Looking to learn English? I know a little green bird that just might help you out. Duolingo has been around for years now, but it remains one of the best apps available for learning a new language on a mobile device. Now thanks to the latest update, Duolingo is ready to help Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, and Turkish speakers learn English.

Update: Duolingo has also added English-learning support for Polish speakers.

Duolingo1 Duolingo2 Duolingo3

Duolingo4 Duolingo5 Duolingo6

Aside from some general bug fixes, that's all there is to see here. This update doesn't move things around at all, so current users don't really have anything to keep an eye out for. This may make the release seem small, but if you predominantly speak one of the four languages listed above, well, then it couldn't get any bigger.

What's new:

  • Hello new people! Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, and Dutch speakers can now learn English on Duolingo.
  • More general awesomeness than before (i.e. we fixed some bugs).

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  • Dee Norbert


  • Trent Callahan

    Let's hope now they can make it go reverse - I've been dying to teach myself Russian for the last two years, the grammar is killing me, pronunciation and the alphabet were easy enough.

  • Nick

    I actually kind of want to learn Dutch. Since they did Dutch to English, lets see if they can do the other way. I'm actually wondering if there is a significant amount of people that have used this app and have seen promising results.

    • Sinistar83

      I'm in the same boat.. I have several family members on my mom's side that speak Dutch, would love to learn or at least understand what they are saying, though I have picked up a few words here and there. :)
      I emailed their support to see if they would add English to Dutch.

      • Felecia Powell


        ●●● ●●●● ●●●● ●●● ●●● ●●●As a Brit, I can say that Americans can't even speak English correctly!

  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo


  • epsiblivion

    they said they're working on japanese. but I wish it'd come sooner

  • XWheme1937

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  • Oebele Kooistra

    Most Dutch are bilingual (Dutch and English), or even speak a third or fourth language (Spanish, French). More an app for Americans whom mostly are monolingual.

    • Nick

      Yeah, I agree for the most part. Us, Americans have little motivation to learn and maintain a second language unless it's Spanish, or maybe French. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to learn a language, but stopped because I had no need for it. However I feel that the more eastern European countries will benefit from this.

      • Oebele Kooistra

        Eastern Europeans working in The Netherlands since the open borders because of the EU starting in 2007 speak English and communicate with each other in Russian. For me, speaking seven languages, there allways has been a world open to me cause language is the best door to different cultures. However, we Dutch have to anyway, because who outside Surinam, the Dutch Caribean Islands and South Africa speaks Dutch? ;-)

    • Primalxconvoy

      As a Brit, I can say that Americans can't even speak English correctly!

      Jokes and ethnocentricity aside, it's not just Americans who have got this image problem of monolingualism. The British are just as infamous and I would say that they have less of an excuse due to being only a stone's throw away from Europe.

      • Oebele Kooistra

        Though, most of my American and English friends say it's hard to learn Dutch, because every Dutch person replies in English anyway.

        • Nick

          It's not only the Dutch. In my experience, and in what I have been told people just try to speak English with us.

        • Primalxconvoy

          As we're discussing language here, do you mean "English" or "British"?

          • Oebele Kooistra

            In Holland we hardly use the word British. For us it are English people or Americans speaking English. Excuse me for the misinterpretation.

          • Primalxconvoy

            Thank you. However, in English the correct term for someone from the UK is "British". Denoting someone from Wales, Northern Ireland it Scotland as "English" or from "England" could at least be seen as ignorant or at worse, offensive.

            Perhaps it's not just the Americans that need to brush up on their language skills? ;)

          • Oebele Kooistra

            Well, I can communicate with you in your language and unfortunaly I make mistakes and don't want to offense anyone. You, however, probably don't speak or write a word Dutch or another language. Maybe you can appreciate more the efforts non British people make to communicate? And if you don't mind I'd like to end this discussion now.

          • Primalxconvoy

            Actually, I can speak basic Japanese and know a few basic words in Russian, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Korean and Thai.

            All I'm saying is that sweeping statements about one group of people (Americans) isn't helpful and is ironic considering your own language gaffes.

            Perhaps we should all be a little humbler?

          • BeggarBoy

            Geez, what a snob! Who died and made you king?

          • Primalxconvoy

            Why would you use that term? It's incorrect. "Snob" means someone, usually in a perceived higher Socio-economic or class based tier, acting in a way that suggests that they are better.

            I was simply correcting the incorrect use of a term, just as I am doing with your use.

  • Andrew Richards

    I'm trying to learn Thai... for a thing... looking forward to support for Thai someday.

  • usaff22

    I'm learning two languages outside of Duolingo atm (French, Spanish, using Duolingo to support/complement it), but would really love to learn Japanese or Chinese!

  • http://clintharvey.net/ scH

    Hopefully this is a step towards adding a Russian language class for English speakers. I took it in college, and would really love to be able to have a self guided refresher.

    • finn

      Russian would be great!!

  • Kwills88

    I just wanna learn Korean and Japanese so i can watch my Korean dramas and anime without depending on subs...This app is truly great helping me with spanish so thanks to that i can wait patiently.

    • Noah

      Japanese anime uses lots and lots of slang and non standard grammar that you won't learn from studying proper japanese.

  • Evgeny Kosakovich

    Great news

  • Slawootsky


  • Android Developer

    Anybody knows why it needs registration?

  • http://www.emuparadise.me/roms-isos-games.php Apple the patent troll

    Still no Chinese, Korean, Japanese and pretty much all Asian languages.

  • Jon

    Waiting up for Chinese...