The Chromecast is cheap, affordable, and easy-to-use. Great. That's almost all you need to have a stellar product. Unfortunately, it's been held up by a lack of content. If you want to cast something that hasn't been made by a handful of providers, you've been largely out of luck. But this situation is hopefully about to change. Today Google has released the Google Cast SDK. This way additional developers can finally build Chromecast support into their apps and websites.

With this release, the Google Cast Android API has been incorporated with Google Play Services. It requires version 4.2, which Google has scheduled to roll out starting today.

What's new:

  • Official Google Cast SDK Release!!!
  • Completely overhauled APIs
  • Google Cast Android API now incorporated with Google Play services for Android
  • Support for adaptive streaming: MPEG-DASH, SmoothStreaming, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
  • Security enhancements
  • Update of the Cast_Icons and GoogleCastIcons

Developers looking to get straight to work can head over to the Google Developers Blog for more information or take a gander at the overview video below. And here is a list of sample apps for your inspiration.

Sources: Google Chrome Blog, Google Developers Blog, Google Cast Release Notes

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

    Cool beans! Let's hope developers aren't too jaded with Google's past indiscretions regarding the Chromecast and actually jump on this.

    • Brendan Dillon

      What indiscretions? it was an SDK PREVIEW. Anyone who didn't understand what that meant isn't much of a developer.

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        I don't remember exactly what was going down but I remember seeing Koush complaining a lot about Google locking indie devs out of Chromecast development. A couple of the issues I remember were the removal of the whitelist (or something along those lines) and the purposeful editing of code to make local media streaming impossible. I think the theory was that they wanted to attract big name companies first.


        • Brendan Dillon

          To presume that big changes aren't going to happen to a first release preview product is simply stupid. I don't know what Koush expected out of the Preview, but significant changes were to be expected.
          Local streaming isn't impossible, not by a long shot. The way HE wanted to do it got shut down, so he got pissy over it. That's not an indiscretion by Google, that's whining by a developer about a PREVIEW. It's like throwing a fit over finding bugs in a Beta.

          • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

            Sorry, my misunderstanding. Thank you for taking the time to clarify. :)

  • KEP


  • Cesar

    This is just the push I was waiting for. Gonna have to go out and get me a Chromecast!

  • Chaosprower

    I hope this means official international availability is near.

  • darkdude1

    Now, please release it internationally already! :)

    • Lauren Bryan


      ◆◆◆ ◆𐌯◆◆ ◆𐌧◆◆◆ ◆◆◆That and mirroring of the entire screen. Bring it on!

  • vpraveenis

    Does this mean contents stored in Mobile/Tabled can be casted?

    • Sorian

      Hopefully, when a Dev. adds it to their app.

      Note: not a dev, so have no idea how much work would have to go into it.

      • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

        allcast will have this by the end of the week. Most likely.
        Its $ 5 and already supports any DLNA device.

  • Danny Holyoake

    I hope this means a UK/EU release is imminent.

    • usaff22

      About time, too! It's been over 5 months!

  • Seiga

    Can't wait for the apk!

  • kobs

    Is this going to kill AllCast?

    • Steve B

      No. They have nothing to do with each other.

      • Imparus

        Well.. AllCast started out as supporting chromecast, so they do have something to do with each other ;)

        • Steve B

          That's because AllCast was build for Chromecast in the beginning. Google killed the functionality in the SDK so Koush reverse engineered the software and came up with AllCast completely independent of Chromecast, to work with capable devices. So, again, no they have nothing to do with each other, because AllCast works all by itself.

          Koush will probably update AllCast to work with Chromecast now.

          • Imparus

            What are you doing? Nothing in my comment was incorrect, AllCast started out for chromecast, but support was dropped because it wasn't possible to support it well when GoogleCast was in beta. The reason he even started on it was because of chromecast, so how can you say they have nothing to do with each other?

          • Steve B

            Because they don't. Fact.

