• Jon

    For me, the big advantage of T-Mobile/Aio/etc over AT&T and Verizon is that little "...and unlimited 2G-speed data after you use up your 4G allotment". Any plan where if I go 1 byte over I have to unexpectedly pay more money will make me run the other way.

    • joser116

      Or you could just pay T-Mobile $70 and have truly unlimited data.

      • Gabernasher

        I like the $30 5GB plan, have yet to go over that limit.

  • Marty

    The "gotcha" will show up when you are ready to move to a new phone .. no more $200 or less smartphones for the 2 year trade-off .. seems to me they are risking losing customers who decide to switch since they won't be locked in for 2years .. /shrug

    • http://twitter.com/geoff5093 Geoff Johnson

      Carriers need those 2 year contracts to pay off the $400-$500 you're saving by getting a subsidized phone.

      • Rick Ramo

        But do they cost the carrier $500 ea when they buy a boat load at a time? I am more incline to guess by the time the bookwork paper alacazam is flashed and the table cloth pulled 20% of list is more factual.

        • Jephri

          Your estimate is actually terribly far off. The average markup of a cell phone from wholesale to retail is 8 to 10 percent. That is why volume is so important to manufactures.

          • Sir_Brizz

            Is that why Apple was selling iPhones to AT&T for $399 and off contract for $599?

          • Jjaassoonn Kkeennjjii

            Ok there is no iPhone in an apple store or online for 599.

          • Sir_Brizz

            This was the iPhone 3GS. Apple's margin on the iPhone is huge. It's silly to think they wouldn't use reducing the margin as a way to keep their devices in carrier's hands, especially when the carriers don't really control the experience on those devices.

          • Matthew

            Tmobile did for a while and I think one of the Sprint MVNO did too

        • Derail Doax

          I hate to go all capitalist on you. But I'm sure AT&T makes more money on their new plans. AT&T isn't in the business of losing money. The subsidy plan definitely costs more for them is what this shows you.

      • Gabernasher

        I thought that $130 / month would cover that $400-$500 pretty quickly.

    • Matthew

      Maybe they're betting the carrier landscape will totally be different in 2 years. Think of how plans have changed in the last 24 months. Carriers have a long term plan to get rid of subsidies & Tmobile has accelerated that by proving concept can work.

    • Kebb

      Its not really a gotcha, do the math on getting a new phone via ATT Next. At current prices it'd be like getting Iphone 5s with a free upgrade after 18 months with that 25$ discount. Compared to paying 200 dollars up front plus a 36 dollar upgrade/activation fee. Doesn't really seem like much of a choice to the average consumer.

      The real gotcha in my eyes is that while its 'no contract' you are responsible for the full retail price of the phone. So your 'effective etf' if you count paying off the phone is actually higher than a standard 2 year agreement in most cases. Plus it prevents you from taking advantage of the whole company payes ETF fees thing tmo is doing atm.

  • http://www.stevenmattera.com Steven Mattera

    If they are going to get away from two year contracts then AT&T needs to stop adding bloatware, locking bootloaders, and halting updates. Just saying...

    • pablo arista

      Agreed. I hope they stop that.

  • Jephri

    Man, I feel sorry for their poor phone reps. Can you imagine having to explain all those different options to your customers when they walk in? Different down payments and monthly payments foe every one of their confusing plans. What a mess.

    • Jephri

      Those poor children...

    • Tim242

      No doubt. I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore. Plans were supposed to be getting more simple. Explaining proration is bad enough!

      • Patricia Richard


        ◭◭◭ ◭◭�◭ ◭◭◭ ◭◭◭◭ ◭�◭◭Anyone not already on AT&T can get this plan by signing up with a Next subscription, buying a full-price phone, or bringing one purchased elsewhere.

    • Matthew

      Better they dont understand and pay more. I'm glad I'm on Straight Talk Wireless.. $45 for 2.5gb of LTE

    • Kebb

      Indeed, didnt even know this was happening on Friday so chances are reps will know nothing about this change. Add to that this is the third remake of mobileshare since october Im sure our customers are going to be just as frustrated.

      • Anthony Bowman

        As a new hire rep of the last month, everything I just got used to is different now.....

  • Roger

    So let's say in a scenario where you recently upgraded your phone (a new 2-year contract) and then join this new value plan, can you then just bounce out of at&t after being in it for a month because you're not in a 2-year plan anymore by being in this plan? (haha this is to see if we can escape ETF for this phone that just recently got upgraded)

    • Irinel Loghin

      No. The contract will continue until the upgrade date. Then you're free.
      You're within a contract on a contract plan.

    • Kebb

      Depending on how long ago you upgraded you may want to check and see if you are eligible for ATT Next as the company accelerated the Next upgrade option in January.

  • mgfjd12

    I don't understand the plans are great and cheaper.

