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Last Updated: July 12th, 2014

Are you not experiencing the pleasure you need and deserve from your current tablet? Do you find that your 10-inch tablet simply isn't satisfying? The Samsung has the solution: not one, but two brand new tablets that offer a fabulous 12.2 inches of diagonal screen real estate. The Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, along with the smaller Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and 8.4, are both launching in United States retailers on February 13th. And the screens aren't the only things that are big.

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If you need a memory refresh, these are the tablets announced last month at CES, complete with a totally new version of Samsung's user interface. All four tablets share some similar core specifications (1.9GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor, 8MP rear camera, 3GB RAM on the 12-inch tablets, 2GB on the smaller Tab Pros, 16-64GB storage plus MicroSD card slots) with the obvious difference being screen technology. All of them use a massive 2560x1600 screen resolution, even on the Tab Pro 8.4, but only the Galaxy Note Pro gets the S-Pen and Wacom digitizer. All four use Android 4.4 with a new UI that looks a bit like Windows 8's Metro start screen. All of them will be available in black and white.

Samsung is marketing these tablets as business machines, and boy, do they mean business. The Tab Pro 8.4 at 16GB is the cheapest of the lot - $400. The Tab Pro 10.1 jumps up to $500 for the basic 16GB model, then a whopping $650 for the 12.2-inch Tab Pro. Finally, the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 starts at $750 for the 32GB model and jumps to $850 for the 64GB version. At the top of the line, these tablets are starting to compete with premium laptops, and they're easily the most expensive WiFi models on the market. Samsung is boosting the value proposition with the Galaxy Perks package, which includes subscriptions of varying lengths to Hulu, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Cisco WebEx, two years of 50GB Dropbox space, and a $25 Google Play credit.


Even with the add-ons, these are some seriously expensive machines, and the Note 3-style faux leather can't hide the fact that they use Samsung's standard design sensibilities (including physical navigation keys). Samsung will start taking pre-orders tomorrow on its website, and initial retail partners include Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, Fry's, and Newegg. Any takers?

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced that the Wi-Fi enabled Galaxy Note® Pro 12.2 and Tab®Pro 10.1 and 8.4 will be available in the U.S. beginning Feb. 13. Pre-orders will start at midnight ET, Feb. 4 from Samsung.com, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Tiger Direct, PC Richard and Sons, Fry’s, and Newegg. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 will be available in March 2014. Verizon Wireless will be the first to offer the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with 4G LTE connectivity later this quarter. For more information, visit www.samsung.com/us/protablets.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series includes four models – Note Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 12.2, 10.1 and 8.4. The new tablet lineup features premium materials, a suite of applications and services, unparalleled displays, a unique interface designed to simplify access and discovery of content, and many new productivity tools.

The Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series tablets will be available in two color options, black and white.

“The Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro series deliver an unparalleled tablet experience,” said Travis Merrill, vice president of tablet marketing at Samsung Electronics America. “As mobile usage habits have evolved, so have our tablet offerings. This Pro series is designed to meet the distinctive needs of today’s mobile consumer, whether at home, on-the-go or at work.”

Vibrant, Large Displays

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro 12.2 are the world’s first 12.2-inch tablets with high-resolution WQXGA (2560 x 1600) Super Clear LCDs and widescreen aspect ratios of 16:10, with more than 4 million pixels. Engineered with 3GB of RAM and a larger screen for optimal viewing, the Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro 12.2 give consumers the power and screen real estate to view full HD videos and perform various tasks on a dazzling and vibrant display.

Developed and designed specifically for the 12.2-inch Note Pro and Tab Pro, Multi Window lets users view up to four applications simultaneously, offering improved multitasking. The Multi Window feature enhances productivity with impressive quick controls, like drag and drop for easy cut and paste and one-touch presets, to quickly launch commonly used Multi Window app configurations.

The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 display is the most pixel dense tablet on the market. HD video, images and games take full advantage of the high pixel count, giving users a display quality not found on any other tablets in its class. With a Snapdragon 800 2.3 GHz quad core processor, the Tab Pro 8.4 is built to handle high-powered games and video.

