An Android version of Dungeon Keeper became available worldwide two days ago, and some of you took to the comments to express how you would never, ever, consider downloading another free-to-play game from EA. Imagine if all of your complaints were combined into a single YouTube video and bottled up into eight hilarious, rage-filled minutes. That's what Nerd3 has done for us. Be warned, the audio is pretty NSFW, even though the video is fine.

Certain actions in the game require players to wait a lengthy bit of time for them to complete, but there is the option to spend money to speed things up. Shortly after starting the game, Nerd3 found that completing a very basic action required a 24-hour wait. As he goes on to rant - that isn't slowing down the game, that's stopping it.


Nerd3 discovered that he could complete the action instantly by spending 243 gems. When he went to price them, he found that 500 would cost him £2.99. Even worse, the supposed "best value" bundle of 14,000 gems was priced at a whopping £69.99.

We've said before that IAPs are not inherently evil. Unfortunately, far too often, microtransactions are inserted all over the place in hopes of getting players to spend more money than they would have upfront. These games aren't just tweaked by IAPs, they're arguably broken by them, and it's a shame. This version of Dungeon Keeper could have been an exciting remake of a great game. Instead, it's simply unplayable. Unless, that is, you're willing to spend more money on it than you would on a brand new console game... or two.

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • Cherokee4life

    He has good points!

  • Stephen Yuen

    I would say that the perception that it is "simply unplayable" is one that is inherited from a 'Golden Age' of gaming that encourages playing games for hours on end; whether fortunately or unfortunately, the mobile gaming industry has had to make some key adjustments to its changing audience and one of those is IAPs. We've seen the rise of IAPs as a viable way to make and fund games, and while the possibility to spend ridiculous amounts of money is there, how you play these 'freemium' games and how you appreciate it is your prerogative.
    Sure, you might say that Dungeon Keeper is far worse than any 'freemium' game before it. As with all games, though, Dungeon Keeper offers itself with a brand new 'system' to accomodate to; if you aren't willing to accomodate to that 'system', of course you are going to hate it. However, if you *are* willing to accomodate to it, you might just enjoy yourself; I've played Dungeon Keeper very happily for the last 4 months since I reviewed it without paying a cent.

    • Alan Shearer

      I do not play games to have to accomadate to them, I do enough accomadating in real life between work, school, and life in general. I play games to escape life, not accomadate to them forcing schedules on me or wait times.

      GTRacing 4, Asphalt 8 airborne, They have very little to no wait times (gt racing when you install upgrade only, but you can play other cars while it goes, technically still able to play). These are examples of solid iap free games since you may have to grind if you do not want to pay, but at least you can play as long as you want with out being forced to wait, Good iap may force you to grind, or pay, but do not stop you from being able to play. Stopping me from playing means I get bored waiting, and games gets uninstalled before I even consider spending a dime.

      • Stephen Yuen

        Each to their own, I guess, as I enjoyed Dungeon Keeper as I was able to do my little thing before work and after work and that suited my schedule fine. But I do agree that some IAPs can be restrictive, but it is your choice to spend or not spend money. I appreciate a great game as much as the next person, but to enjoy a game is an entirely personal experience; unsurprisingly, there is a casual gaming audience that do enjoy games just like this, however, I can understand how 'hardcore' gamers will not enjoy this game.

        • Alan Shearer

          Hardcore gamer, casual gamer, I am a softcore gamer :P

          But yea, to each his own. I do not like the wait timer type of iap, but hey, if you like it go for it. I tend to set my device clock ahead to get around wait timers if the game is good enough and not online required. (I do this for real racing three wait timers, solid racing game, horrible iap implementation. ) If online required I get bored before I get to the point where I would consider iap to get around wait timers (this happened in simpsons tapped out, happening in clash of clans).

        • ♠adeafmute♠

          The fallacy in your argument is that it can literally apply to EVERYTHING! Allow me to demonstrate:

          "Each to their own, I guess, as I enjoyed being r*ped by pigs as I was able to do my little thing before work and after work and that suited my schedule fine. But I do agree that some pig r*ping can be restrictive, but it is your choice to get r*ped or not to get r*ped. I appreciate a great r*ping as much as the next person, but to enjoy a pig r*ping is an entirely personal experience; unsurprisingly, there is a casual r*ping audience that do enjoy games just like this, however, I can understand how 'hardcore' victims will not enjoy this pig r*ping."

