Note: Google will send out email notifications that enable the deal on your account. It won't work until then.

Maybe Google Play isn't the first place you go for music purchases, but Mountain View is doing its best to change your mind. There's a new promotion on and it's actually a really good one. The Google Play team has selected a few dozen albums that you can now buy for just $0.99 each.

2014-01-29 10_27_10-$0.99 Essential Albums - Music on Google Play

All you have to do is pick an album and buy it. The regular price is still shown, but the landing page for the promo assures us the price will be knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed. You can choose up to five albums from the collection at the reduced price, which is a killer deal.

These are not just random selections that no one's ever heard of – there are some iconic albums here. There's Nirvana – Nevermind, Snoop Dogg – Doggystyle, Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine, Bob Marley – Legend, and a bunch more. The offer is only good until 11:59pm PST Thursday, January 30. This is probably a US-only deal, but let us know if you get it working elsewhere. The only catch, we don't know if everyone will get access to it yet. Google is sending out emails that grant access to the deal. So, keep an eye out.

[Google Play]

Ryan Whitwam
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He's the author of a sci-fi novel called The Crooked City, which is available on Amazon and Google Play.

  • Mattia

    Italy --> Not Found :(

    • https://plus.google.com/+TommasoScalici Tommaso Scalici

      I confirm, not for Italy. Damn it, Google! :(

    • maysider

      EU nothing, Google should realize that we, outside the US, appreciate thier innovations much more than the iConboard land

  • BelgaSox

    on the Belgian Play Store, this particular offer doesn't exist but there's a banner for free classical compilation, but clicking on them takes out to the checkout page with the normal price shown...

  • degoedel

    France --> Not Found either...

  • Eric Shen

    AP, you'll need to read the fine print on this deal. It is only valid if you receive an email invitation to this offer from Google.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      That's our bad. We're updating the post.

      • Cary Zuber

        You just cost your readers probably a few hundred dollars, and your response is "our bad." Pathetic.

        • balognasandwich

          Well, I didn't have any problems figuring it out. A fool and his money are soon parted.

        • usaff22

          OK then, do you want AP to hand out compensation by, you know, giving wads of money? How much would you like? Facepalm

          • Cary Zuber

            Allow me to quote AP. "All you have to do is pick an album and buy it. THE REGULAR PRICE IS STILL SHOWN, but the landing page for the promo assures us the price will be knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed. You can choose up to five albums from the collection at the reduced price, which is a killer deal."Not trying to cause an uproar, I just think there is a better response than "our bad." If i have ruined anyones day by what I said I want to offer up my most sincere apologies .

          • balognasandwich

            Not trying to cause an uproar? Pathetic!

          • usaff22

            You shouldn't trust anyone's word for anything, I wouldn't trust it if Larry Page himself wrote that the album would be cheap without confirmation. Always read the fine print!

        • USSENTERNCC1701E

          If someone is dumb enough not to notice the album cost is more than 99¢, then that is their bad, not AP's.

          • athom07

            You clearly didn't even read the article AP wrote, as it states "The regular price is still shown, but the landing page for the promo assures us the price will be knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed."

        • darkdude1

          People need to learn to read the fine print for themselves. Yes AP made a mistake, but YOU decided to click the button.

        • wicketr

          On their website, it shows the deal is only good for up to 5 albums. So at most It would cost people roughly $45. I'm not sure where you get "hundreds" from. Regardless, the price your credit card will be charged is clearly visible before you hit the buy button.

          • Cary Zuber

            True, but more than one reader purchased albums at full price, thus resulting in my assumption of hundreds of dollars.

      • Evan

        You may want to make the note a bit bolder. Right now it is nestled up with an ad and looks like it is some copy that is included with the ad instead of being a warning to wait for the email before buying.

        • Helen Nichols

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          ✦✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦𐃄✦✦ ✦✦✦𐃁✦ ✦✦✦It should not be this hard to do a sale Google.

    • Ray

      Probably only available in the US as well!

  • omote75

    Canada --> No music store :(

  • Frank Barten

    Works in the Netherlands only when I use my US gift card.

  • Karlo

    " Promotion only open to users who receive the related email offer from Google Play."

    Oh great i didnt get mail.

  • Ben Johnson

    Great I just bought one for full price because you didn't mention we needed to be invited by email. Thanks AP.... smh

    • Jeff718

      Did you not see the full price listed on your screen? Why would you buy it if you didn't want to pay what was listed on your screen?

      • Ben Johnson

        Again, Thanks to AP...

        "promo assures us the price will be knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed."

      • Cary Zuber

        The promo pages says the price will be knocked down to $0.99 upon purchase. This article is very poorly written and misleading.

        • serotheo

          Wow, I'm glad you read the page.

          "Promotion only open to users who receive the related email offer from Google Play. Users must be logged in to Play with the account at which they received the email offer. Promotion is non-transferable. This offer expires at 11:59pm PST Thursday, January 30, 2014."

