If you've had your eye on Qualcomm's super-special Toq smartwatch, but couldn't bring yourself to pay for one that doesn't match your Colonel Sanders-style white suit, you're in luck. The limited-edition white Toq is now on sale from Qualcomm's online store for the same $350 price as the sober black edition. You can also find it on Amazon, but it's the same price and marked as "shipping within 1 to 2 months." Any takers?

082013_watch-white_qtr_R_clock_weather 071513_watch-white-back- 082013_watch-white-qtr-R-clock-weather_no_watermark

The real question is whether or not anyone still wants the Toq. With Pebble rocking the smartwatch world hard on one end of the price spectrum and Samsung's Galaxy Gear showing off advanced features on the other (and still managing to be cheaper than the Toq), can you really justify the Toq based on its unique Mirasol color screen and wireless charging? Don't forget the middle ground, with Sony's latest Smartwatch and the shiny new Pebble Steel sitting in between the extremes. Then again, Qualcomm has said from the beginning that the Toq is a limited-run device meant more for developers than consumers.

091613_TOQ-wireless-charger-white-watch 082013_watch-white-qtr-L-clock-weather

In any case, Qualcomm's store is offering free two-day shipping with the Toq (white or black) from now until February 10th. There's no word on just how limited the white model is, but it's probably thin on the ground. You'll need an Android phone of any make running Ice Cream Sandwich or later to use the smart watch.

Source: Qualcomm Toq Store

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  • Android Developer

    excuse me for asking, but why do people get so excited about new colors of devices?

    also, how come new colors of devices get to be technology news here?
    seems more like fashion news...

    • Deeco

      That's because, most tech is colourless (either black or white), the new trend is colour!

      • Android Developer

        true, but still, it's not technology news...