          See how i just copy and pasted your argument and inserted whatever random thing i could to make into something completely different?

          If your'e going to defend IAP's please do a better job, otherwise you come off as a troll who's just trying to start an argument.

          • Stephen Yuen

            Yes, that's what happens when you replace words with other words. And if you think I am a troll, then so be it, but that was not my intention. My intention is to try and elucidate to everyone that there is another side to the argument that nerd3 has presented, which is that there are people who actually really enjoy the game, whether they pay or not.

          • Jimborino

            We don't need educating as we can perfectly understand your point. We (I?) just disagree to put it nicely. However, based on play store and app stores sales, figure you're making business sense but so do all corporations that f people over for profits. Btw you in management/business?

          • Stephen Yuen

            Thank you for respecting my opinion, particularly as you disagree with me. Unfortunately in this world, 'business' is something that definitely still has a negative stigma associated with it, and this case, perhaps rightly so; it's probably not ethical to profit from people's poor financial decision making and addiction, but that's what keeps the company and its employees going.
            And no, not yet, but I'm definitely moving towards it

    • Timo

      You should not support any game that use "waiting time/IAP" model.
      Otherwise more and more game of that kind will keep coming.

      It's not about how you play these games, it's about the future of gaming.

      • Stephen Yuen

        And this is a bad thing because...? Why is this such a bad thing for the future of mobile gaming? I keep hearing comparisons of mobile games to console games; console games are designed for the living room, if anything they should definitely not have IAPs. Mobile games are designed so that people can play them as much or as little as their schedule and mobile habits allow. That is what IAPs allow. If you play a mobile game as you would a console game, you're missing the point of the whole gaming model.

        • Nerds Logic

          The idea of downloading a game is to play it.....not wait....or worse off have to pay to play. Why not just sell the stupid game? Sorry Stephen....but I completely disgree with your logic. To quote you " Mobile games are designed so that people can play them as much or as little as their schedule and mobile habits allow" so my schedule allows 2 hours....oh wait....I have to wait 24 hours to get to a point where now I have to actually schedule time to play? PASS.

          I think what you meant to say was "Mobile games are designed to people can PAY as much as possible to play as little as their income or budgets will allow" that would have been more accurate and descriptive of games like this.

          • Stephen Yuen

            I respect your right to your opinion and that you disagree with me and the fact that you disagree with Dungeon Keeper's 'freemium' model. I'm not going to pretend that Dungeon Keeper is a perfect game for everyone; the comments in this thread have already suggested that there is a large group of people disillusioned by the way EA has created this game. However, you hit the nail on the head when you quoted me regarding your own schedule; that is your schedule, and if this game doesn't suit that, that's unfortunate.

          • remister

            If that is an okay model for you, I wonder where you draw the line.

          • Stephen Yuen

            Well, considering I haven't played a cent yet playing Dungeon Keeper, who knows?

          • yeh

            Well, if you think waiting a WHOLE DAY to dig ONE square is okay, no one can help you. You obviously aren't thinking it through. Gaming is going to die and you think that is okay. An ENTIRE industry. Freeze off.

          • Simone

            Can you really enjoy a game you are able to play 5 minutes every 24 hours? There are a lot of games like this, and I never spent anything on them, I found them enjoyable for those 20-30 minutes of play ever couple of hours, but I'm really able to play this games for a max of 10 minutes every 24h, cause I'm used to the old dungeon keepers, and room space is really important. The system isn't the problem, pushing it to this extreme limit is. Asking 100 euro for 50-70 blocks is a scam, there are no other words to call it. Don't ever try to justify such money request. There are a lot of good examples of IAP, but I have never been asked to pay 100 euro for something that will give me a couple of hours of playtime.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            The problem with your logic is that you're making the assumption that Dungeon Keeper needs to be the way it is in order for it to have been the game you enjoyed. It could have been possible for the game to NOT have these ridiculous barriers and IAPs and it would have still suited your play style AND everyone else's. That's the thing - the game itself would be an otherwise fun game if it weren't for the fact you can only play it a few minutes before getting stuck again, waiting.

            The thing is you represent the incredibly small minority. The majority of people expect that when they get a game they won't be arbitrarily told by the game when they have to stop playing. That's madness. There's no benefit to the customer in this model, the only benefit is to the publisher. And that's the problem, they're taking from us and giving nothing in return.

