Are you in the Reddit Sync beta program? Well, now you might have a reason to join. The dev has just pushed version 8.0.54 with support for transparent system bars on Android 4.4.

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Reddit Sync joins a growing list of apps taking advantage of the new KitKat UI. This feature is on by default so that when you scroll down, the action bar hides and the status bar becomes transparent. The navigation bar is always transparent, though. It seems to work in all views except the early alpha magazine mode on tablets. The developer calls this immersive mode in the changelog below, but I don't think that's quite the right term. Immersive mode denotes completely hiding the status and navigation bars. At any rate, the new beta looks cool.

  • Immersive mode
  • Gallery fixes
  • New icon
  • Bug fixes

The main app listing has the beta changelog visible to everyone, which is a little confusing, but the transparency is definitely in the beta. It looks like everything is fine in the pro version as seen above, but the free one might be misbehaving. We couldn't get the transparency to trigger at all with the free version, but it is beta. You can get in on the beta for the free and paid versions of Reddit Sync by joining the Google+ community.

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