          • Imparus

            That is like saying Greader have no relation to google reader now that google reader have shutdown >.>

    • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

      It's not going to kill AllCast. Koush already said that there's going to be an update soon.


  • bareeirik

    I'm looking at you Spotify!

    • Eric

      Duh.. It won't release. It has its own API.

    • Johnny

      Spotify said that they won't do it.

      • http://the-jade-domain.com Jaime J. Denizard

        Really? Boo! :(

        Did they say why?

    • mplsbill

      I'm with you, my biggest complaint with chromecast, and google tv, is not being able to stream spotify to my entertainment system so I pay for google music, but I prefer my spotify and keep hoping they will integrate!

  • mustbepbs

    I hope some internet browser allows casting from Android.

  • Lee Bostic

    I purchased it...twice. Doesn't interface with my Verizon FIOS at home. Fix please.

    • daleyt

      No problem with FiOS at my house.

      • http://benignthoughts.com/ Louis C.

        Same here. Works great!

    • Brad

      I love when people comment on blogs as if google are going around reading them...

    • sweenish

      PEBKAC. Connection type has zip to do with this.

    • Sorian

      Maybe it is a 2.4GHz/5GHz issue? Or maybe a setting in the assumed wifi modem? Might I suggest heading to a support forum, XDA perhaps.

    • Buge Halls

      Sounds like a router problem, not a FIOS problem. Or user error more likely!

      • Lee Bostic

        Pictures came through fine. It's definitely the router because I have had other friends with the same problem.

  • zack

    VLC, Allcast, MXPlayer...Showbox

    • Dee Norbert

      This is app porn :)).poweramp

    • Luca

      my list is: MXPlayer, Spotify, Flipboard and 9gag

      • fsdgasdg

        9gag? wtf

        • Luca

          I wanna browse 9gag with my gf while on the couch

          • Kcls

            9gag is cancer man. Use reddit.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            That's even worse

          • Kcls


          • Justin W

            Both are horrible time wasters, but reddit has much more available.

    • Jeremy Martin

      With Allcast you can cast all the things. My list is just Allcast.

    • Michael Pahl

      is there even a stable VLC release yet?


    would it be possible to send mirror (phones screen) to chromecast or is that something with android software and chromecast?

    • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

      I think it would possible to do this. If an app was able to mirror the screen via WebRTC (like chrome does mirroring) it would be possible.

      I hope an app like this comes out!

  • Michael Pahl

    False sense of entitlement....

    • HamishEdmondson

      Yes, because hoping for something means you think you're entitled to it...

      • Michael Pahl

        Hit up ANY article about ANYTHING new...

        • HamishEdmondson

          Maybe so, I'm not denying it happens a lot. It just seems odd that you'd use that screengrab to demonstrate your point when it doesn't show any sense of entitlement. Surely directing criticism towards those who actually deserve it would be a better use of your time.

          • Michael Pahl

            its a lot like asking "when will CM be stable for my device?!"

            The answer is - don't ask. ever. for any reason. it is, or it isn't. and thats the way its going to be.

          • HamishEdmondson

            I don't really think it is. I think those comments are frowned upon with CM primarily because it's a community project (I know that isn't totally true anymore, but historically). That means it's free, and done on people's spare time. "When will CM be stable?" just doesn't make much sense as a question. It depends on who is developing for that device and what's going on in their life, as well as constraints presented by the OEM in terms of development. "When it's ready" makes a lot more sense as an answer there.

            I don't see the same cause for offence here. The issue there is people treating CM like a paid product when it isn't, which is what people generally say when responding to that question. When this product arrives in other markets, it'll be paid for. It's not an act of charity or community efforts done in spare time. People just want the product. They're going about their business, and Google go about theirs.

          • Buge Halls

            This is NOTHING like asking when a CM mod is available! This is a commercial product that people want released in their area!

            And just so you know, there is nothing wrong with asking if CM will be available - the problem rises when an entire forum is nothing but people asking. But if nobody ever asked, it would never be developed. Please, stop reading the XDA forums and pretending you're an easily offended dev!

