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You may have noticed that AT&T and T-Mobile are in a bit of a spat at the moment. T-Mobile offers early upgrades with no-contract financing plans, and AT&T does the same a few weeks later. T-Mo woos people with credits towards early termination fees, AT&T gives a whopping $450 of credit ($250 for trading in a T-Mo phone, $200 for transferring service) to former T-Mobile customers. But it looks like the gravy train has run out of fuel - CNET reports that the promotion is over.


...aaaaaaand it's gone.

That deal lasted less than a month after the CES announcement. AT&T isn't offering any reasons as to why the discount program has ended, but I don't suppose it needed one beyond "it was really expensive to buy all those customers." AT&T is generally more expensive on a per-month basis, so T-Mobile customers probably weren't saving much (if any) over the course of a two-year contract. And since T-Mobile is still offering its early termination fee credit, there's nothing preventing those who jumped from contract-free T-Mobile service to AT&T from jumping right back.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere, always quick to take a few jabs at Ma Bell, had this to say on Twitter:

With T-Mobile's continued Scrappy-Doo attitude towards AT&T, this will certainly not be the last time that the two networks go toe-to-toe while fighting over customers. If only they were both so vigorous when it comes to expanding service to rural areas.

Source: CNET

Michael Crider
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  • Mort

    > If only they were both so vigorous when it comes to expanding service to rural areas.

    That's all that's keeping me from switching to T-Mo. They have absolutely no coverage in my area, unless you're within 15 miles of an interstate. AT&T finally turned on HSPA+ here last year. Sprint literally has no service here. And no, I'm not in Montana, either. There are potential customers here, and virtually no competition for our business.

    • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

      I hear you. I had a similar experience with T-Mobile when driving back to the Virginia town where I was raised. The signal simply vanished on the interstate off ramp.

      I guess it just couldn't bear the thought of dealing with all those trees.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Is there at least roaming? Sounds like a black hole...

        • http://bertelking.com/ Bertel King, Jr.

          On T-Mobile's coverage map, it's more of a white one surrounded by glorious 2G.

          • Nathaniel Webb

            I get 1(one!)G all the way down I-40, between memphis and Nashville, even though the coverage map says 3G. Maps aren't always reliable unfortunately.

    • unsivilaudio

      IDK I'm in wyoming and yes its only a podunk town of about 30k but I believe they'd make back their investment no problem if they offered service here (not to mention the other advantages of their physical network covering more ground). I know I'd definitely get on board.

  • sweenish

    I've always complained that service is the one thing stopping me from making the switch, but T-Mo's finally covered and updated my city. I'll be on Magenta in a month, and it's going to be great.

    No contracts, the phone of my choice, and ~$60 less on my monthly bill.

    • inzandity

      I made the switch a couple of weeks ago and couldn't be happier. 13 years with Verizon and 4 lines total

    • Alex

      The T-Mobile coverage near my home has never been the problem, both where I used to live (Atlanta) and where I live now (San Jose). The problem has always been when we drove from Atlanta to Florida, or up to the North Georgia mountains, or drove from San Jose to Yosemite, or Lake Tahoe, or Napa, or when we visit my in-laws in rural Georgia. It would suck having little or no coverage whenever we take a weekend trip, which is pretty often as we like to get out and do things. For that reason paying a little more for AT&T is still worth it to me. Not that AT&T is super expensive though. I pay $115/month for two lines of unlimited talk and text and 10 GB of shared data.

    • Johnny Bravo

      Im over in the triangle in NC and i either get H+ or LTE, on some occasion while passing through the woods ill get edge or Hspa, but most of the time its H+ or LTE. I say if Tmobile has decent to great coverage in your area, then go ahead and switch.

    • Matthew Fry

      Unlimited LTE is fabulous. It's faster than my home DSL.

  • br_hermon

    T-Mobile's coverage in my area sucks but dang if that John Legere isn't entertaining! :) I'm pulling for you TMO!

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Who would switch from what seems to be the best US carrier (based on the local comments) to a Death Star?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      Nobody. :-) Good observation!

  • Tim242

    Legere is a hypocrite. He's calling at&t out for bribing, when that's exactly what he is doing. He just got pissed they beat him to the punch.

    • tehboogieman

      The difference is that TMobile has been offering much more consumer friendly plans while offering that bribe. ATT just wants to get customers back to keep them in the same old system. Also TMobile is offering this incentive to customers of any other big 3 company while ATT is only going after TMo customers.

      • Tim242

        Tmobile is harassing at&t. Of course at&t is going to try to stick it to them. T-Mobile offers slightly better plans, with much worse coverage.

        • sweenish

          Someone's a sad panda. Who is probably trying to justify their ATT choice.

          • Tim242

            Ummm no. I am a Verizon customer, with unlimited LTE.

          • sweenish

            Interesting. You still seem to have some sort of soft spot for ATT, regardless. They need no defense. The big corporation can take of itself.