the idea is... if they had been using SwiftKey, even the typo would have been corrected automatically, avoiding the "innocent goof" all together.

      • Jeff718

        I get what they idea is. But again, in Swype's defense, had they been swiping the typo would have been corrected automatically.

      • andy_o

        Don't pretty much all keyboards including the iOS one do this? I don't think it is a "had they been using" scenario. It's just something funny that happened to happen.

      • Yuuki

        who said the auto corection is activated? i for an example deactivate it since it can get anoying as hell.

        • Dirk

          You better activate it. You got two spelling errors in this small reply.

          • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

            lol ... so true, yeh ... too bad my laptop keyboard dosen't support swype ...

  • Bilal Mahmood

    lol this is funny

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    So it looks like they typed in the word keyboard normally instead of swiping it. Yeah, really the thing I'd do when using Swype (I do use Swype as my main keyboard, and I swipe everything, unless it's a new word.) :-P

  • Michael Tran

    I like swype, i just wished they had a shortcut key to google voice dictation. Has that changed?? I like swiftkey's features and themes but their flow is HORRIBLE! most inaccurate of the 3 primary. Swype, Google, and swiftkey.

    • Ramsey

      I like them all but I always go back to TouchPal, my favorite.

    • andy_o

      They're not likely to do that. They've had a lot of requests, and they've even responded with "please at least give a try to our competing option" which is not half-bad, I'd say.

      I agree about SK's flow accuracy. It's worse cause they don't seem to want to add the option to select language manually, which would help a whole lot for multilingual users, for whom accuracy gets even worse as you can imagine.

      I like their flow-through-space thing especially for Spanish cause it would select words with or without accents (á) depending on context, but they still seem to be stuck mainly in the tapping predictive keyboard model, where you can't select options for what you just swiped if it made a mistake.

    • ithehappy

      Well Flow's accuracy is greater than Google's mate, at least it was for me. And you have no idea how obsessed I am about spellings and correct words. But Google's keyboard was just a disaster for me. I just have a paragraph which I type normally when a new keyboard comes out to test it's accuracy, and did the same when Google's came out, but there were 29 wrong words out of 121, while with SKF it was 19 and Swype 13.
      A worth mentioning after Swype is Touchpal X imho, as a free keyboard it's fantastic.
      English is my third language btw, and I don't care about those 'predictable' keyboards, sorry.

      • Michael Tran

        I guess we have different opinions then. I find i make more errors with swift key. It's not as forgiving. When i found words i couldn't swipe on Google it usually was a word i just needed to add to the dictionary and it would work fine. For example. I had issues with 6 words in this paragraph i normally have no issues with Google. I guess it's just a matter of finding the keyboard sweet spot. With swift most issues are with double letters that are the same. I have to actually go over it twice sometimes. Google you don't have to.

        • CerealFTW

          Swype is a little better than SwiftKey with swiping imo but I like SwiftKeys features more. I can't stand the Google keyboward bcause it gives me the wrong word way more often and takes more time and not being able to save swear words to my dictionary is a deal breaker since I swear almost every sentence lol

          • ithehappy

            A little better? LOL

    • My name is….

      You left out Touchpal

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/pamela-hill/ Pamela Hill

      Swype is always more accurate for me too. I can't use Swiftkey - I've given it several shots & it can never make the cut.
      When you say you want Google Voice Dictation, have you tried the voice dictation included in Swype (I think it's Dragon Dictation)? Anyway, it's really great - always recognizes what I say.

    • abobobilly

      Dragon Dictation isn't that bad once you try it. If you are aware of the Naunce Naturally Speaking Software on PC, you'll realize that Android's Dragon Dictation is just next level. BUT YES, I do agree that a key for Google's Voice Dictation would've been great as an option.

      As for Flow, THANK GOD someone else is out there who shares my sentiments. The last time i spoke against swift key, i was bombarded like hell. Swift Key's flow is quite simply a disaster. For swyping, Google's swype does comparatively better job, with the former having an edge over feature set.