    • Tim242

      I don't understand your statement.

  • Derrick

    this is wonderfu. i purchase my phones off contract, and this will save me at least $50 a month. likely more.

  • Alex

    This is good. I actually just paid my ETF to switch to this plan. Only paying $115/month with company discount for 2 lines and 10 GB now. Was paying $150/month for only 6 GB before. Also got $200 statement credit, which covered most of the ETF, since I opened two new lines with different numbers after terminating the old plan / lines.

  • Nick

    If this is a unsubsidized plan, the pricing needs to reflect it. IMO, this is not unsubsidized pricing yet. Closer, but we're not there yet.

    • Joseph Cascio

      I agree. Add on a couple of "Next priced" phones and you're looking at a $300 bill each month. Grossly overpriced, especially if you have to share limited data.

    • Scott

      You really need to bring your own phone. We just need cheaper phones.

  • Siddharth Rajde

    Android users, You know, “Cover” – The lock screen replacement adds music controls for KitKat devices - See http://goo.gl/EtwtYs

  • Andrea Cristiano Maietta

    I'm actually going to make the switch back to AT&T with this plan. we left AT&T after 12 years of happy and great service for the cheaper T-Mobile plans and while tmobile is good its nowhere near as good in coverage as AT&T so in the end the unlimited data does nothing for me if I cant use it in many places like inside buildings

    • joser116

      For many, T-mobile coverage is great.

      • Gabernasher

        Not sure why you're getting downvotes, Verizon shareholders I suppose. T-Mobile is great, I've had LTE upwards of 66Mbps.

        • Braden Abbott

          Yeah I get great LTE speeds too, then I drive a mile and then wtf it's not working, oh I'm on edge. They could fix this problem if they would just outfit every tower with LTE, it's not like the towers aren't already there, hello? Or maybe its the fact that there is no tower to upgrade and we're just roaming when we see edge, wish I knew but one thing I do know is the 200MB I get from them every month is worth more than the $0.00 I give them, but not much more.

    • jpfrasier

      Yep, I've been wanting to switch to T-Mobile for about 5 years now and when I search coverage for where I travel most it is either a weak signal area or no coverage at all. When I travel and speak to folks with T-Mobile I usually have better service. In fact in one place I travel AT&T is even better than Verizon. I would like to switch to T-Mobile but coverage must improve.

  • Antistar SS

    10 GB shared, I have unlimited everything on both lines for only $120 from T-Mobile. Besides I joined T-Mobile recently from AT&T.

  • jpfrasier

    I'm with AT&T and want to switch to this ASAP. But, I currently get a corporate discount of 18% on my current plan. Does anyone know if I still get this discount on Mobile Share Value or did I just fail to read the fine print?

    • jpfrasier

      According to the representative I just chatted with, corporate discounts do apply to the new plans. It's not letting me change my plan online now though. I think the system is probably crashing this morning.

      • Spanky

        If you're on a grandfathered plan (anything that's not Mobile Share), you have to call in to change to the new plans. The wait time is a bit lengthy, as a lot of people seem to be calling about these plans. I was able to keep my 25% corporate discount and wipe out the remainder of my contract (4 months).

        • Arthur Dent

          What did the corp discount apply to? Did it only apply on the data portion, the phones portion, or both?

    • Kebb

      Your discount should apply to the monthly cost portion listed on the website, for the 10GB plan thats 18% off 100 dollars.

  • Patruns

    2 separate accounts on T-Mobile with unlimited talking/text and 5GB of 4G and unlimited slow data each is $120. Not seeing much a a bargain here. Adding a 3rd line and still sharing 10GB is no deal.

    • KingofPing

      Single account, two lines on T-Mob: $110 for unlimited everything - no throttling.

      $180 for four lines of the same.

  • jpfrasier

    welp, upon further review my current plan with AT&T is still cheaper than the mobile share value options. However, if I stick around long enough to finish my contract, keep our phones and switch to one of these plans then it will be a heckuva deal and perhaps enough to keep me from going to straight talk.

    • Matthew

      I'm satisfied with Straight Talk. The way. The 2.5gb plan would cost me over $100 after fees on AT&T. I'm paying less than half that

      • jpfrasier

        I think with my discount, I would be around $90 with AT&T mobile share for the data my two lines need. I still have well over a year to see how things shake out though. One thing is for certain, I do like the new carrier competition and options beyond the subsidy model.

  • Matthew

    Subsidies will eventually end. Everything Tmobile is doing can easily be copied and usurped

  • alex

    Tmobile started it. Expect phones to come down in price ....!!!

  • Kebb

    Actually, that subsidy gravy train doesn't really exist with the current mobile share value plan. This is mostly due to that 15 dollar credit the value share plan offered on a line that was either bring your own equipment or enrolled in ATT Next.

