The Play Store doesn't make it easy to figure out what content you've paid for thanks to all the free apps gumming up the works. You don't have to dig through all that anymore now that My Paid Apps is a thing. It shows you all the stuff in Google Play you've spent money on and even breaks things down into categories.

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This is a new and improved version of the old app, which was just a web view that you had to log into manually. The native app uses Oauth logins and is much faster overall. My Paid Apps is broken up into tabs that automatically categorize your purchases. There are apps, in-app purchases, movies, music, and even different genres of music. The app also includes some sorting options and easy access to the Play Store listings.

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There is a known issue with this app that causes crashes on accounts with a large number of purchased apps. I'm not sure how many apps it takes, but it does crash on my main account. I am a pretty serious outlier, though.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Alex Flynn

    I can't remember how long I have been waiting for this.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update teh Jax

    Does this still not work for more than the ~100 most recently installed apps? Used to have that limitation, which kinda defeats the point of using such an app. I have no problems finding my recently-installed apps, it's the oldies that I have trouble identifying/finding.

    • Swaminathan Venkatesh

      Crashes for me (I've bought about 160-odd apps/games). I have one of their previous versions installed, which I believe parses the web version of My Orders. That works fine.

  • wicketr

    this app works better than Google Play. Why can't Google Play hire people that know how to implement searching/sorting? Everyone that works in that group is clueless. It's easier to find stuff good apps on their market by searching Google as opposed to Google Play's own search engine.

    • namesib

      Yeah, it's surprising that GOOGLE of all companies offer such poor search options for thr Play store.

      • Lauren Bryan

        You can see your paid apps on the web version of the Play Store under "My orders" though.

        • Stone Cold

          But we shouldn't have to be on the web version just to see this info. This should be availible on phone or tablet

    • xHabeasCorpusx

      MY conspiracy theories why google won't reimplement this feature:

      1. They don't want consumers find that their apps that they supported in the past are no longer updated after purchasing them (launcher pro), or their phones are not compatible for a myriad of reason.

      2. There are hundreds of different flashlight apps, and other clone apps that run around .99 usd. Google wants you to lose the ones that you have already bought and buy another one (they get a cut)/

      3. Cause they don't care.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        about first point. i bought procapture becase it's just a good camera and i really like it, but i'm really disappointed that developers seems to have abandoned that :(

        • xHabeasCorpusx

          Exactly. Google may think that you, the consumer, will become more apprehensive about purchasing apps in the future.

          I went though my history and about 25% of the apps I have purchased (out of 40), were either gone or no longer supported.

    • MyLeftNut

      It's the same with the All Access app. I love it but searching is a nightmare. I can't stand the bloated iTunes but if there'e one thing it does exceptionally well it's searching. By the time I've typed the third letter it's already given me a list of suggestion with the first most often than not being the right one. So far I can say the best, well programmed apps I've used in the Android ecosystem have all been developed by third parties. Google apps are sometime updated aesthetically but when you start to use them you realize they lack very basic fundamentals.

      Keep is the only Google app that handles searching in a fairly smart and intuitive way. Not counting the obvious Google search of course.

      • Matthew Fry

        The Google Music search is very particular. It seems to be unhappy with partial names and any keyboard mistakes.

    • BKPhil

      On that note, the Play store for a short while offered a very handy overview of what apps were installed on what devices.

      You'd choose one of your device from a list, and it would show one list of installed apps (with option to trigger any available updates, or uninstall), and one list of your apps that were not installed on that device (by default not differentiating between paid and free, but there was a Chrome script that fixed that).

      Very handy for managing the dozen phones and tablets I'm responsible for. Especially with the big screen and real keyboard and mouse of a real computer. Very quick and convenient.

      But apparently Google is didn't like that convenience. So around the time they rolled out the Android Device manager, they killed it.

      So now, short of actually getting my hands on a device (e.g. my parents' tablets seven time zones and a $1200 airfare away), there is no easy way to see what's been installed, to trigger updates, or uninstall apps. Or, as I do every few months, set up my usual complement of apps on a new device or a freshly ROM'ed device.

      And even when I do get the device in hand, it's back to endless slides and clicks on a fumbly touchscreen.


      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        Why don't you VNC into your parents' tablets?

        • BKPhil

          I've been meaning to set all of that up. Would be pretty useful.

