Most of the music services available today have some kind of radio feature, automatically generating playlists based on artists, genres, and other musical variables. But what about those of us who have vast hordes of pirated music from college sensible and legally-obtained MP3 collections? Pioneer is hoping to make an alternative DJ mix from your own local music files with the new MIXTRAX app.

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Say you want a new playlist without having to meticulously add tracks and albums one by one. In MIXTRAX, just select a single song and the app will analyze your collection and generate a playlist of musically similar tracks based on beats per minute and melody. It will also merge them seamlessly, DJ-style, so you never hear a gap. This should be great for continuous and virtually endless workout mixes... at least in theory. After all, it's perfectly possible for a slow country croon and a hip hop lament to have similar tempos. You can generate a new playlist based off of any playing song immediately, even if you're in the middle of another automatically-generated playlist.

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Naturally, MIXTRAX will work best if you've got a large amount of music saved to your device's storage or SD card. It will also take some time to perform the initial analysis - so much time that Pioneer recommends leaving your phone on a charger, or connecting it to the free desktop version of MIXTRAX. Like all third-party music apps, MIXTRAX can't access Google Music files that have been saved locally. At the moment the app is on sale for two bucks, and it will work on Android 4.0 or higher.

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • tehboogieman

    Is there a demo for this?

  • Danny365

    Wow, they are lazy. At least they should have put a video up so we could see how it actually works. Screenshots don't tell much.

    • Mike Reid

      Who ? AP / The author ?

      Maybe he didn't want to show how much pirate^H^H^H^H^H^H legal music was in his collection ?

  • Leonardo Baez

    Sounds cool, but I already migrated my collection of pirate (I mean riped legal cds) to play music since they let me upload up to 20000 songs and make it avaible in all my android devices

    • Jason Williams

      not really following how that helps you listen to all that music. I love procedurally curated playlists and Android is REALLY thin on apps that perform that function.

  • Chang

    I love this app. it didnt crash for me yet. and hoping for further improvements when it comes to performance and battery life. Very simple to operate and have been waiting for an app like this for a loooong time.

  • andcas7

    The app is great! Only problems are, the analysis takes a very long time (about 2 hours for 230 songs, one time only) and it crashes often. Once crashes are fixed it will be perfect. Well worth the $2. If I could find a similar or better app than this I would gladly buy it.

  • Jason Williams

    there's definitely a big void in the android world for something like this. Groove is coming (at some point) though and is way better than this.

  • Jason Williams

    this thing is calculating one hour per 100 songs but seems to be moving much faster than that.

    • Jason Williams

      I ran it overnight (about 7-8 hours) - it got through about 1,500 songs.

    • Jason Williams

      it took me the better part of 3 days to get through 7900 songs

  • Jason Williams

    ok I have now completely analyzed my library and let it run for 60 minutes or so listening to different playlists.

    So you know how there's usually about one minute of every song that you really like? Yah, that's what this app is trying to do, pick the 60 seconds from any song and then crossfade to the next song, attempting to make some smooth transition for tempo and timbre.

    It's not great. I didn't always care for the part of the song that it picked. A few times I was just kind of getting into the song and they went to something else. Here's the other thing - I have a very diverse music library with tons of different styles - this thing doesn't care about that one iota. It goes from rap/R&B to adult contemporary to country (AND Western) without apology. It's really jarring.

    Still there was a 4 or 5 song run where I thought the app was almost magical - the transitions worked really well, the songs fit together nicely...

    ... and then it crashed.

    2 out of 5 stars.

    • Jason Williams

      boy I keep coming back to this app because the idea is such a great one - skip the fade in and the fade out and just play the great stuff in between. The only problem is that it crashes everytime my Note 2 goes to sleep.