Last Updated: March 24th, 2014

There's big money in online storage, in case the presence of Google, Microsoft, and a seemingly endless parade of startups didn't tip you off. Box.com has been one of the more consistent rivals to Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive OneDrive, and it looks like the small company is about to up its game in a big way. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Box is preparing for an initial public offering.

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Box is particularly worthy of note for Android users, since partnerships with some OEM manufacturers have made promotional accounts with up to 50GB of cloud storage available. The WSJ says that Box's IPO plans come after the latest round of investment funding valued the company at a whopping $2 billion (or approximately .7 Motorolas). Thanks to the Security and Exchange Commission's new powers under the JOBS Act of 2012, Box could have filed for the IPO in secret. When asked, a company spokeswoman gave a boilerplate "no comment" answer.

A potential boom in capital from an IPO could give Box the edge it needs against Dropbox and all the other competitors, allowing for greater capabilities and even more corporate partnerships. That could come in the form of more free storage tied into devices. At the moment Box's free tier offers 10GB of storage, with paid options starting at 100GB (plus various advanced features) for $5 a month.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Michael Crider
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  • markotamcar

    Love the new IPO unit! .7 Motorolas

    • Michael J Carroll

      I put forward a motion to value every IPO using Motorolas as our currency.

      • markotamcar

        Motion carried.

    • sssgadget

      I prefer "Instagrams" myself.

  • pepa sracka

    box is one of the worst cloud storages I ever tried. Upload is slow and indexing files on HDD takes forever(few thousad files takes days to index).

    • Marc Edwards

      I got 50 gig ages ago, found the website clunky, too focused on selling you stuff and lacking in a desktop app. I had 30 gig with Dropbox which was enough for then. That's run out so I'm now using mega, 50 gig free, really good website and desktop app.

      • Justin Howell

        They have a desktop sync solution now. Just used it for the first time last night. Worked perfectly, in my opinion.

  • Dani R.

    I've never actually had good experiences with Box, always came back to Dropbox, but when that one got full (only 5.5 gigs or so), I tried Copy, and thanks to that awesome action I now got 110 gigs of storage for free. They have, in my eyes, a really good Android app, it works really good, and the website works as it should work. Dropbox is still the best, Copy works great too, and Box gets the third place. (btw, is it me, or does the Box app look very ugly?)

    • darabon

      How did you get 110gb of storage for Copy?

      • Dani R.

        I have got many friends on forums who like referral links :)

  • fabitrader

    I received 50gb from Box and still went back to Dropbox and GDrive.

  • Marc Edwards

    I have 50 GB with tresorit, Mega and box. All free. I back my photos up onto Google drive because I can still get auto awesome from G+ but have the files stored locally, tresorit for personal docs and Mega for music and files that I want to share with people. It was mega that made me make the jump from Dropbox because it has such a slick Web interface for sharing files. I always thought box was a bit... Naff...

  • justme

    Meh, I have 1tb free and forever on cloud.mail.Ru
    Unfortunately, promotion is over so you "only" get 100gb. Few of my friends signed up as well with my help, as there is no translation from Russian. Decent PC client, not bad android app with auto photo backup and no western government will get their paws on your data (legally).

    • StriderWhite

      Yeah, no NSA, but Russia is one of the main country where viruses and trojans are written...Good luck!

      • SMERSH

        The Russian FSB uses SORM devices at every IT service provider for easy hidden access instead, while the NSA is not necessarily out of the game there.

  • Ralph

    I use Box as my Backup Backup. Just got another 50gb the other day by installing the box app on my sisters iphone and deleting it. Quoted from another user: " Box is like having a big ass piggy bank that only accepts dimes" referencing the 100mb at a time upload limitation.

    • n_a_v

      Perfect description of Box. I use it practically the same way...to back up pictures and videos from my computer that I won't want in my Dropbox. Their service isn't the best but I'll take 50gb for free any day of the week.