          • Michael Pahl

            Disagree - Asking when an American company will release something in your country is actually more painful that asking CM devs when the latest build will be available on your Atrix....

            Just stop asking. It's annoying.

  • Spasillium

    Cast all the apps!


  • eric

    Uk can wait just like we have to wait for galaxy s5 and everyone else has to get it first so Google let him wait a couple months

    • HamishEdmondson

      You do realise the Chromecast has been out for 6 months already, right? Since when do Galaxy devices take 6 months to come out in the US after UK release? Oh wait, they don't.

      Also, since when is this some kind of competition? You actually take pleasure in delayed international releases just because other delays have affected you? How childish are you?

  • alexcue

    Personally excited for gallery apps to take advantage of this. I'd love to stream pics/videos right off my phone without having to deal with an HDMI out (assuming the phone even supports it)

    • Simon Belmont

      This! Really looking forward to that.

      That and mirroring of the entire screen. Bring it on!

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Uh, Miracast capabilities are already in Android

        • krelvinaz

          Miracast doesn't work with chromecast which is what this article is about

    • dogulas

      I don't know why Google hasn't done this themselves actually. At least for the Photos app (Google+)

      • Crafty

        Pretty sure they will. Perhaps in the next update to Google+ or system wide in a future Android update.

        I just can't see Google not enabling this basic functionality themselves. Especially given AirPlay has been doing this for a while.

  • http://www.youtube.com/#/mrjlwilliams J. Williams

    I would like to be able to use my chromecast over cellular data!

    • Sorian

      Hotspot/tether it. Used it before as a quick demo.

  • anon

    Why did it take this long?

    • selonmoi

      Because great software takes time.

  • Itchy_Robot

    how about adding a cast button in your embedded YouTube videos? Or is that a Google side thing? It is a real pain trying to get an embedded YouTube video to my TV/Chromecast when I am browsing a site on my mobile phone.

    • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

      It is a Google thing. I heard they are working on it.
      There is supposed to be am update chromecast extension this week, it might fix this issue.

  • dogulas

    So... are they leaving Photos/Google+ functionality to developers? Or is that just still being worked out? Weird that they haven't done that yet. It's as if they don't want us to enjoy our own content...hmm. I wonder why.

    • unhappybirthday

      Avia can do it, but Chromecast functionality is an in-app purchase.

    • http://andrewwhiplash.com Andrew Clement

      There was a leak of Chromecast support in Google+ .. I assume this is for the photos/video part of the app. I expect it soon.

  • unhappybirthday

    Hey Amazon! You paying attention? Write an Android app that can cast Amazon Prime video to a Chromecast (or even from Chrome on a computer) and you will have new subscriptions.

    • Sir_Brizz

      As they are raising prices? Nah. It's already hard enough to find their stupid Instant Video content. It's the third class citizen of Amazon services.

      • Buge Halls

        Yes, it's really hard to move your mouse to the left of the screen an open up the menu that says Amazon Instant Video! How do I ever find it? I guess you're one of those people that find it hard to find the Win 8 Start Button...here's a hint, it's now the Start Screen!

        • Sir_Brizz

          If you mean I'm one of those people that hate god-awful usability, then yes, I am that type of person.

          • Buge Halls

            Seems to me you're more the kind of person that can not perform easy mouse gestures to accomplish simple tasks

          • Sir_Brizz

            Hiding functionality in magical hidden menus sounds really easy.

            In terms of the Amazon Instant Video app, it assumes you want to watch videos you have purchased or purchase more videos first. You have to switch to a different interface to find videos you want to watch. It's just a ridiculous system when everyone else (Netflix, Hulu, Blockbuster) shows you videos you can watch first.

            And that is to say nothing of trying to watch Instant Video on the web...

    • Jeffrey Smith

      The feature would only work on devices with Google Play Services though, i.e. not Kindles. I just don't see Amazon doing it.

