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Any decent bank heist movie always has one common hurdle for the would-be thieves: a regularly changing access code to the vault, and only one person knows what it is. Haven't you ever wanted that kind of security on your phone? This is now possible with TimePIN, a light-weight app that changes the access code to your lockscreen every minute.


TimePIN comes to us from developer Justin Case, who is also known for quite a few of the rooting tools used throughout the modding community. The idea is really quite simple. As long as the lockscreen is visible, your PIN code will be updated with a new number every minute.

Codes are derived from the digits on your system clock. For example, you might unlock your phone by typing 1027 when the clock reads 10:27. However, that is the just the simplest case - 3 modifier patterns are available to add a little more complexity: reverse, mirror, and double. There is also a custom offset option that can add or subtract from the generated PIN. All of these can be stacked together depending on how you want your PIN to be. The developer has told me that there are still quite a few modifiers planned, so keep an eye out for more options. Tapping on the ‘Demo PIN’ option will pop up a toast message with a PIN generated from your current settings.

You will basically have your code printed right on the screen, but nobody will ever know it. Not only will this make it less daunting to remember your PIN, it will totally confuse anybody who tries to learn it by peering over your shoulder. Even brute-force tactics will have a harder time breaking in.

TimePIN doesn’t require root to do its thing, but you will have to tap a couple of buttons when it first launches to authorize it as a 'Device Administrator.' Since the process is very efficient and only runs while the lockscreen is visible, there’s no reason to worry about battery usage.

You can pick up TimePIN from the Play Store for free, but you will be limited to the default and Reverse patterns. A single in-app purchase of $1.99 unlocks the Pro version, which includes all of the current and future pattern modifiers, plus any additional options and features. If you're at all concerned with keeping people out of your phone or tablet, whether they are stealing it or just trying to mess with you, this is an excellent and very convenient way to keep it locked tight.

Are you interested in scoring a full copy for free? Awesome. Leave a comment below telling us about a time somebody messed with your phone, you messed with somebody else's, or just to say you want a copy. Make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter widget below, because that's how we pick our random winners. There are no country restrictions, so everybody is welcome to enter. Better get your entry in now, though - this one's over at Midnight PST on 2/11!

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Cody Toombs
Cody is a Software Engineer and Writer with a mildly overwhelming obsession with smartphones and the mobile world. If he’s been pulled away from the computer for any length of time, you might find him talking about cocktails and movies, sometimes resulting in the consumption of both.

  • HellG

    I need to keep my nephews away from my phone and they are fluffy enough to look off my shoulder to see my pattern,i really need something like this lol

  • Brin

    Hope I win :)

  • Chris A

    Would be an absolute blessing just to keep my gf out of my phone.

  • bydh

    pretty cool. though, I always struggle between convenience and security. I usually have a pattern or pin, but then hit a situation where it gets too annoying to keep entering it, and then end up just going back to swipe unlock.

  • BraydenLarwill

    I might have maybe gone into a friends iPhone, turned everything negative, and turned voiceover on, without letting them know. So yea, free copy of this would be nice.

  • vn33

    I'd love to win this, so I can keep my wife from reading my emails :-)

  • Kory Peterson

    Cool idea, worth a look.

  • Fiera

    Privacy is important.

  • Derrick Lee


  • James Poole

    Love to have this to keep people from messing with my phone.

  • techgui

    Pretty clever idea...I like

  • Jamal Adam

    This would be great to keep my sister away from both my Nexus 5 and 7.

  • Marcos Soler

    Never been one to use pin-related security ever since I got used to pattern locks. However, this may just change my mind.

  • Sumish

    I wanna win something..

  • philipp

    Thats great, tried to achieve something similar with tasker but failed :/

  • Menachem

    I work with kids and they are always trying to see my PIN.

  • mike921

    Didn't work on my A830, disabled the screen timeout and that's about all.

  • http://tutvonline.org/ Scott Pilgrim


  • Alvin

    Love this

  • Mel

    Awesome App!

  • http://www.moviein3d.net/ Caitlin Roberts

    I like that it does not need root, please consider my application for the Pro license draw.

  • Diego

    This app looks interesting

  • Lee Stedge

    Very concerned about my privacy. I don't like the idea that someone can find my home and pictures of my family if they got into my phone or tablet.

  • http://twitter.com/lifeofanomad Jason Coen

    I need this as well. My daughter also hijacks my phone only to get it back filled with random games.

  • Onur Örek

    looks promising

  • Youri

    pretty cool idea

  • priority9

    great idea for security

  • http://www.allabtgadgets.in/ Ankur Jain

    I don't want anybody to keep an eye on my phone or my activities. It's kind of privacy invasion.

  • Hosam Arnous

    Cool idea

  • ALEC

    Friends always switch my tinder to dudes and like every one of them

  • Krystllh

    This app will solve the issue with my screen protector showing my password. I hope I win.

  • masterino

    Great new product. Easy security.

  • Jrocker23

    This is a really great idea. would love this on my phone..

  • jdomann

    I need it since work email makes me use a PIN to protect the device and I'd rather it be non-obvious than something I use all the time!

  • Peter Li

    I need this to stop my friends from puttin obscene pictures as wallpapers on my phone behind my back

  • harshalsankhe


  • http://www.jusuchyne.com/codingforme Justin Alex

    I love the idea of a PIN lock protection on my phone, as I'm not at home everytime of the day; this will be a good app to protect my phone from those prying eyes.

  • yankeesusa

    Would love this... security is never a bad thing.

  • Alphajoe

    Once had my phone stolen and was able to track it down using "Sim Checker" (now part of Cerberus). Googled the number, found out that guy was selling used phones over the internet and called him, pretending to be interested in buying my own phone from him. He was pretty shocked when he showed up at the place of our appointment and was immediately handcuffed by two undercover policemen, that I had called to the scene in advance. After his arrest they looked up his offers on the internet (which I told them to do) and they decided to get a search warrant for that guys flat, as he seemed to be fencing a lot. WIN.