Pro Series Amps Up Productivity

All tablets in the Note Pro and Tab Pro series are outfitted with Magazine UX, Samsung’s innovative new user interface that’s built right into the home screen layout. This customizable layout brings users’ favorite and most-frequented content—games, notes, apps, e-mail and more—to the forefront, offering direct access to content with a single touch.

To enhance productivity and give users a more effective typing medium, Note Pro, Tab Pro 12.2 and Tab Pro 10.1 feature a virtual keyboard that mimics the size and appearance of a physical keyboard, leveraging haptic feedback and hotkeys to offer users a more accurate and familiar typing experience. It includes directional keys and copy/paste functionality built right into the keyboard which allows you to create and edit documents more efficiently.

The Note Pro also includes Samsung’s S Pen, offering the precision and responsiveness that customers love, as well as features such as handwriting-to-text, Air Command, and Pen Window.

Both the Note Pro and Tab Pro come equipped with applications designed for optimal professional performance and mobile productivity. Remote PC allows easy access and control of a home or office computer directly through a Pro tablet, while a downloadable and touch optimized version of Hancom Office gives users the ability to create, edit and save documents, spreadsheets and presentations with the same functionality you would find on a PC. Samsung e-Meeting provides collaboration capabilities by giving users the ability to share content during a meeting without having to access a central server or network.

These devices come with a powerful and productive Samsung accessory ecosystem that includes keyboard covers, the S Action Mouse and USB LAN Hub adapters along with a variety of third party accessories including Bluetooth keyboards from ZAGG, Belkin and Logitech.

Extensive and Immersive Content and Services

Samsung continues to partner with leading entertainment, productivity and news sources to provide over $800 in premium bundled content for the Galaxy Note Pro and Tab Pro tablets through Galaxy Perks. With Galaxy Perks, consumers have access to popular and best-selling news, social media, and cloud storage applications including: $25 Google Play credit, three-month trial Hulu Plus membership, one-year Bloomberg Businessweek+ subscription, six months of Cisco WebEx Premium 8 package, and 50 GB of Dropbox space for two years. In the future, customers will have access to one year of Gogo inflight internet access (up to 36 flights). For more information on Galaxy Perks, please visit www.samsung.com/us/galaxyperks.

Pricing for the tablets are as follows:

Note Pro 12.2: $749.99 (32 GB), $849.99 (64 GB)
Tab Pro 12.2: $649.99 (32 GB)
Tab Pro 10.1: $499.99 (16 GB)
Tab Pro 8.4: $399.99 (16 GB)

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Jadephyre

    No thanks, too expensive, all of them

    • Paul Tobeck

      Yep, all of these follow Samsung's typical overpricing scheme and are all about $100 too high. When these were announced, I was expecting something other than the usual plastic construction. So, besides dropping in what is considered a standard resolution screen for a higher end tablet and a few perks of varying usefulness, what exactly makes these "Pro"?

      • W Lam

        Saying this tablets are $100 too high, is been too generous to Samsung.. On paper the 12" Pro is the similar to the Samsung Note 10.1 (2014), in fact, it should cost more to make the 10.1, since each pixel is smaller then the equivalent on the 12" version, so easier to manufacture.

        Also, if you take it out and about, it is not much use without mobile internet. carrying extra bits of hardware it just annoying. Plus, when you consider 16Gb on their 10.1 tablet is very tight as a lot of it is used by the the OS, so it does not leave much room, unless you carry with you one of those portable Wifi harddisks.....

        I will probably buy the 10" or 12" at some point, but if will be in a few years.

        It amazes me how do few of Samsung's competitors have developed an stylus based tablet.....

        • Paul Tobeck

          The $100 mark was just kind of an average describing all of Samsung's tablets, save for the very lowest end. I was so excited when the Note 8 was announced, then my hopes were dashed when it dropped at $399. I'm totally shocked that it's only dropped $50 in price since it's launch. That's a $299 tablet at best. Same goes for the Note 10.1. $500+ is ridiculous.
          If Samsung ever wants tablet sales to be more than a mere blip on the radar, they have to get their pricing in line.
          Stylus-wise, I'm hoping Nvidia expands the Tegra Note SOC to include bigger tablets. The stylus is awesome on the EVGA and HP models, but it's so much more useful when you have actual screen real estate to utilize it.

