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It's about that time of year, folks - as Mobile World Congress approaches at the end of February, more and more upcoming phones are going to be leaked. The first major leak is from @HTCFamily_ru, which posted a photo of an unknown HTC phone this morning. It appears to be a new member of the One family; the rear is the only visible angle, but it's showing off what looks like two cameras on the back.

The Twitter account calls the phone the HTC M8, which matches the general codename structure for the company (last year's One was the M7). Aside from the extra camera sensor towards the top of the phone and a double LED flash module, it's the spitting image of the original One, complete with aluminum body and plastic seams. HTC's industrial design for the One is generally considered one of the best available in the Android world, so it's possible that the company doesn't want to mess with a good thing.

So what's with that second camera? According to a report from Bloomberg, HTC is planning to update its One line with a second camera module specifically designed for better low light performance. Since indoor and night shooting have generally been the Achilles heel of mobile cameras, an unconventional solution seems appropriate.

HTC Family posted a news story with specifications for the upcoming phone, citing a 5-inch screen with virtual navigation buttons, Android 4.4.2 and Sense 6.0, and a boosted 5 megapixel front camera. At the moment all this information, including the photo, should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism. That said, we should expect to see a successor to the One sooner rather than later.

Source: @HTCFamily_ru via The Verge

Michael Crider
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  • samosa queen
    • http://twitter.com/rluik Rafael Luik

      Phew. It was very hard to believe the position of the camera at the top, it's in the phone back curve!

      • bill

        From hands on with it, that's an excellent Photoshop job, the second camera is placed exactly in the right spot except there's only one LED flash on the real thing, not 2...

  • JT

    My finger would probably block that second camera >50% of the time =(

    • Justin W

      You have long ass fingers.

  • eindbaas
  • Danny365

    How would 2 separate cameras help low light shots anyway?

    • Matthew Fry

      HDR style, take it at two exposures and compose them together. Either that or have a standard sensor for daylight shots and a megapixel sensor for nighttime. Just uneducated guesses.

      • Dan

        "a megapixel sensor for nighttime"? WTF do you think the word "megapixel" means exactly?

        • Matthew Fry

          haha. Whoops. I meant ultralpixel.

  • Vladimir

    Just zoom in to the main big camera and you will see bad Photoshop work on the edges.

  • Slawootsky

    HTC One Two

    • Memphis May [S]unjay

      Bad name.

  • Rich

    Just look at the top camera. It isn't even centered. Smh. Horrible Photoshop

  • johndell

    mmm a second inferred camera to baleens the forts camera