          Although I worry that would be one more thing that could go wrong, plus one more process eating up memory, etc.

          While VNC would be a great tool for other remote tasks (training, hand-holding, icon-locating, etc), for basic app installation/updating/deletion the feature Google Play provided was so much quicker and easier.

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            Oh yeah, the feature from the web Play Store was much more convenient, I agree.

            About the process eating up memory though, the VNC server app I use only runs when you tell it to run, otherwise it stays off. If you're worried you need to leave it on so you can remote in since your parents won't be able to figure it out, it's actually really easy. They just need to open the app and press the giant green button right on the screen that say START. :)

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  • Cory_S

    "There is a known issue with this app that causes crashes on accounts with a large number of purchased apps. I'm not sure how many apps it takes, but it does crash on my main account. I am a pretty serious outlier, though."

    It crashes on mine, i don't know if I should feel proud, or ashamed.

    • Wyatt Neal

      You should feel proud for supporting developers!

      • Cory_S

        Well, they are mostly in app purchases to unlock new sounds for my favorite fart app.

        • Ivan Martinez

          Feel prouder then

        • John Smith

          maybe you already know this, but using fart apps whilst walking through the perfume aisles at Macy's is *really* fun.

          • Wyatt Neal

            I've also heard that randomly tossing marshmellows on to an active golf course is a blast as well ... but that's sadly not smart-phone related

          • jesuguru

            It's related if you take videos of golfers swinging at them

          • Andy Stetson

            I think I'll take some with me on league night this year, thanks for the tip!

        • Bob

          *pride intensifies*

  • Danny365

    It's great, however there are many duplicated apps on the lists.
    You can see your paid apps on the web version of the Play Store under "My orders" though.

    • Ivan Martinez

      You'll also see everything else you bought, like books, music, etc. My Orders is way too cluttered for use.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      thank you.. it's really interesting, i had never found that :)

    • shonangreg

      Curious. You can also see your maps on the web interface but the maps app stopped loading them as of version 6, I think it was.

  • naduh

    whats the difference between this and my purchases app?

    • David Nolan

      This works.

  • John Smith

    I use Google Wallet to show me what I've paid for - works really well !

    I wish more retailers (/cough TARGET!!!!) would use NFC so that I don't have to use my real card when making purchases.

    • Ryan

      You and I are in the same boat actually. Much easier to pay with my phone. Funny thing though, I went to Walgreens and saw they had an NFC terminal after I had swiped my card, was like crap.. Next time though, I'll remember.

      The problem is, NFC won't be fully adopted unless Apple puts an NFC chip into their iPhones and stuff.. otherwise, it'll never become a real thing...

  • Cherokee4life

    So according to this app, on 1 account I have bought multiple instances of the same app...

  • Stone Cold

    Good used to highlight paid vs free in your list but one of the updates killed the function.

  • Jan S.

    Is there any particular reason for that the app does not show one paid app and instead says "This account does not have any paid apps" (or sth. like this)?

    • Vasilis K.

      I got that message the 1st time I launched the app. But after selecting "Update Account" from the menu button, it worked ok.

  • Vasilis K.

    Oddly, the menu "button" on the top-right corner of the app doesn't appear on mine. Does this happen to anyone else? I access the menu though through the device's menu button.

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      Since your device has a Menu button, I'm assuming that's why the app doesn't show its overflow button on the top-right. They need to update the app to follow the most recent guidelines. :)

  • Your Mother

    I would just like to be able to download ALL my apps that I've installed so I can have a "hard copy" on my computer (like what iTunes does)

    • MyLeftNut

      That would be nice. I have apps on iOS apps on my computer that I purchased long ago and now can't find. I haven't had an a iPhone/iPod touch in a while but I imagine if I sync them to a new device I could use them just fine. I've paid for several apps (like Falcon pro and icon packs) that were removed form the play store, for one reason or another, and I lost access to them. The devs sure did make sure to re-upload "newer" versions though which I now have to pay in order to gain access.

      I still use Titanium but honestly I am getting tired of it. I wish Google would give me an alternative. Hell if they're worried about us having hard copies on our computers they could just allow us to upload it to drive.

  • Paul_Werner

    This app works for me, no crashes or duplicate app listings:


  • Matthew Fry

    Other than the duplicate listings (I sure hope they're duplicates) this is pretty nice.