          • Stephen Yuen

            Actually it wouldn't. I accept that if these barriers and IAPs did not exist, Dungeon Keeper would be a significantly different game. But the draw of it, and other IAP-riddled games like it, are that the waiting is a form of equalizing; it is to promote social competition. Your argument is that every game should be designed for hardcore gamers, ones that can afford the time to play games for hours at a time; some people don't have this time and that's who this game is designed for.

            I think you'll find that in the mobile world, casual gamers are actually quite a large population. When you think about how big Candy Crush Saga and other games like it have gotten recently, you'll see why it's such a lucrative market. I'm not saying it's right; I'm just saying that's why it exists. All games have rules; games have always made you wait in various ways, they just haven't given you the option of speeding it up with money, yet now when we're given the option to pay instead of wait, we complain that the waiting shouldn't exist at all.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            Okay you are definitely an EA plant. Nice work, you had me fooled.

          • Stephen Yuen

            Just expressing my opinions @gnackattack:disqus. If you disagree with me, I fully respect that, however, I definitely do not have any affiliation with EA whatsoever.

        • ♠adeafmute♠

          Honest question: are you on EA's payroll or something?

          • Stephen Yuen

            Honest answer: no.

        • kabloink

          Could you not play as much or as little as you wanted on mobile games without such IAPs? Could I not play a freemium game like Temple Run 2 as much or as little as I wanted even though it doesn't have built in waiting periods?

          • Stephen Yuen

            That's a very good point @kabloink:disqus. I would say that it varies game to game; Temple Run utilizes ads as a way to earn money regardless of IAPs, as to many other free games on the market; the IAPs appear to be an additional way to earn money. Contrary to this, Dungeon Keeper is solely reliant on its IAPs to make money, which probably why it is so heavily weighed in that direction.

    • Pratik Holla

      The problem is that there is no balance! 70 pounds for 14000 gems? Thats not even a value at the rate the game keeps sucking currency out of you! Games like these are like a black hole. You need to continue to keep putting money into it to have any fun. A point comes when you are no longer willing to do it and just decide to ditch the game. If i put money into a game, you have every right to complete it on your terms. Not by the developers terms. This was the old way of looking at games. Sadly, few mobile games follow this philosophy. Its not a question of "accommodating". That is shear robbery! But EA doesn't care as they know there will be a few dummies out there who will fork out that 70 dollars.

      • Stephen Yuen

        Well, I haven't spent a cent playing Dungeon Keeper yet and I've been playing for 4 months; there's nothing saying that you have to pay anything if you're patient. Sure, that's not for everybody, but that's the choice you have :)

    • LazarusDark

      So how much does EA pay for comments like this...

      • Stephen Yuen

        Surprisingly close to zero actually

    • Matthew Fry

      You sound a lot like my friend that makes F2P games. It always sounds a little hollow, like he's trying to justify that he doesn't work for a company with unethical business practices. It's well documented that F2P games bank on a few 'whales.' 'Whales' are people with poor impulse control and fall completely into the double virtual currency trap. They spend thousands of dollars. This wasn't their intent when they downloaded it, this is bilking people with addictive behaviors.

      You claim that this model is a viable way to make and fund games and yet you appear to be enjoying it without paying anything. They make no money on you. If everyone had the same control as you did, they would make nothing. Do you understand that this business model requires that there be people making poor financial decisions to be profitable?

      • Stephen Yuen

        Of course I understand that, but my intent here is to say that there is a fun game here to be had if you are patient; not to side with 'business' as it were. I'm here for the games too :)

        • Matthew Fry

          I would agree with you if the waits had any other purpose but to separate you from your money.

          • Stephen Yuen

            I can't disagree with you there

        • PhilNelwyn

          You sound quite unmoved...

    • PopeTackler

      It's a damn shame your reasoned well-thought arguments based on personal experience, not a rant video on YouTube, are being buried because the comment section is full of biased and uninformed simpletons.

  • remister

    Sadly this is how the gaming format will be now. It's even in big games like Forza 5 and GTA Online. (I mean microtransactions)

    • Js__

      I don't see how GTA:O can be compared to this pile of shit "game", Rockstar has stated that all future expansions will be free. The only thing that you have the option to buy is in game money. Which is useless imo because you can make 500k in a couple of hours messing around with friends.