  • Sam Yun

    my friends I troll each other's phones so much.

  • yt1300

    Because my 9y old daughter always tries to get my code

  • DC

    It'll keep my friends from pranking my phone and moving things around.

  • ShadowDragon

    I have a nephew that's trying to figure out my password... this will help a lot...

  • Bassem Abbas

    Very creative! An awesome way to keep other fellow IT people from nosing around my phone at the office.

  • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao


  • Kerwin Poon

    Sounds like a very cool app!

  • George Chia

    TIme for me to stop my friends from touching my phone =D

  • Rodin

    Awesome...i want it

  • Hsien Loong Hwang

    Privacy is a serious matter.

  • Kazutaka Muraki

    "or just to say you want a copy"
    I just want a copy =P
    It really seems a great app...

  • Gabriel

    /me wants it.


    My Friends know my patern

  • Jon Slater

    Can't say I've ever been the victim or perpatrator of anything like that, and I'd it to STAY that way so yes I'd like this.

  • Locke

    Nosy colleagues/friends won't ever guess my pass code even if they saw me enter it. This app is sweet! :D

  • Scott Standish-Parkin

    I need this because....someone of significance..... thinks its funny to mess with my settings

  • Bambang

    I want a copy

  • Mihir Chheda

    My friends always keep an eye when I unlock the phone so I need to keep my phone data secure!

  • Kanarico

    I think everyone should have some sort of security in case their phone/tablet is stolen.

  • Marco V. Jiménez Webb

    I just want a copy!

  • Ryan Mitchell

    I have been looking for a way to increase my lockscreen security. This looks like a great way to do that.

  • Bogdan

    i want a copy, to be prepared when I will have kids

  • http://www.timnolte.com/ Tim Nolte

    Nice to see some more investigation into mobile security. I'd like to see this become something more like a YubiKey Neo that can NFC unlock the phone by generating a one-time use code. Currently on my Moto X I am able to setup an NFC unlock but my NFC tag could just be duplicated.

  • Chris Lear

    Great idea for phone security, I'd love a copy of the pro version.

  • Michal

    I once got Nicolas Cage over my whole phone. And by that I mean Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Snapchat. Yes, my sister is quite a handy one when trolling people over my phone.

  • Sebastian

    Nice! Simple and effective at the same time!

  • Bogdan

    i just want a free copy :D

  • enoch861

    I had a mishap with the stupid PIN/Pattern thing once and since that day I don't use any PINs or Patterns anymore.

  • DJ

    The idea is awesome. I could really use it for people that want to play on my phone after I tell them the current pattern. No more changing patterns!

  • M Usman

    Now that kind of security i needed... Thanks Developer

  • JM Cabulay

    I've always wanted one app like this! :D

  • Eric Ng

    I love this idea :) A changing pin would be fun to use, even if I told people the algorithm, the math will ensure some people never get in hahahaha!

  • Dr. Ziddo

    I need this app badly. So tired of you know what from you know who...

  • ndnesh

    I would love this! my family keeps locking my phone on me because i spend way too much time with it!! this will offset that!

  • Prerit Ahuja

    the coolest thing about this app is that i can share the pin with anyone whenever i want and the 'anyone' will be able to use it only once! ;)

  • Bob

    Pretty cool app. It might just help me remember what the password is this week.

  • Gadila Sainath

    This looks like a great way to keep changing your device password.
    Random but easily remembered. :)

  • Hiren Vasani

    kids used to open my cell through finger impression, so this app will definately help... :)

  • samkar

    I need phone lock to keep things secure.

  • Jeff

    i need this to keep the kids out of my phone

  • moelsen8

    this is very creative security. i like it!

  • lumpysherman

    I need this to keep my wifes prying eyes out of my messages and contacts.

  • oXy

    Keep my nosy family outta mah buisness! haha

  • Steve Smith

    Sounds like a great app, handy now that my daughter is a teenager....

  • Angel Lara

    Great app to keep my tablet and phone secure

  • Avirut Mehta

    Nobody knows...

  • Inho Kim

    Now I may teach my password to friends.. or shall I add "teach"

  • David Z

    I value my privacy.

  • Joshua Mussaf

    My four year old know my lock screen pattern. I need a better mouse trap!

  • Ron Rosero

    I'm an administrator of Google Apps for my company. Since I use my phone for it, being able to secure the phone with a difficult to guess PIN would make my accounts even safer.

  • ewilliams1009

    my girlfriend is a looky loo

  • Jasper Vinkenvleugel

    Heck yeah! Thanks!

  • didibus

    What happens if your phone in encrypted, and you change the PIN every minute? I was under the impression, the PIN was used as part of the encryption mechanism, so would changing the PIN every minute require everything to be decrypted and re-encrypted with the new PIN every minute?

    • Justin Case

      Didibus, current version is not compatible with encrypted devices. I have a version that is compatible, but it is still under going heavy testing. It requires root.

  • didibus

    I'm not a forensic expert, but the amount of possible combinations of modification to the time clock are probably ridiculously small and if someone is aware of them, someone would have a pretty easy time to actually get in your phone. Especially if a little probabilistic model is applied, humans, after all, will tend to pick the easiest to remember or calculate modifications.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      That's why there is an ability to put in an Offset (in the pro version). As long as somebody doesn't know what the offset is, the number of combinations is massive.

      There are also some additional modifiers coming, so the possibilities will become more complicated.

    • Justin Case

      Possibilities for TimePIN is 0000 to 9999999999999999 (that is 16 9s). Not exactly small...