      Hate me all you want, but I would claim with love that "Swype" is definitely THE DAD of all the keyboards out there. Not only is it more accurate in Typing, but also in Swyping. And its coming from me, who never sticks to ONE keyboard. Infact, i gave Swift Key A YEAR to settle with it, but it almost always came at me as the "most resource intensive POS" (pardon my french). And back in those days, "SlideIT" did a far better job at competing Swype.

      Anyway, anyone also remember the latest BETA "Multilingual" Keyboard by dear "Honso"? Worth a try i tell ya. By far the least resource consuming and Fastest Keyboard i have tried to-date (extremely low memory foot print). Though currently in BETA so might annoy you a little with its limited feature set.

      • Mario E Hdez

        I agree with keyboards and memory foot prints. Swype is my go to keyboard but I always felt it was a bit more sluggish overtime. I also really much preferred Google's own dictation as it was much faster and more accurate than Dragon. I really wish there was an option to toggle Dragon of Google. For now, I'm sticking with google stock keyboard simply for the speed (as far as memory footprints go) but I definitely miss having gestures.

        • abobobilly

          It can definitely lose a few MBs. The last december update did improve some things and its more fluid now (i am running it on my i9000 w/ 4.2.2 these days, so you can take my word for it).

          But it still lags in quite a few places. Even on my Nexus 7, it starts to feel sluggish overtime. But then out of nowhere, its all fine the next day :S (No idea why does it happen).

          Last year i spent completely with Google's Keyboard. While i love it being stock one, the only thing annoys me, is that it almost NEVER gets my swiping gesture right, have problems with swear words (but solved after adding in dictionary, manually) and the most annoying of all ... there are only "three" correct options (excluding the "touch & hold to get more" feature; its too delaying). It can definitely do better with a Dynamic Bar like Swype, Multilingual etc have.

  • TY

    The most probable explanation is that this tweet was sent from a PC browser without auto-correct/spell check functions.

    • Cory_S

      You were born without a sense of humor, weren't you?

      • TY

        At times, I take humorous things seriously, for fun.

  • Philip

    Love Swype more then Swiftkey. I bought both but have a bug in Swype it asks for licence and I have to reinstall it every time. Hope they will fix that!

    • ash

      Try contacting google and they would solve your licensing issue. Just try it one time

  • unni123456

    Since English is not my first language, I find Swype to be better. I have both. Every time I try SwiftKey, I end up going back to Swype.

    • mesmorino

      What is your first language? Swiftkey not only has a pretty long language list, what I really like about it is simultaneous language entry: I currently have Polish, English and Portuguese enabled. I like Swype too, but their prediction algorithm feels a little off, and I'm used to not having to switch languages when typing. With Swiftkey I can literally use three languages in the same sentence, without errors

      • Jaime

        The Samsung keyboard does the same. It's a really good feature to be able to write on several languages at the same time. (I'm not sure if the Samsung keyboard is based on Swipe anymore, but it use to be)

        • Armando Rodriguez

          Samsung licenced Swiftkey engine for their keyboards (since JB I recall), its almost the same.

      • unni123456

        Sorry that I wasn't clear. I still type in English. The difference is that I type the words in my language (one of the languages in India) as how they would sound using English alphabet. For example, for 'hello', I would type 'namaskaaram'. When I was using SwitftKey, I had to make more corrections so that it would accept the word as I want it, where as Swype would accept such words directly.

      • Cerberus_tm

        Swype now has two simultaneous languages. I use English and Dutch. But the problem is that the two languages together have so many short words that it gives me many more incorrect primary options. I have to tap on a second or third option to correct it, which takes more time than switching to another dictionary (which I do by swiping from the Swype key to the space bar).

        One other issue is that, in bilingual mode, it always prefers the English word, if there are two options. I wish it were able to detect which language I was typing in based on the previous, say, five words. How does Swiftkey handle this?