      • JLogre9182

        мʏ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕт ғʀι­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴɖ'ѕ мօтн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $75 αɴ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ ɴιɴ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ ιɴƈօм­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ աαѕ $12595 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. ʏօυ ƈօυʟɖ тʀʏ н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ fox800&#46com

      • Jack

        " because you can make 500k in a couple of hours messing around with friends."

        That just isn't true at all. If you're purposefully grinding doing the best way to make money you can make about 140k an hour. If you're messing around with friends you not only make a lot less than this, you lose money.

    • jaegr

      Microtransactions for online game is inevitable.

      • The Fallen Daikatana

        There already is to be honest, have a look at every Free 2 Play game, and World of Warcraft... those now offer microtransactions

    • ♠adeafmute♠

      in that case gaming is going to die a slow painful death and I for one will go back to playing D&D.

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1356962 ThilinaC

    That 70 pound in-app purchase is just friggin shameless,never thought any publisher can be this much shameless to grab money from customers.Even AAA PCPS4XBO games doesn't cost this much unless they are GOTY editions which contains all the dlc's.

    And the worst part is 5000+ 5 star reviews,seriously ?

    • Jadephyre

      Reviews can be bought

      • remister

        There's trolls on the interwebs, there is no proof!!!!

        • ReyMaxwin

          IAP should not be confused with microtransactions. Reaper has two IAP, to Unlock the game and to donate to the developers. Bards tale is not free, and has IAP, but only for "Directors cut" like content, including concept art.

          The problems arise when IAP fuel a conflict of interest that significantly deteriorates gameplay.

      • Prezes Dyrektor

        nice new interface and so fresh version play

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Best Value!

      • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1356962 ThilinaC

        In which universe Artem,oh I wonder in which universe !

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Actually the DLCs for the games can cost as much as the game itself, like COD series

      • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1356962 ThilinaC

        Well most of AAA title's GOTY editions have all the dlc's in them and still costs less than what this game needs for the player to dig 20-30 tiles which is well crazy.Assassins Creed 4 Steam edition costed me around 24.99$+10$ for the season pass-which have all the premium dlc's & AC4 is one of the best AAA titles around these days,which is LOT cheaper than this.NFS Rivals costed me around 13$'s on PC,Battlefield 4 costed me around 24-25$.Yes all the above mentioned examples I got are from Amazon sales but still even at full price still its cheaper than this mobile title from EA.Activision is milking COD series yes but still not like this.

        This reminded me why I am not buying games on my S3,I really like to support android game devs but this shameless greedy attitude is not the right way EA mobile.

    • HopelesslyFaithful

      oh other games are worse.....much much worse. You haven't looked around. Ever play web games? They are much worse. Seen people drop thousands on website games -_-

    • Prezes Dyrektor

      I've seen IAP for 100 bucks in hobbit and played with people who have invested even more.
      similar symptoms with the settlers online.
      that's how they make big cash nowadays.
      a good game should not force you into IAP and let you enjoy the game without spending more than the entry fee. I think latest deus ex achieves that, magic the gathering was there, puzzle quest and few others.

      • Michael Bristow

        That game was good for a while. But once you got to the adventures i stopped playing because the time gaps got to be too long and it seemed I was logging on all the time just to build farms and mine, which took ages. I wasn't paying to get those field feeders, and there is basically no way of earning gems in that game.

        This game however - there is no reason to buy gems, it's perfectly easy to mine for them and you only really need them to buy more imps.

    • vdarkeaglev

      Even in the GOTY/Ultimate packs aren't that expensive ...

    • Michael Bristow

      I really dont see what the problem is. Is it because they have made it possible to spend $70 in game? there are THOUSANDS of these time management games that do this. The only reason to buy in game gems is if you've got too much money and your impatient. There is no requirement to spend anything. Game works fine without it.

  • Scott

    Shouldn't be surprised. In-app purchases in games has greed written all over it.

    • remister
      • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

        lol so true

      • New

        Updated for this game

        • remister

          There should be one with different tiers. Want only one star 99 cents. Combo of two stars 15.99$, Three stars 50$ (Most Popular), 4 stars 100$, All 5 stars 1000$ (Best Value), 5 stars and sugarcoated review 50000$

          • mehim

            you know, we should make some sort of protest on this shit, put this type of comments on the review page.

            i was cynical of the game when i read that it was "coming" to the android soon since EA is the Midas of gaming industry, only that it changes everything to shit instead of gold.

            i will put one in my language. LETS SWARM IT !!