          • W Lam

            Thank you for that. I was aware of the Tegra Note 7 (in the UK it is branded as Advent). I was not aware of HP had a stylus product (Extrmeme

            I was not aware HP had a stylus tablet (HP Slate 7 Extreme). It looks like their marketing is fairly low-key. But I don't like HP, as their web site / support is a mess.

            I liked the Tegra Note 7 - however, I did not like the stylus and the note taking software. I just hope they develop the note taking software...

  • Jaime

    Sign me on for the 8.4!

    • Nathan


  • Casin

    I think you meant 2560 * 1600 not 1280 * 1600.

    • gecko

      It's not like they understand half of what comprises a good tablet. Usually they just give a positive review to the guys who give them the prettiest tablet the quickest.

  • miri

    The 8.4 is really tempting at that price (the Android equivalent of an iPad Mini but with a better display) but I don't need another tablet unless it has a stylus :/

    • Nathan


  • Wazzifer

    And I won't be buying a Samsung tablet ever again.

  • sri_tech

    Tab pro 8.4 is priced well.
    But Note pro 12.2 is overpriced and Surface 2 pro is better choice because its full Windows, faster, more RAM, better build quality. Note pro 12.2 has high res and more tablet apps going for it though.

  • abhi345

    many companies are not updating android tablets.

  • Derail Doax

    I want the 12.2" Tab. But to hell with paying that kind of money. I'll buy a used one off Craigslist once they get to $300......

  • mLogician

    What about Nexus 12 with s-pen?

  • Ezhik

    850$... At this point you should give up on Android and buy a Surface Pro.

    • Mozaik

      surface pro 2 , technically. Yes you are right .

      • Stan_LS

        Surface pro has a 12.2" screen with a 2560 x 1600 resolution? News to me!

        • NGagen

          Surface pro also uses the Play Store and runs all of the Android apps natively!

          • Stan_LS

            Surface Pro doesn't have a 12.2" screen nor does it have a 2560x1600 resolution. And it weighs twice as much. You are comparing apples and oranges here.

          • NGagen

            It was sarcasm... I was agreeing with you.

          • Stan_LS

            Oops :D

          • AOSPrevails

            The Surface Pro 2 doesn't do that, however the Transformer book duet does(run both Windows & Android natively) and cost less than the 12.2" Tab Pro.


        • Mozaik

          Surface pro 2 has i5 processor , USB 3.0 slot , wacom digitizer support , 128 gb ssd drive , 4gb ram , Microsoft office 365 best productivity suite , smart keyboard cove , windows 8.1 is smooth and fast ,and windows ecosystem in which playstore cant match. You gave only one good point about Samsung tablet.

          • Stan_LS

            What's all that going to do for me if I am in the market for a light, high resolution, 12.2" tablet?

            Might as well compare the specs of a desktop to the surface pro2 and then point out that portability is the only one good point about the surface...

          • Mozaik

            wow you sound like those apple fanboys that say we don't need big screen or no plastic or its ok if it doesn't have nfc and say retina display is best display, its your choice , i am just advising you a proper device which will be useful to you a lot.

          • Stan_LS

            Me a fan boy? That's rich! Note that I haven't said anything negative about the surface - I merely listed the differences that you have ignored. The bigger screen, the higher resolution, and half the weight on the Samsung. You, on the other hand, chose to ignore them when doing the comparison, and now that I have pointed them out - you ignored them again. Talk about supporting your product blindly!

            If the Surface fits your needs better - that's cool - but don't pretend like its a "proper device" for everybody regardless of their needs. That's a bit fanatical.

          • Mozaik

            Wow you are willing to pay 850$ for just little weight loss and screen resolution , its your money, i want to know what are you gonna do on 12.2" tablet ,and you also know there are far less optimized apps for android, you are just arguing on silly points , except for resolution you will not feel much of difference between surface pro and Samsung tablet .