  • Wesley Modderkolk

    When the Chromecast got launched there was an incredible hype around this. So much you could do with such a small device for very little money. Sadly enough, the SDK never came and the hype, together with the patching of root exploits, died down.

    As great as it is that the SDK is now here, Google failed to take advantage of the incredible hype.

    • HamishEdmondson

      Sadly I think you're right. This is a perfect example of a trap that Google fall in to fairly often: release something before it's ready to live up to what it can eventually be capable of, then take so long to realise that potential (if they do it at all) that the hype has passed by.

      Google can clearly do a lot better than this when it really matters, as demonstrated by Glass. That's a hardware beta done right. I know it's a special case due to the truly special nature of that device, but I still think Google could learn from it and apply that to smaller projects a little more.

      • Irinel Turturea

        You know people should not buy something on impulse or because of the hype. I have a chromecast since last year and used it only for youtube and netflix. This is mostly what need, it is extrmely simple and convenient to use in a few words best thing since slice bread :). Now I hope for VLC as a smple solution for local streaming or from PC via vlc streaming.

  • American Patriot

    Start with making this compatible with those Chromebooks many of us have bought as well!
    Almost NOTHING works with them, and those apps you need to download, such as .DOCs and such, make them available offline please!
    I would like to actually USE my Chromebook outside of my home once in a while, and Chromecast would be a great beginning!

    • bozzykid

      I have no clue what you are trying to say. QuickOffice works just fine with offline Office files. And this is compatible with Chromebooks. Just install the Google Cast extension to cast tabs, Youtube, Netflix, Google Play content, etc.

    • Justin W

      In addition to my comment above, I'm casting from my HP 14 Chromebook right now... They updated them a long time ago to allow casting from them...

      • American Patriot

        I have decided tonight was to be the night I actually begin using the Chromebook, and download the apps required to make use of it in a proper manner. I have .docs loaded, and several extensions running.
        I fear I made my comment before I actually dove into my C7. Aside from adding memory, I have also been able to force Ubuntu through an external drive. I will be trying a Chromecast device once I have our new phones programmed and operational.

        • Justin W

          Glad to see you decided to give it a chance :)

          It's definitely not right for everyone, but for most people, it does what is needed.

    • Buge Halls

      You can cast right from Chrome on ANY Chromebook (or PC - not sure about Mac). you might want to put your reading glasses on while you're reading XDA!

  • American Patriot

    We will not be buying anything 'Chrome' until the playing field has opened up.
    even wasting $200.00 for a C7 Chromebook was a flight of fancy, I would have been better off with an Acer of the same form factor. At least Windows has features that don't require internet connections to use.

    • Steve B

      Go home American Patriot, you're drunk.

      • American Patriot

        Steve, if you can't comment in an adult manner, please keep your ignorance to yourself, You don't know me to make such comments.

        • Steve B

          Judging by the upvote to downvote ratio, I'm pretty sure you're the ignorant one here. Do some research before you make an idiotic post and make yourself look like an ass.

        • Buge Halls

          Sorry son - your ignorance showed when you complained about something that you hadn't even tried! Yuo may not have been drunk, but you sure were foolish!

          • American Patriot

            I have tried several things with this, and many require extensions, and it's really idiotic to require downloading such things to make the Chromebook 'usable' out of the box.
            I didn't buy this to download more bloat, I was hoping that being a Google device, I would have access to Google's vast database of applications from the beginning, but no.
            I get the warning about not being able to open simple text, and of course, nothing from MSFT, but why is it so difficult to find useful apps and programs that actually work?
            I don't really like the version of Quick Office. and the included 'apps' are actually 'lite' versions, and often I have need for 90% of what Quick Office doesn't offer, so it is useless to me.