        • mesmorino

          It's brilliant! It uses the context of the previous word(s) , plus what it thinks you were trying to type, plus your typing history.

          So if I type "Além", it tends to predict "disso", but it will happily prioritise what I actually attempt to type, thus allowing me to mix languages. So I can type "dziękuję amigo, diga cześć para sua mãe" with no problems, and it will only correct the spellings. If I type that phrase often enough, the entire sentence will show up in the predictions.

          The only place it drops the ball is with swiping. Because of the vague nature of swiping predictions, it tends to miss what I was trying to type, especially at the beginning of a sentence. The longer the sentence is, the better it gets at prediction, but if i try to swipe "are you there?" it will usually show "Até" instead, and I have to change it to "are". Once I do that, it's fine.

          (even now when I was trying to swipe "até", it wouldn't accept it because the majority of the text is in English :p)

  • Danny365

    Does Swype support multiple dictionaries yet?

    • rob

      Yep even two languages together with automatic recognition

  • Wyatt Neal

    I think it would have been funnier if they started typing with "#SwiftKey keyboward..." and then we'd all be like "ooo.... someone's fired."

  • Levi Wilcox

    Say what you want but swype is the only company to support keybowards.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You got me there.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS


  • KeybowardJockey

    On screen keybowards 4life!!!

  • bobble

    Terrible post.

  • ithehappy

    AP hates Swype, and likes SK.
    Well as I said plenty of times, Swype is NOT for EVERYONE. If I were using 'SK Flow' to type those three words that might have been WTF SK just flowed!
    This is one of the worst article done here.
    Swype is sticking me to Android, and I know it will for some time until it appears on WP.

    • My name is….

      You can't deny that swiftkey has a better correction and next word prediction.

      • ithehappy

        I am not into predictable or auto-corrective keyboards. Auto correction has much more of drawbacks than advantages imo, especially if you are not using English.

        • My name is….

          I am using both Greek and English.

          I find correction and prediction of the utmost importance, they help typing faster.

          And that's a fact.

          • ithehappy

            .....for you it might be, for me it certainly is not. Auto correction was never enabled for me, and never will be. I rarely make mistakes, why would I turn it on anyway!!

          • My name is….

            Yes, if I type slow I don't make mistakes as well.

            But I'm typing fast. And it helps.

      • alamarco

        I beg to differ. Have you ever tried typing "three"? Even going as slow as possible it's always "the".

        Start at 'T', go to 'h', hold on 'r', hold on 'e'. Still get "The". Only way to get "three" is to do the sequence and then press back to pick from the suggested words. You would think holding on 'r' would trigger it to pick up you aren't spelling "the", but apparently not.

        Now, I'm sure some people will prefer one to the other, and I'm not arguing that. However, saying "you can't deny" implying that SwiftKey far out trumps Swype is wrong. I'm sure you can find an example on Swype for every example I can name for SwiftKey. That's why the "better correction and next word prediction" is highly subjective.

        • Michael Wolfe

          I have the same problem with the & three too. I always get a problem trying to type my son's name. It always wants to spell Been instead of Ben. Never the less I have tried Swype & SwiftKey. I liked SK better so I bought it. SK has better word prediction for me but doesn't swype as well as Swype.

          Either way when I SK flow or Swype the iPhone user next to me always asks what kind of keyboard is that? I know that they're jealous!

      • Cerberus_tm

        For me, in English and Dutch, Swype is better at recognising swiped words. Next word prediction rarely works in Swype or Swiftkey; in my opinion, it would only be useful if it were like 95+ % accurate: if you can't rely on it, it's just an extra break in your "flow".

        By the way, does Swiftkey allow you to differentiate between "the" and "thee" by going back and forth a little (or making any kind of tiny scribble) on the e if you want double e?

      • Hank Bank

        Well then ...

    • alamarco

      Glad I'm not the only one to notice AP's heavy SwiftKey bias. I know it goes against human nature, but I just wish for once I'd find a source that didn't eventually show bias.

