Sony is continuing to mimic Motorola by adding its apps and services to Google Play. This time it's the new Xperia Transfer Mobile app, which seems a lot like Motorola Migrate. Who knows... maybe Sony is going to sell itself to Lenovo any day now.

Xperia Transfer Mobile is a way to get your content from an old device onto your new Sony Xperia phone. Android phones can be paired with a PIN code or via NFC. Then you just select the content and it's pushed over. For iOS devices, you need an Xperia transfer cable. The video just kind of throws that out there like everyone has such a cable lying around, but okay.

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The app can move just about everything from your old phone including contacts, calendar data, SMS, bookmarks, notes, photos, and videos. The app will also suggest alternatives to apps installed on an iPhone. It should work with any Android device on Ice Cream Sandwich or later and iPhones with iOS 4 or later.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://mrmcpowned.com mrmcpowned

    The app looks pretty clean for the most part, but I'd like to see some real world activity. If the transfer isn't all it's chocked up to be, you can easily expect some pissed off customers.

    "Who knows... maybe Sony is going to sell itself to Lenovo any day now."
    Damn, Ryan. Even in text, that sounded bitter as hell.

  • iceberg

    Sony had apps in play store for ages, text is so childish

  • ProductFRED

    It seems like every OEM has to have a transfer app now. Moto Migrate. Samsung has one (forgot what it's called). HTC has one. Now Sony has one.

    • Guest

      Is it a bad thing ?

      • ProductFRED

        Nope. Just pointing it out.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    Tere baap ka kuch jaa raha hai if Sony releases any app to Play Store? Play Store ke apps tere hard disk pe store hote hai? Apne kaam se kaam rakhna nahi ata tujhe? Ya fir tu Samsung ka fanboy hai?

    • ash

      I would translate the above comment in english.
      He says what your problem if sony post app in google play. Does play store apps of sony uses your storage? Mind your own business. You seems samsung fanboy.

      I have just translated above comment. Please don't shoot on me.

      • Vishal Khedkar

        Thanks you so much! Hahahahah! :D xD

  • Stew

    "Who knows... maybe Sony is going to sell itself to Lenovo any day now."

    Enough of the pathetic writing. Stuff like this makes it no better than all the rubbish American blogs.

    • ash

      I am really disappointed with this kind of wording used by AP. I think he personally hates sony. Pathetic blog I ever read.

    • RyanWhitwam

      Holy shit... it's a joke. What's wrong with you?

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    You know, every OEM should just publish their apps on Play Store - that way they could provide Android updates separately from app-specific updates much faster

    • Mike Reid

      Why not just put ALL of Android in the "Play Store" ?

      Like many other OS's with online updates and upgrades... Like custom ROMs with OTAs....

      Yeah, yeah, there are many practical problems with this. But it's worth pondering IMO. Even though Google and the OEMs would never allow this, or be able to support it anytime soon.

      But less radical changes are do-able.

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

        Wow, calm down dude, there's nothing wrong with OEMs posting their proprietary apps on Play Store for their own devices to use

  • Yasser Syed

    Sony Mobile already has a Xperia Transfer app in the Google Play Store.
    However, the new app differs by supporting Apple iPhone owners. The old
    app did not support iPhone users and therefore the only way to transfer
    data from an iPhone was via “Xperia Transfer” through Sony PC Companion
    and Sony Bridge for Mac.

  • Xyor

    Ok, I have to point out that before the launch of Moto X, Sony already had tons of apps available in app store, such as Track ID, Smart Connect, social life and TV sideview. Those are exclusive to Xperia devices. There also is a large selection of other Sony apps. So I really don't understand why is Sony mimicking Moto?

  • alfuen00

    Samsung released smart switch app years a go, this aren't news!!