An update to Chrome beta a few weeks ago came with the bizarre side effect that hotword detection no longer worked in the Google search app or in the Google Now Launcher (GNL). The next version of Chrome beta didn't do anything to fix it, either. Well, Google Search to the rescue – yesterday's big search update seems to have fixed hotword detection.

2014-02-06 14.57.51

After the update, the mic icon is again filled in the Google search bar, indicating the app is listening for the "Ok Google" hotword. And indeed, it works. We've checked this out on a few devices, and it appears to be legit. So now you can go back to talking to your phone normally, just like every other day.

[Thanks, Karlo]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Chapa

    Yay! Now I know what was causing the icon to wipe out. I feel relieved.
    Thank you all!

  • Typos

    Tags: chroem beta ;)

    • https://abrah.am/ Abraham Williams

      What makes it even worse is the post from July that is also tagged with "chroem beta"

    • my95z34

      Tags: searh

  • Bluewall

    I came here to ask about dat wallpaper, help anyone ?

  • Vilmar

    Typo: Gogle > Google

  • Vladislav Fox

    Anyone have wallpaper from screenshot?

  • Gav456

    Noticed this yesterday. Good. Was gutted when the latest beta update didn't fix the issue. Also, as I'm from the UK, I've noticed the voice recognition system is much more accurate now that it can understand Proper English... I don't have to fake an American accent anymore =P

  • David Jones

    Has anyone else noticed hotword detection seems to be working with headphones as well now (or is it just me)

  • Trevor Kinsie

    What version number fixes it? I believe I have the latest at 33.0.1750.70 and the search unavailable still shows up for me on my Nexus 5.

  • solo16

    not work for me I'm on HTC ONE 4.4.2 sense 5.5 stock

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    Could there be another cause for the Hotword Detection to go away temporarily? I don't run Chrome Beta but lately I've noticed that my Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 (both running with GNL) have the hollow mic icon sometimes. A reboot fixes it though.