    • sssgadget

      So while clicking the buy link you didn't think 9.49 value was off by few dollars? ;)

      • Ben Johnson

        "promo assures us the price will be knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed."

        To me, "knocked down to $0.99 when it is processed" means after your purchase. Not before.

  • RockAndRock

    Offer don't available in France...

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    yup, US only

  • joe_attaboy

    If you don't get the email (the knowledge of which is mentioned in the collapse offer information on the page), you will be charged the full amount. I jumped at an $18 Hank Williams collection for 99 cents, only to be charged the full $18. I had to submit a refund request.

    You guys need to MENTION THIS in the story.

  • Redwan Huq

    Very misleading! You definitely need a special email that enables this offer, otherwise you pay full price. I would warn everyone beforehand.

  • moelsen8

    damnit got my hopes up over nothing.

  • vwbeetlvr

    Bought Elton John rocket man greatest hits, Madonna immaculate collection, and notorious b. I. G. Life after death.

  • Mayoo

    "Up to 0 Per Canada"

  • Ram Steff

    did not receive the email.... very bummed after looking over the selection.

  • Cary Zuber

    Just bought an album at full price due to this horribly misleading article. Someone needs to rewrite this.

  • Matt Isaacs

    Any reason to pick these up if I already subscribe to their monthly subscription?

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      Only reason I can see is if you fall on really hard times and have to cancel your cheap subscription you'll still have the albums in your library.

  • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

    But why buy albums anymore if you can stream everything for $8 or $10/mo?

    • br_hermon

      I don't buy $8 - $10 of music a month. Neither do I buy $96 - $120 of music a year.

      • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

        I don't buy two-Starbucks-coffees worth of music a month either, but it's great paying for access to a huge library of music I'd otherwise never hear. Genre radio rocks, as does Exploring the Top Songs in every genre/subgenre. When I'm done exploring and thumbs-upping, I just shuffle my thumbs-up stuff.

        (Also, I partly consider my subscription a form of payback for years of piracy when I was younger.)

    • Nick

      1. So you can own the albums and listen to them after you cancel your streaming services.

      2. So you can download the files and put them on a cd or thumbdrive to listen to in a car that doesn't have bluetooth.

      3. So you can listen to the albums even if your internet is down or if you are away from wifi/3g/4g.

      Purchasing music isn't obsolete.

  • jesuguru

    Thanks, just got Joshua Tree for $.99, biggest no-brainer of the day. No email invitation needed, strangely.

  • RozJC

    I got this email for the UK equivalent last weekend. I guess it'll only be available to people who opted to let Google keep them in touch with special offers etc.

  • Cary Zuber

    You just cost your readers probably a few hundred dollars and your response is "our bad." Pathetic!

    • RozJC

      Only a retard would go through a checkout without checking the final price they're paying.

    • n_a_v

      So people didn't confirm the price before clicking "purchase" and this is AP's fault?

      Got it.

  • Ugghhh

    I got the email, still full price after processing.

    • Laura

      Me too

  • Philip

    I got an email and I'm in the Philippines

  • burtybd

    Smells like a scam

  • br_hermon

    Be careful too. I received the promo email but I didn't notice that it was actually a forward from another gmail address of mine. I thought I was ok since I received the email but was wrong because I didn't use the correct account. One more thing to be wary of.

  • Evan Jenkins

    This is not AP's fault as much as it is a mess up by Google. Why go through such a convoluted process to give away a bunch of old albums from the 90's? I'm also seeing comments that saying they got an email but still got charged full price. It should not be this hard to do a sale Google.

  • David Trent

    Should have read the comments first. Clicked on link and purchased 2 albums before I realized I was being charge full price. Called Google for refund. Was told it was e-mail invite only. Refund could take a week. No biggy but, here comes the "honey don't be pissed" talk. LOL

  • Justin L.

    So for people who got the email, and didn't get the prices popping up - You'll need to sign in to the email that you received the email from.

    The 0.99 price will show when you try to purchase it.

    Attached image shows sale price.

  • Lyotta Brian

    Guys, just wait for Google mail, that's the safest way and yes, promo is not equal to PROMO , find safe one eg here vividroid.com

  • bobprobert

    thanks for nothing AP geez just blew 10 bucks on a nirvana album i diodnt really want because i thought it would be 99 cents after i clicked purchase. wtf no refunds on these like with apps?

  • H@P

    First time I've considered buying music from the play store, and I don't get the email offer on my main account. Of course I get the offer on my work and "other" account ... *sigh*

  • Marcell Lévai

    "Google will send out email notifications" -> no point of "Deal Alert"?

  • Jude Ibe

    Just got my email!

  • Mike Otto

    How do you get the email?

  • Zach Mauch

    Anyone know what determines if you get an Email?