While it may not be within the 90 days HTC originally promised, executive director of product management Mo Versi announced on Twitter this morning that the Verizon edition of the HTC One has had its 4.4 OTA update approved by Verizon, and that it will begin rolling out shortly.

The 4.4 update also brings Sense 5.5 improvements to the phone, and Pocket-lint actually has a pretty great rundown of what's new in terms of features. The short version, however, is that there are some pretty substantial changes to BlinkFeed (including an "off" switch), the gallery, and some of the camera features like Video Highlights and Zoes (the latter of which now supports GIF exporting).

Verizon has yet to actually announce the update, so until then it's hard to put a firm date on when the rollout will begin, but you can probably safely assume it's going to be some time in the next few weeks.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • darkdude1

    "including an "off" switch" lol, something tells me you don't like that feature :P

  • Chris

    I bet they could of had it out in 90 days if it wasn't for Verizon...

    • joeljfischer

      They could. HTC One on Sprint did it in < 90.

    • Grayson

      Definitely. They had it out for the unlocked and developer editions in about 30 days.

      • Chris

        I know, the carriers are getting to be really annoying, I don't see why it takes them months to put their stupid apps on it. I could probably do that, and lock them down (so they can't be removed) myself in half the time.

  • qwerty

    Makes me laugh.pay all that money and how long has kit Kat been out on nexus? Be time for another update by the time its in the wild.

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      Maybe some people like the features of an HTC One? A great camera, Sense 5.5 is actually not half bad and I recommend to those who want a phone that is little more user friendly. It's all on taste. Having to wait a little longer is a small price to pay if you are happy with the phone. The issue here is the carriers. I had a galaxy nexus and, thanks to verizon, had a terrible update history. One of the many reasons I root every phone.

    • Muhammad Najmi Mohd Amir

      Not all people like stock Android...

  • Simon Belmont

    Still waiting on the T-Mobile version for my wife's HTC One. I guess the Wi-Fi calling takes extra time to integrate. :P

    Congratulations to Verizon HTC One users if/when it arrives. Hopefully soon. :)

    • remister

      You jinxed us!

    • nestazhe265

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  • christian

    Finally Verizon, I got the update a couple seconds ago

  • Brandon Brown

    Downloading mine as we speak!

  • Gary .

    Just got my ota at 5:00 EST

  • Oz

    just got it..

  • JR

    Still waiting on 4.3 here... Gotta love Verizon.

  • bbbbb

    Getting it right now

  • Bob-o

    Don't be suckered. I updated on Sprint to KitKat and I ended up with a brick. Now galaxy note 3. I loved my HTC one. The only reason I didn't go back to it was because I had to leave with a working device and the store is phasing it down in inventory.

  • Ivica Blazevski

    KitKat available OTA T-Mobile Macedonia for HTC One

  • shitkat

    Total shit there. DO NOT upgrade to KitKat or you'll lose your wi-fi connections to a known routers (yes, home too!) and there is no way back!

    • Ron

      Has anyone figured out what the fix is to lost connections?

  • George

    If upon updatding, you're stuck on the reboot screen, it could be because you have to be in a well lit room to have the HTC One reboot properly (due to its light sensors). Happened to Me and I totally freaked, thinking my phone had become a useless brick. Other than that, Kit Kat on the HTC does seem to affect my signal strength (both wi-fi and my personal data).

  • Lisa Z

    Please take the kit Kat update back! What a nightmare since I ran it! My awesome phone now is headed for trash. Better get the bugs out soon!