          • Android Developer

            i wonder what's the status of this project:

            it's supposed to be the new dungeon keeper.
            hope it will arrive to android too.

          • Android Developer

            Yes, and it should also be reset every 24 hours, so that they can keep paying.

      • http://www.LOVEanon.org/ Michael Oghia (Ogie)


  • Alan Shearer

    This game will cost me more than the ps4 to play properly and within my lifetime!

  • Jadephyre

    He's absolutely right though

  • Pratik Holla

    Scew EA. Most of the devs from big name companies (EA, gameloft, rovio) have just resorted to robbing people . 70 pounds for virtual in game currency? Why not just buy forza 5 or AC Blackflag for xbox one and enjoy a REAL AAA title? At the very least, you are getting the entire game for your hard earned money!

    Whats sad is, people actually PAY 70 pounds for this. Thats why more and more games are coming out with insane IAPs. I have just resorted to sticking to the humble bundle for decent android games. I get the whole game and get the satisfaction that I helped out a couple of indie devs and charities as well.

    EA games are not as great as people make them out to be.

    • remister

      As stated before, even AAA games are getting people to invest more money (on top of the actual retail price) to either gain XP faster or have a special unlock. After seeing the mobile market with this type of model they are testing the water to see if it works with hardcore games on consoles. I was a big day one release person back in the last gen days(xbox360/ps3). But now I would rather get the game of year edition with all the DLC and most bugs figured out when they release it. I think console publishers really eff'd it up when DLC, you had to pay for, was already on the game CD itself.
      Sad day for gaming.....

      • alpha55

        Mass effect 3 lol

    • AtiRage

      Humble Android Bundle all the way.
      And Google does not let me give them money, so that's helps too (paid apps are disabled for my country, so are all the IAPs).

      • HopelesslyFaithful

        probably a god send lol

    • TheTundraTerror

      Forza 5 isn't really a good example. That game had a shit ton of "micro"transactions and still expects you to pay money to unlock cars you should have already paid for.

      Seriously, where did that money go to if not making the game? Sure as hell wasn't the fuck ugly crowd. Not towards making less cars than Forza 4 had.

    • HopelesslyFaithful

      thats why i stick with GOG and steam....even then with the BS policies on how they can revoke an account like nothing. I refuse to break 5 dollars a game...granted a couple i broke down but it was only 15 bucks for the most expensive game. I am at almost 700 games averaging probably around 3 bucks or less a game so EA ubisoft (persistent internet crap) can eat shit.

      oh yea this whole season pass crap and DLC is garbage i refuse to buy one of those games unless it is the "GOTY"/"ultimate box" with everything. Granted a couple exceptions like tropic 4 but that is because i had to have it. Batman and the others i just waited and waited. They dont combine and drop price my money goes else where. People need to start using their brains and spend wisely...seriously. No wonder 50% or whatever that new figure was of Americans live pay check to pay check

    • darkdude1

      The entire gaming community is going backwards; paying money for a game which expects you to pay more money (Forza) or getting a game so broken in gameplay mechanics the only playable method is to pay. Or how about "early access" titles where people are basically paying for a broken game. The sad part is, the shift towards these models is only because they work, people actually purchase in game content, or to play the game early.

      Sadly, if more and more game publishers move towards this model, it could be a total disaster for the entire community.

      • Illusion1409

        Early access is VERY different. These are indie developers producing games and giving people the opportunity to observe and test it's progression, while funding the project. Once you buy into early access, you own the game for life. Most early access games aren't even in beta yet - there are going to be issues with them. Playing a finished game early isn't a bad thing either. But I think you have a very inaccurate perception of Early Access.

        • RTWright

          I have a major problem with it. I'll agree to Pre-Order something at
          least has a Release Date. No Release Date and you're wanting me to pay YOU to beta test YOUR game / program? You're a moron! If you do pay to Beta Test anything? You're a MORON! Because they could push it back for infinite amount of time without ever releasing anything once you've paid for it, they've got your money. Another thing they could do to you is once you pay for it, they do announce a release date and charge you more for it. I refuse to pay to be a Tester for anything!

          • RajivSK

            It's schemes like this that allow game developers to escape big money publishers. What would you prefer the indies do? Developing a game costs huge amounts of time and yes you can do a lot in your free time but even then, you'll still need to pay other people for work in areas that you don't have any expertise in. There are so many different skills involved in making a game.