      Sometimes it feels like SwiftKey pays for content. So many articles about SwiftKey praising every small upgrade with rarely, if ever, a mention of anything negative. Of course I don't really believe SwiftKey pays for anything, just the thought creeps in every once in a while with such a heavy bias.

  • Gator352

    Ebonics at its best! :) Gettin' jiggy wit da keyboward....

  • lvcivs

    The Swype shortcuts rules!! One gesture to copy, one gesture to cut, one gesture to paste, to add a comma, to change to numeric keypad.

    Swiftkey is overhyped.

    • Armando Rodriguez

      I think Swiftkey got the fame it has because the multi lingual support (up to 3 languages at the same time) that feature is not overhyped at all and was the main one to even try it 2 years ago.

      • lvcivs

        It's an amazing feature, I love it since Swype added it too.

        The problem with Swype is that the development is slow and based on what we see on the forums, the support isn't good.

        Sometimes I get pissed up, then try some other keyboard. Then I come back to Swype. I just can't live without the shortcuts anymore, I feel pretty stupid looking for the main punctuation characters instead of easily swiping for them.

    • ithehappy

      Don't say any truthful thing in AP, it's not appreciated.

  • Doan

    Between SwiftKey's Flow and Swype's.. Swype, Swype wins hands down. If you don't care about the Swype-like typing method, I don't see any other benefits of Swype over SwiftKey. Neither is "the best" keyboard; it depends on your preferences. I use both, but tend to always fall back on Swype, as I find it unmatched in one-handed typing.

    • abobobilly

      Isn't this the mark of "the best" keyboard? That you always fall down to it?

      Personally, i believe Gesture Typing "is" how it should've been in the first place. Its easier, convenient and extremely quick. I can see why some people prefer typing with both hands. Its because they feel "natural" ... and they might not want to waste time "learning" other inputs, or maybe a phobia of settling down for something new.

      Over the years, i have used MANY keyboards. And i have never really sticked to a single one, for more than 6 months ... for the sake of variety. But in the end, after a collective observation ... Swype is definitely the one i'd pick ... AND BUY.

      • http://www.Nave360.com Sebastian Gorgon

        I've been on Swype since the first public beta (or around that time), That was so many years ago, i remember the day i got the invite email, i was at school in a technology department working on my project, right away i downloaded it on my HTC Desire, haven't looked back since, still my #1 keyboard.

  • letsplaay

    I like both the "keyboward" tag and the "yes it's a slow news day shut up" tag.

  • http://canerk.com/ Caner Kamburoglu

    Oh really? SwiftKey is just copycat. They copied gesture typing first, then cloud sync and your website promoted this features like big innovation. And trust me, still Swype offer better experiment.

    This is article is just SwiftKey fanboy shit and not professional.

  • http://trapchan.blogspot.com trapchan

    I'll stick with Swype, it came pre installed on my HTC One, and it's good

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    Well reading through these comments, it's obvious that AP need to do one of their detailed reports. Swiftkey vs Swype vs Minuum vs Kii vs Google Keyboard vs AOSP Keyboard vs Go.

    • Cerberus_tm

      vs Slide It vs Touchpal X

      • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

        I figure the categories should be Prediction, Correction/Precision, Key Placement (Where is the shift, the enter, the backspace, etc), Special Characters (accented characters), Emoji Support, Default Design/Theme, Synchronisation Across Devices, Tablet Support, One-handed Usability, Size (APK), Screen real estate), Development Rate, Original Features plus another Best of the Rest category for stuff like capitalisation of a word by clicking shift.

        I think it'd be a good article.

        • Cerberus_tm

          Sounds good. But I'd like a special mark for swipe recognition.

  • http://volumeboy-man.bandcamp.com/ VBM

    SwiftKey FTW. If only there were custom skins...

  • Sheep

    You guys know there is more than Swype and Swify key right? There is Touchpal+ Its free and I am loving it.