LG is expected to make the G Pro 2 official at Mobile World Congress next month, but the device is parading around in front of the camera already. The images that popped up on a Korean forum look just like you might expect. It's has those back-mounted buttons from the G2, but on a larger frame.


There's nothing for scale in the photo, so it's hard to tell exactly how big the phone is – the placement and size of the buttons make it look at least a little larger. Rumors have been pointing to a 6-inch phone this time around, which is believable in this day and age. The lines of the phone also match LG's current clean aesthetic. The specs are still up in the air, but the MWC unveiling will probably answer all those questions.


[DCinside via RBMen]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Seth Merritt

    Need a banana for scale.

  • Danny365

    I wonder why they put the speakers on the back.

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Because Boomsound on HTC's One is kinda risky to mess with maybe?

  • Malte Schmidt

    As measured by the micro USB port, I would assume it is about 77mm width.

    • Matthew Fry

      Convert that to HTC One widths please :-P

    • Jason Bailey

      That would definitely put it in the 6" range, too big for me... I like the size of the current G2. S4 footprint but with 0.2" extra screen size.

  • Nick

    That looks so cheap, and ugly. Nevermind that the LG G2 does not need to be bigger, unless they are adding some functionality like the note series.

  • k

    I don't think I will ever buy a phone with a bigger screen size than 5" ... currently at 4'7 and loving it.

    • theunknown

      Do you own a Nexus 4,? I have a Nexus 5 and think I can't handle anything bigger than 4.9

    • Avalos

      I have a 6.4" Z U Ultra.
      I love this big ol' bitch.
      I could go a little smaller, but never anything below 5.5" probably.

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    I don't see an SD slot...

  • TheLastAngel

    "looks like a big G2"

    That bad, huh?

  • Matthew Fry

    Please don't make all the new flagship phones 6"! My pockets aren't that large!

  • JT

    I love my G2, But LG needs to learn to push out the updates...

  • Ivan Myring

    Can't the micro USB slot be used to work out the scale?

    • theunknown

      IMO, I don't think it will work to determine the length

  • Nex

    Well if they are gonna copy Sammy they should @ least copy the freakin SD Card AND REMOVABLE Battery!!!

  • JaySee

    Sigh... They've removed everything good about the G Pro and kept a flaw.

    Kept: Stupid rear speaker.

    Removed: Physical home button with LED notification ring. Off-screen menu and back button. Slimness to fit in one hand unlike the fat blob Note and other phablets.

    I seriously hate that it's a 6 inch screen. The G Pro's size was perfect and unique to all other stupid big phablets.