            As a game developer myself, I love to pay some money for an early look at someones project while helping them out a little bit. For the indie devs, it's not an easy world, they are not the ones making the big bucks. These are mainly projects out of love, love for the game or for the craft itself. You're not forced to buy anything but don't portray them as money grabbing bastards, direct your anger elsewhere.

      • Tom

        I don't have a problem with the early access/alpha/beta titles and that method of funding games. You generally get the game cheaper than it retails, you get to see the game as it evolves, and often get to contribute to its development with feedback/ideas.

        The rest is just awful, though. Yet the number people who know "true" gaming is vanishingly small compared to the massive casual gamer market. You know there are people alive today who have NO IDEA that microtransactions and DLC are not how games are supposed to be? They have literally never experienced anything else.

        I have a terrible sense of foreboding about this industry.

    • Rob

      "70 pounds for virtual in game currency? Why not just buy forza 5"

      You mean the game with $140 microtransactions?

      • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

        How can you even compare the two? This game requires microtransactions to even continue playing beyond the first few minutes - Forza 5 you can play the entire game without spending anything on DLC.

        • Rob

          And what fraction of size is it compared to Forza 4 without that DLC?

          When it originally came out, unlocking things without the microtransactions took longer than the larger GT6. Seems like it was tuned for the transactions just as much as this is.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            One game literally forces you to stop playing for 24 hours unless you pay more money. The other will let you complete the entire game uninterrupted without costing any extra. How can you possible suggest that one is "just as bad" as the other without sounding willfully dim?

        • Michael Bristow

          There is NOTHING in this game that requires you to buy micro-transactions. Only impatience.

    • kazmark

      Actually picking forza 5 and AC black-flag are bad examples. Forza 5 only has about half of forza 4's cars and tracks and is planning to release the other half as PAID dlc and AC Black-flag has "time saver packs" that give you large amounts of the in-game items like wood and steel for upgrading you ship for real money

  • Régis Knechtel

    I can't even express how this guy is right. He said everything I think about IAP and these greedy companies.

    • Michael Bristow

      Surely these companies are only feeding off the stupid and the rich.. I say let them, you dont have to pay for this game.

  • Marcell Lévai

    The beginning of the game is fun though, that's the reason there are so many 5 star reviews I guess. The graphics are good too. I got fed up with it when I quit the game and my progress got lost.

    • dandmcd

      Since you have played, it how quickly does the game request you to rate it? Often I find these games will ask you if you are having fun and to rate it before you get to a point where you need to drop some coin, usually within the first hour of gameplay. That's how the crap from Glu, Gamevil and others get rated so high, because people rate before the microtransactions become a necessity to play. Fun, good graphics, free, for the first few hours of gameplay. After you rate it, the shit begins.

      • Marcell Lévai

        I remember that the game popped up a window to rate it, maybe after the tutorial, but I don't think it gives you anything for rating (I'm not 100% sure tho). I didn't play much, my progress got deleted soon after that.

        Edit: But yeah, the same here, rating before shitstorm.

  • https://play.google.com/store/search?q=kodiak+211 Google_Is_The_Higgs_Boson

    That's crazy... Good thing I don't play many games on my phone...

  • Hoggles



    Dont' be Evil you Ftards.

    • tester56

      hey dont blame google or Apple.. blame EA

      • Hoggles

        Google & Apple are the first we should blame. They have 100% control over what goes on their app stores. If they ban this practice, developers will have to stop or it won't be in the app store. They have all power. We should blame them.

        • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

          That's completely illogical, sorry.

  • h4rr4r

    IAPs are inherently evil. The only reason for them is to scam folks, It really is that simple.

    • zaig

      I disagree. TF2 does it beautifully, in that the game is easily playable without putting a single cent into the game. you can buy hats(oh wow who cares) or guns(which almost no one actually buys because they drop like quarters). its really the best example of a true free to play because the marketplace is redundant

      • Jason Bourne

        I think League of Legends is legit too for the IAP.

  • Glich

    and this is why EA is on my boycott list

  • xHabeasCorpusx
  • http://twitter.com/shamus_carter james kendall

    wow SCREW EA that is a fucking joke. not all IAP are evil but consumable ie repetitive IAP are the work of the fucking devil and need to be drenched in gasoline and set on fire.
    If you want to see IAP done right look at heroes of steel. if you want to see IAP done like a dick just look at EA.