    Here is a breakdown for an Iphone 5s with Next 18. The option that allows you to get a new phone after 18 months. The cost is 25 dollars a month with a 15 dollar service credit monthly, so the net change is +10 dollars a month. This results in a total payment of 180 dollars over 18 months. If you were to do a standard 2 year contract you would end up paying 199 dollars up front plus a 36 dollar activation or upgrade fee.

  • Spanky

    I just switched my two lines to this plan. I was already an AT&T customer, with about 4 months left on my contract, so this was a no-brainer. My wife and I use unlocked phones, so the lack of subsidy doesn't affect us. I had to wait about 10 minutes for a rep to get on the phone. Apparently, a lot of people are calling about this plan.

  • jeffhesser

    holy crap... I can save $60/mo looking at my current setup.

  • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

    10 gb is bad. Might as well not have a data plan.

  • Jimmy

    I am a current AT&T customer and am a little confused by the terms of switching over. The article states that at the end of my original contract term, "the Mobile Share Value Plan
    can't be renewed unless you buy a device at full price from AT&T,
    bring your own, or sign up for Next." So if I want to just keep using my current phone, is that okay? Does that count as bringing my own device? Or does it have to be a new device?

    I don't think the subsidized plans are as great a deal as people think. If you bought an iPhone 5S outright it would be $650. If you go with a subsidized plan on a two-year contract you'd pay $200 upfront and then $15 extra per month. So $200 + ($15x24) = $560. So you save $90, but you're bound into a two-year contract. If you're willing to keep using your old phone for an additional six months, you can make up that $90 and then everything after that is savings.

    Next is also a little misleading in its savings. You pay about $25/month for their "18-month" plan for the same phone, which means it would take you 26 months to pay it off (this exactly matches the fact that after 26 months you don't have to make any more payments. You can trade in your phone after 18 months, at which point you've only paid $450. But you don't get to keep the old phone, you have to turn it in. If you had owned the phone, you could sell it on ebay-craigslist for probably more than $200. Thus you're better off buying the phone outright and then after 18 months selling the old one and buying a new one.

    • Mike

      Yes you can continue to use your same phone. The idea behind their explanation is that most people are used to upgrading their phones every two years or so once their contract ends. But if you have no desire then you can keep on using your old phone for as long as you'd like or just buy another phone from wherever you'd like.

  • Joseph Ward

    I just switched my family over to Ting using their savings calculator and realizing we could be saving almost $200 a month. They also pay part of your EFT. No contract either! I would recommend to everyone!


  • adaptable1

    I just made the switch to the mobile share plan, and it's a no brainer, especially since we just got new subsidized phones in December and can still use our Microcell. Our bill is going from $179 for 3 lines to under $130 (FAN discount). We're getting more data (10GB), unlimited minutes, unlimited text, and tethering on every device.

  • Shiza Farza

    Long-terms costs / benefits of the new Mobile Share plans? https://vimeo.com/86745276

  • Linh Nguyën

    We're paying $325 for 10GB shared between 5 lines right now (after taxes and fees, of course...). This will cut it down to $175+tax/fee so around $200. That's more than $100 in savings each month. $1200 in a year. Close enough to buy 2 off-contract iPhones. I see this as a win.

    • Kenndy

      For me, that wasn't the case. I paid around 200 per month with 5 lines, so for fees of 2 year is USD$4800 + tax + 5 new phones contract (assume you paid $199 per phone and no monthly fee). So for 2 years, your old plan phone bill will equal 4800 + 200 X 5 = ~$5800 + tax. Now let's look at the new plan - $175 x 24 plus $649 x 5 (for 5 iphone 5s) = ~$7450. My grandma and month don't use internet and smart phone, so that's why my old plan don't charge 325 like u did.

      Conclusion: AT&T's new plan is not a saving for many people. In my case, my old 2 years plan cost ~$5800+tax while the new plan cost ~$7450+tax (for total of 2 years payment and include 5 new phones). Also, try to get on the Amyway's membership, it will save you 19% per month and anyone can apply.

  • Monie

    Will my account accrue prorated plan charges when switching to new plan offered during the middle of my billing cycle?

  • slye753

    I had the basic plan and changed to the value plan so I could use a smartphone with a large screen. but ATT did not tell me I had to pay an extra 20 to use the smartphone, so now my bill is twenty higher than it was before. I will pay off the phone and get my contract cancelled and go from there

  • georgi

    Be were of the new 10 gb plan unlimited talk and text I switch about month ago for the two lines 130$ guess what my bill was yesterday 400$, after calling at&t spending 1h on the phone they explained to me that I upgrade to new phones and this automatically lids to new plan . However my" new" plan now is 2gb and free talk and text .Before you accept just read all the small riding don't be a full