          • Stan_LS

            Who said I am in the market for a 12.2" tablet? The 8.4" appeals to me, but unless they will release a 32 gig version - I am not getting one. You are such a fan boy that you can't even allow for the possibility that other people might have other needs! Are you that oblivious? My friend is a designer and she's interested in the 12.2". If you want to argue that that extra 2" of screen real estate and much higher resolution are of no value to a designer - go ahead.

            I mean, not like they are marketing these things to professionals or anything.

          • Mozaik

            If the price was right than i would have definitely recommended to you , my friend , but now its waste of money against competition. what kind of designer software available on android.

          • Stan_LS

            What competition? Is there another 12.2" 2560 by 1600 tablet that I am not aware of? You are comparing apples and oranges.

          • Mozaik

            what oranges and apple , its just 12.2" tablet with 2560*1600 resolution the only difference i see is screen size and resolution , but if you consider ppi of both tablet it will be same.

          • Stan_LS

            Hah, "the only difference" - not like it could be the only difference that matters, right? As for ppi - I don't know if you are just lazy or being dishonest here, but the ppi on the surface is 208 while on the samsung 12.2 ts 247. That's over 20% difference. So we have a much bigger display that is actually sharper.

            How much bigger? The 10.1 screen on the surface has an image area of 38 sq inch, on the tab pro 12.2 its 55 sq inches - which makes it 44% larger.

            You are so right! Why in the world would somebody who works with graphics care about a sharper, 44% larger screen when they can just get a surface pro2 and get your shiny stamp of approval?

          • Mozaik

            what kind graphics is available for Samsung tablet pro care to explain.

          • Stan_LS

            She's an art director. You are so right though, carrying a sharper, 44% larger screen that actually weighs less is not anything that would appeal to anybody.

            Why not recommend she just get a desktop? I mean mobility would be "the only difference"?

          • Sunset Rider

            Who the heck is in the market for a 12.2 inch tablet?

            If you're in the market for a productivity tablet, the Surface Pro 2 is better.

            If you're in the market for an $850-$900 tablet, the Surface Pro 2 is better.

            If you're in the market for a tablet with a stylus, the Surface Pro 2 is better.

            If you're in the market for a tablet that can open multiple apps on the same screen (kind of like, y'know, Windows) the Surface Pro 2 is better.

            But yes, I SUPPOSE if you're really looking for a 12.2 inch tablet, you would buy the Note Pro. Because, well, it's the ONLY 12.2 inch tablet on the market.

          • Stan_LS

            You posed a question and then answered it in the very same post. Congrats!

          • Derec01

            Yes. I want/need a 12.2" screen + stylus. Why is that ridiculous to you? I tried the Surface Pro 2. Nice hardware. Screen is awkwardly small for academic papers + notetaking.

            The market is small, so they are charging a premium. I will buy it, because as good as the Surface Pro 2 is (and I've recommended it to other people) it doesn't work for me.

    • Zee Ogress

      For me it's not the price, it's the fact that they're not releasing the LTE versions until later. I need a tablet now my iPad is useless and I am never going back to Apple. So I might get a Surface. *sigh*

      • Stan_LS

        Use your phone as a hotspot.

    • Derec01

      Considered it. Not big enough.

      I need to read and take notes on academic papers. PDF reflow has always been terrible and I've been waiting for this size of device for forever. A 10.1" isn't enough (I've tried) and I'd go larger, but the Cintiq 13" is twice this price.

    • Hector Slug

      Maybe it's because it was lenovo yoga but my experience with Windows 8 was terrible. The OS did not function well with the touch interface at all. A touch screen laptop would be good but a tablet laptop is terrible. I really wanted Windows 8 to work and be able to have a decent Windows experience, but it wasn't. I used a very buggy asus transformer pad TF701T with keyboard and loved how well it worked with touch interface and it's keyboard dock. Unfortunately the tablet was chock full of bugs and had to be returned and I plan to purchase the galaxy note pro 12.2 64gb when it is released. I actually had planned to get the surface last March and sold our windows 7 laptop but the money ended up being sunk into car repairs. Again, I desperately wanted Windows to work and finally be able to replace my old netbook, but Windows 8 felt like it was made by two departments who just tossed the touch and hard interfaces together rather than build them together to keep a seamless experience.