  • Claw

    I would have installed this garbage only to be able to give them a one star. Unfortunately it's not compatible with the Nexus 4 (haha). I hope EA goes bankrupt and never be seen or heard from again. The sooner the better

  • Android Developer

    I don't mind the IAP, as long as players can do fine without them, and they are negliable.
    You could have some sort of IAP making the game easier, but it shouldn't be a must.

    What is annoying in this game is that it's so different from the PC versions.

    for example: imps never had to work so long on their tasks (24 hours?!).
    also, when defending the dungeon, I can't move my creatures to the correct location after they were dropped, and they are very very stupid (just stays or even go away from the attackers), so the narrator tells me the obvious (something like "you are under attack" or "defend your dungeon") , while I can't do anything about it...

    The game has almost no strategy thinking compared to previous versions. it's more about building and building... you either have to check it out every few hours, or you will use IAP.

    It misses the whole fun of the game of previous PC games...

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      "I don't mind the IAP, as long as players can do fine without them."

      100% completely, totally, wholeheartedly agree. IAP (basically similar to DLC) is one of the coolest things about DOTA 2, League of Legends and Team Fortress 2. It is definitely possible to do it right. There's only one question that needs to be asked:

      Can my users play through the game and have fun doing so without having to spend anything beyond the initial purchase?

      If the answer is no, then you're being greedy. If the answer is yes, then your IAPs are simply adding "nice-to-have" gimmicky fun stuff and that's fine.

      • Android Developer

        if the answer is no, then it isn't freemium anymore, and should be a paid app instead.
        freemium must mean that it's free (at least for the basic stuff), and there are some features for paying end users.
        however, what is going on here is just too much, and they ruined the whole fun of dungeon keeper, even without IAP.

        • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

          Yep, freemium to me always meant you could still play the game through, but if you wanted additional cool stuff you'd have to pay for it.

  • C64

    I will NEVER pay for games with micro transactions. I only pay for full games.

    So let's google for a cracked version. Don't get mad on me for that. Blame assholes like EA for that

    • Imparus

      What about badlands way of doing it?

    • Roh_Mish

      I have similar thinking. I would pay if one time past guaranteed full game. Or I will download a cracked one.

    • Senteliks

      That's what everyone do .... and its not cracked its modded there is difference ....

  • hayesmaker


    Hitler sums up our feelings quite well

  • Stefan Eckhardt

    I read a few dozen of those 5 star ratings, IMHO they look paid for, machine generated. Most consist of half a sentence saying nothing at all or very superficial stuff. This "game" is an abomination.

  • ED-Z が あらわれた!

    Just do like me and report this game as scam.

  • vdarkeaglev

    EA WHAT THE HELL! ... this is the absolute worst mobile port of any game I've ever seen ... I'd rather pay for the FF6 abortion than deal with this "F2P" P.O.S. ...

    Also WHY THE FUCK do they try to make RTS games into these terrible F2P Farmville copycats? Age of Empires and Stronghold both did it ... and I almost cried then, and now Dungeon Keeper, one of my favorite RTS games ever, has turned into this. I want to go slap each developer and every head at EA that approved this project in the face and say 'what the fuck!'

  • Roh_Mish

    How the hell I was able to download this game from play store in India if it was not available here until now?

  • dangerdad

    A funny side note -- the 5.49 for 900 gems is a *worse* deal per gem than any of the other purchasing options. So they're screwing you if you say "well, I was only going to buy the lowest one, but I'll go one higher." Rip off amidst rip off.

  • Ray

    When he started calling everyone a fuck wit and ranting on like a 14 year old kid who didn't get his own way, I stopped listening. What a tosser!

  • Hutchy

    I dislike IAP in gaming as much as you do and was horrified when I saw that Plants vs Zombies 2 would follow the same model.

    However it was excellently done whereby those who actually wanted to play the game and earn the unlocks could, those who wanted to pay and skip could. Why can't more follow this lead and suit the hardcore gamer, it's likely they still made mega amounts of money!

  • Primalxconvoy

    Just wait and have a look around aptoid or similar; I'm sure a cracked version will come out with no iap's or unlimited money or sunbathing.

    I'm just going to ignore it and pretend it never came out and get the emulator version.

