Sony's oddball external smartphone cameras have a lot of shortcomings compared to a conventional point-and-shoot, but they're getting a little better today. The manufacturer has released the 2.0 firmware for the QX10 and the more expensive QX100, boosting their video recording capabilities and low-light sensitivity.


Video recording for both models has been expanded to 1080p at 30 frames per second. Formerly it was 1440x1080/30, the 4:3 aspect ratio equivalent. The shifted resolution should make videos taken on the QX cameras match up with most phones, HDTVs, and 16:9 monitors. Sony has also boosted the ISO options for both cameras: the QX10 now tops out at 3200, while the QX100 can now shoot as high as ISO 12800. That should help out a lot in low-light situations. The QX100 also gets a shutter speed priority mode for locking in action shots.

To upgrade your camera, you'll need a Windows PC, a USB cable, and a battery charge of at least three quarters. Instructions and downloads for the QX10 and QX100 can be found here and here, respectively. Unfortunately the software update doesn't address some of the deeper issues with these add-on cameras, namely the slow shooting speed and unintuitive PlayMemories app.

Source: XPERIAblog

Michael Crider
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  • hyperbolic

    Next huge trip I am buying this gadget.

    • Augustus Sotelo

      Such a good camera, to use on my Nexus 5. i just bought my Qx10 lens yesterday!!

  • Daniel

    I would like to see some quality tests with the updated 1080p video if you guys still have access to each model.

    • Malcolm Williams

      I didn't record 1080p with my qx100 but I can say that the photo quality is struggling with saturation issues. The previous firmware was able to at least find a proper saturation on default (superior quality mode). However, it's pretty obvious that superior mode does take multiple shots and probably takes the highest and lowest contrast and finds an even middle (like HDR)

      Intelligent Auto got a boost though, it does take much better photos. The time it takes for the photos to go to your smartphone is still a bit of time.

      Connection time is much faster. I'll test 1080p later on today

  • yaboi

    Just did the update. Everything was great, friendly and user smooth.