            You take my comments as an affront to your beliefs, sorry, but they are mine alone. I am sorry I bought a Chromebook, it is under powered, slow and inefficient. I am formatting a physical drive so I can run Ubuntu, and not the 'lite' version, such as Chrubuntu and the like. I appreciate portability between computers, not maintaining separate files due to incompatibility.
            Now, I have to drag my large laptop to the job site to enter my antenna data and analyzer plots, NOT efficient for me!
            I need a compatible document program I can transfer HTML as well a PDF and RTF files from machine to machine, and the pdf files don't 'play' well with the 'lite' pdf format within Quickoffice from what I have experienced, the process caused several files transferred, to be corrupted. Quickoffice is also not usable as a main program, it has none of the operations that are a required staple for my programs.
            Unless you are running Aeroflex test equipment, as well as Motorola test equipment, and a host of other communications equipment test suites, then you don't have the same issues I have to deal with every day.
            So, taking a smaller computer such as my Chromebook, is of no use.

          • Buge Halls

            Wow - one app and you consider it bloat? It's a couple hundred k app that you add to Chrome to allow you to use the chromecast. This is the same for Chrome OS, Windows or Mac - it doesn't come native as most people don't use it.

            And you obviously missed the entire point - you started crying and complaining about something that you hadn't even tried in your initial post. You said that you couldn't cast on a Chromebook when it is very easy to do so. Now you are simply deflecting and getting away from the point when you were totally wrong. Man up and admit it! Bringing up other excuses and complaints that weren't in your OP. In case you forgot, your OP was "Start with making this compatible with those Chromebooks many of us have bought as well!" As several people pointed, it IS compatible with Chromebooks.

            If you were dumb enough to buy a Chromebook and thought it was powerful enough out of the box to use as a standard laptop, that's your fault. There's this thing called the internet (you may have heard of it) that allows you to research things and see reviews. It's your fault you bought a CLOUD DEVICE and thought it would do things it obviously can't. I'm not sure how you expected to "access to Google's vast database of applications" without internet access. But go ahead and blame it on others.

          • American Patriot

            First off, I NEVER complained I can't 'cast' from my Chromebook!
            In fact, I never typed any such thing.
            But as for my actual gripes, I CAN'T use it because my TEST EQUIPMENT SOFTWARE does NOT run on it!
            Enough belly aching about my gripes, I don't care.
            I now have a computer I can access my software through, so the point is moot. I almost purchased a Chromecast a few days ago, but with the amount of TV I view, it would be a waste.I have too much to do without worrying about what to watch on a computer, tablet of phone. Truth be told, if I had the level of storage in my phone, as I have on my computer, my software could run on it, as it is compatible with Android, but the phone does not have sufficient storage to load and run what I need to perform my tasks, and this is what I was attempting to do with my Chromebook.
            End of comment, no more responses on this topic.

    • Justin W

      You know, you clearly haven't read up on all that Chromebooks can do. I'm actually on one right now, and I have an instance of Linux running side by side with ChromeOS, and can install many different applications (games included) that don't require internet connection (in fact, I didn't even need to install Linux for that).

    • Irinel Turturea

      :))) You know the article and all comments are about a totally different product(chromecast not chromebook)

      • American Patriot

        Yes, I am aware of this.
        I was just stymied by the lack of commercial support for the C7 where I am. I hate cloud apps.

        • Buge Halls

          You hate cloud apps yet you bought a cloud device? Brilliant!

  • Aaron Hafitz

    so would you be able to cast games like asphalt 8 to a TV ??

    • Steve B

      Nope, not enough cowbell.

  • I. S.

    And here is one of the first apps, CageCast. Displays pics on Nicholas Cage on your TV.

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Let's just hope this finally bring SOME apps to Chrome cast library, because now even for 35$ it's useless as hell

  • TSON1

    I just fell off of a skyscraper

  • http://about.me/tysonayoung Tyson Young

    Tegra K1 games that can cast with a Bluetooth controller. It will be like owning an android console, but better.

  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    about time.

  • LanceMiller

    After I discovered that I can cast tv shows / movies straight from Google Chrome I find I'm using my Chromecast even more. But, being able to use VLC would be nice.