  • Besbes Souhaieb

    what annoys me to hell with these microtransactions is that they are arrogant to the point they pretend to bring more realism to casual gaming.
    you want that part to enhance your car? oh it's an import so you have to wait.
    you don't want to wait? we can sneak it past customs but you have to pay us.
    i'm looking at you csr racing.

    my story with every microtransactions-filled game:
    1- play it without paying (i don't have a choice we don't have google play payments in my country)
    2- the game becomes quickly unplayable
    3- i hack the hell out of it with game killer
    4- i upgrade everything to the max
    5- game becomes too easy
    6- i loose interest in the game
    it's almost a tragedy

  • James

    Fuck you EA. Just FUCK YOU.

  • Lichbane

    EA have gone too far. They have taken what was a great game and have destroyed it with corporate greed. I can understand microtransactions in MMOs as they have ongoing costs, but this is outrageous. EA has not only jumped the shark; they went onto orbit.

  • xtower

    Yes, finally someone said it out loud, thank you.

  • Frogsiedoodle

    What really ticks me off is paying, rather a decent amount of money, for a game and It then asking you for Iaps to play parts of the game. Screw those devs.

  • Austyn Cornwell

    As much as like the rest of you i am not a fan of IAP's, this game is good. IF you are the impatient type then steer clear. You do NOT need gems to progress in this game, although id recommend anybody to atleast get gems to buy one or two imps. All resources can be won in raids, all upgrades can be completed by waiting. Nothing is forced. I've played this game since Day 1 Beta, and still ranked in the top 10 in the world. I've spent $20 and not a penny more and that was in the first week to get all the imps. Since then ive upgraded almost everything to max level just by plundering.

    There are far far far more money grabbing IAP games out there. EA are the root of all evil but they certainly do not stand alone.

    This topic should be aimed at IAP in general and not towards EA. Poor reporting.

  • Rovex

    Reminds me of browser games like Grepolis, except they actually make the users ruin it for each other.
    I know one guy that spent £4000 on IAP getting his account into the top 10 by using Gold. When you have that sort of idiot around the average user that just wants to play has no chance, especially in Grepolis where your villages can be taken from you by conquering.

  • wheany

    Nice links to the apparently shitty game you have there.

  • Andrew

    I think the icon of the game was made to be the devil for a very good reason.

  • John Smith

    Each time a game like this is released... Steam gets a little bit more popular.

  • Fumtu

    I ran into this last year with The Simpsons. Since then I have totally given up on mobile games.

  • Lord lethris

    Sorry..? Sorry.!
    There are 2 widgets up there promoting that sh*t. Please remove them.

  • SoWhy

    Thank you EA for ruining the "Dungeon Keeper" name completely. -.-
    Those of you who want the real DK feeling, check out "War for the Overworld" on PC/Steam (early access right now)

  • Michael Bristow

    I dont see why this one is getting all the grief. Straw that broke the Camels back maybe? I NEVER pay for in app purchases, and enjoy being able to play these decently published games for free. I see in app purchases as cheats for people with more money than sense and people who are just impatient. This game isnt designed for you to play it for 30+minutes straight, I hop on frequently throughout the day and have a little play. The slapping of the imps to speed work time is a good incentive to quickly get you to log on often.

    I am thoroughly enjoying this game, It's got more to it than just town management and wait times, there's strategy to how and where things are placed. It's easy enough to mine for gems, and i'm only using those to buy more worker imps. Don't be so impatient and just play free to play games... free...

  • Pino Scaruli

    Everyone give one star to the game motivated against the app

  • Android Developer

    Anyone know what's the status of the new game "War for the Overworld" ?
    The one that was made via kickstarter ?

  • Steven Coppard

    I loved the original DK game - paid less than £20 for it when new. I'd be happy to pay £20 for a direct port. But £70 for something that runs out quickly? RUDE!

  • Alex L T (lemoncone)

    The main purpose of In-App Purchases (IAP) is to separate the "haves" (and think they have its) from the "have nots" so that the wealthiest consumers (and the most risky spenders) go straight to the top of leader boards; of course, the developers use the word "free" to draw the masses in to such unevenly weighted competition.

    IAP is an exact representation of the bankers' bailout that occurred globally about six years ago which has sadly spread to the game world. If you think there has been an "economic recovery", sadly you have been deluded by higher forces.

  • seiyon

    well shit, once we hit this point it's easy problem to solve, i think:
    1) put down your phone
    2) take 70 quid you were going to spend on virtual gems
    3) go to local retailer and buy ENTIRE elder scrolls series.
    4) take remaining 30 quid
    5) go have a few drinks with your mates.
    problem solved, yes?