If you prefer to get your news hot and steaming from the NBC pipeline, I feel kind of bad for you. Not really because of NBC itself, but because the app was just so ugly. Thankfully NBC woke up and realized the app was basically reminiscent of a child's plaything and had the developer, Zumobi Apps, craft a new one. This one's much prettier. Here's a comparison to prove it:

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See how much better that looks? The card-style UI is quite becoming on a news-based app. It delivers a lot of content at a glace without looking overly cluttered. Anyway, the update is available now in the Play Store. If you're into that sort of thing, you can find it at the widget below.

Thanks, raiialshalfa!

Cameron Summerson
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  • A mole

    On my Fire HDX, that touch spots were off by one color and very difficult to find the touch spots.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Looks slick

  • fsdgasdg

    damm that app used to look like pure shit.
    froyo is satan himself

  • moelsen8

    not looking overly cluttered? it's like in-your-face now. old version was hideous but at least it was dead-simple. new version looks nice, sure, but i guess i'm being biased here because i especially hate the changes made to the website itself when using a pc. you used to be able to get so many headlines and so much information just from one glance at the screen, now you see 5 huge pictures at a time and that's it. not really happy about that since it was my go-to. i don't need to have everything broken down into pictures for me. argh.

  • Taco Monster

    Man the reviews for the new version are brutal! Looks like there are a lot of people wedded to Froyo design principles and don't give a crap about #holoyolo

    • moelsen8

      holy hell, so i'm not alone haha. i don't think it's that people liked the old app as much as they don't like how the new one is just a screen full of big pictures. there's gotta be a better middle ground.

      • Taco Monster

        To be sure, a lot of complaints center around losing particular shows like Hardball or Maddow.

    • devmeh

      It's not that they are welded to the Froyo design, but the Windows 8 design just removes so much usability, especially on a phone. And not being able to select filters to ge tthe news you wanted and removing of content, like the MSNBC shows, just added more salt to the wound. It came across as a beta that had not been tested. I mean...click on a picture for a story and it asks if you want to read it??? Give me a break. Then push test messages out even when notifications are turned off. It feels like some artist got in there and did the app without any thought to usability or features.

      • Taco Monster

        What's Windows 8 about the design? It's pretty much following standard Android UI guidelines.

        • devmeh

          Having big blocks of pictures with no reason is Windows 8. Android guidelines are supposed to be helpful and not get in the way. This does nothing but get in the way. If you just take a glance at it and don't try to do anything, then it looks "pretty", but usable....not. Just on an off chance, I did try uninstalling and reinstalling and now it is even worse. All it gives is a blank screen with a menu. As I said before, this looks to be beta level software that was released before being tested, although after what just happened, I would revise it to being alpha level software.

  • RSerda

    really laggy on my Nexus 7 2013... :/ not seeing this on any other apps...

  • John Smith

    I'd like to point out that NBC took this app in-house... Zumobi is no longer working on it.

  • miri

    Just installed it. I actually think it's pretty great, especially the persistent video player. I can understand the desire for higher information density, but the reaction is excessive.

  • http://flavors.me/sabret00the sabret00the

    Why're you comparing phone with tablet? They have phone screenshots on the play store too.

  • Jon Butler

    I'm one of the bad reviewers. Design principles be damned, this is just an assault on your ability to peruse and find the news you're looking for or interested in. Plus, the "This is a test" push notification we all got yesterday -- even if you had notifications disabled in the app -- demonstrates the crackerjacks running the operation.
    To make matters worse, they applied this same horrendous design to the desktop website ... you now get a grant total of five stories to fill the entire full-screen browser window. FIVE. I'm completely baffled by it. News organizations are about serving content, and the more content you can get at as a consumer the more money they make ... so then why the hell reduce the content you can get at so dramatically? It's really, really bad, to the point where what used to be a dozen-visits-a-day site is off my bookmarks bar and I'm looking for a suitable replacement.

  • Adam Inglis

    This update is universally hated, just check the comments. They've removed a ton of content from the app, no more shows, now it is mishmash of stories. Even the updates that get pushed through (even if you disable them) don't link to anything other than launching the app.

  • carolyn mordecai

    Looks like NBCnews did not want to spend the money to maintain their former fabulous site. Perhaps its the bottom line.

  • News Junkie

    The website is horrible. Maybe if you are a 5 year old, you might like it. It is virtually useless on a PC. The App used to suck for sure and when using my tablet I'd load the regular site instead. I really hate the "touch the magic picture" concept which is so chlldish and virtually eliminates tons of content. Yes it may look "pretty" on my hi-def tablet screen, but who goes to a news website for pretty graphics? It's a huge data hog too.
    They have literally abandonned the concept of presenting a wide variety of real news. Case in point is a huge picture of Justin Beiber as one of the lead stories. That's trash. Go to a gossip celebrity website if you want that junk.
    Take the time to look at the Newsvine comments area. The number of comments have dropped to only about 10% of what they used to be and virtually every story is loaded with comments about who terrible the website is. And those comments are the highest voted comments in any discussion.
    Who seriously uses a smart phone to get educated about newsworthy events? If you do you must be pretty uninformed about things that matter. If they wanted to improve their app to be smart phone friendly, that's fine, but the forced this change on all users. They are losing real news intersted people in droves. It's horrible!

  • vern

    Yeah the new update is obviously designed by someone who never uses a news app. Uninstalled after using all the time every day for years. The pretty pictures go in the articles. On the outside I need categories and headlines in a nice compact list format. Duh. Duuhhhhh.

  • Michael Lum

    Getting the latest news is not about looking at a few pretty photos. Rather than forcing us to like something you think we need, just give us what we want.