  • gladgura

    As an artist/Graphic designer the Note Pro 12.2 seems very enticing, however my current Note 10.1 2014 is rather slow and sluggish. I will wait for the full product review.

    • fjuman

      Sluggish? With any app in particular? I havent had any significant performance issues with my Note 10.1 2014 edition.

  • lola

    I'm happy with my 10.1... i wouldn't mind the larger screen, but I sure wouldn't pay that much for it. (My 10.1 2014 isn't slow at all, so I'm very satisfied already)

  • Fred

    What makes them think $850 is a good price? I could buy an ultra book or a Windows 8 pro Tablet at that price. Why would I buy an android tablet at $850? Does Samsung think they're apple and can charge any price with people still line up to buy their product? Come on. We're not as stupid as Apple fans.

    • Stan_LS

      Your comment makes no sense. Why would you buy an ultrabook if you can buy a desktop for even less?

      • AvalancheRyder

        Portability comes too mind. You don't see too many people at airports and coffee chops lugging around desktop computers with keyboards and monitors.

        • Stan_LS

          I was being sarcastic. The point is that an ultrabook is irrelevant for somebody in the market for a tablet.

      • Fred

        Well for me, a tablet is a cheaper alternative to an ultrabook (I know it's not for a lot of people, that's just my own opinion). I want something small and light but don't have 700+ to shell out, I'll have to get a cheaper android tablet. If I could choose between an android tablet or an ultrabook with a touch screen at the same price, I'd go for the ultrabook

        • Derec01

          You're discounting the stylus, which is a major win in my book. There is nothing else, I repeat, nothing else, aside from a far more expensive Fujitsu laptop that has the Wacom stylus capability on such a large and hi-res screen. Believe it or not, there is a profitable if small enterprise market where e-writers go for well over a thousand. This is a deal for business people taking notes/requiring signatures as long as it fits their needs. If it does, this pricing is appropriate.

          I read tons of academic papers and even a 10.1" screen is awkward to try to read and take notes simultaneously (or else I would get a Surface). It may not work for you, but I've been wanting this kind of device in this size for at least 2 years, and I know I'm not alone. I'd even buy larger, but the Cintiq 13" tablet is twice as much.

  • simp1istic

    Those buttons are terrible

  • adammo

    all of them are like 100$ too much. In case of 12 note pro 64 GB even more...

  • Zee Ogress

    Why are they note releasing the LTE versions? I have no use for WIFI only, and I am in dire need of a new tablet. I've been waiting for this but I might have to get a Surface, at this point.

  • Colin Kealty

    These are definitely top of the line products, no doubt about it. They fall in the category of, if you want the very best specced tablet and price is irrelevant, get the samsung galaxy note pro. However, if price IS a concern, you get something that's still very good but not the best, for half the price

  • Travis D Jackson

    i'll wait for the google play edition of the tab pro

  • John

    I was sorta hoping they made a 8.4 edition of the Note Pro cause that's what I would be after just cause of that stylus

    • Nathan


  • Bob Jones

    I really wanted one of these until I saw the price these prices make iPads seem cheap. I will be getting an iPad Air instead.

    • Jaime

      But you will be able to do only about half the things these beauties can do. Also, you have other options more powerful and capable than am iPad for ess like a Nexus 10, Xperia Z, transformer pad, etc.

      • Bob Jones

        Those would also be nice choices too, I still am waiting for a new Nexus 10 to release.

  • Karen

    Would you buy the 10.1 note or pro? Just for everyday use...

  • mukul chhabra

    Samsung Galaxy series is very popular and Note series is also not behind. These are the two Samsung series that are very popular all over the world and Samsung might launch Note 4 in October 2014 as seen on http://galaxynote4.net/