If you've been looking for an easy way to get into the home automation craze, Belkin has a series of plug-and-play accessories that will let you control lights and other electronics without any major home modifications. The WeMo series is relatively cheap and controllable with your phone or tablet via the Android app. Amazon's daily deal portal Gold Box has select WeMo accessories and switches on sale for today only.


The most basic part of the WeMo line is the WeMo Switch, a simple on/off switch that hangs out on a standard wall outlet and connects to your home's WiFi network. The standard Switch is $39.99 today, $10 off its regular price. If you prefer a more integrated look, the WeMo Light Switch replaces a standard light switch fixture in the same way. It's also $10 off a $50 retail price.

Moving up, the more advanced WeMo Insight Switch is on sale for $47.99, $12 off its regular price. This model works just like the other outlet, but adds the capability to report on energy usage to the app or your email address. If you want something a little more automatic, the WeMo Motion is a basic motion detector that can activate a remote WeMo Switch, Light Switch or Insight Switch without a schedule or input from the app. (This item won't do anything by itself.) Amazon has the Motion for $39.99, a full 33% off the retail price. A combination pack that includes one WeMo Switch and one WeMo Motion is $59.99, 25% off

All these WeMo accessories work together once they've been connected to your home's WiFi, and can be turned on or off via the app or pre-set schedules. Cameron Summerson has an in-depth review of the entire system, and you can get the free app right here. As always with Amazon's Gold Box deals, everything is eligible for free two-day shipping for Prime subscribers, and the sale will end after today.

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Michael Crider
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  • darkdude1

    Loving the face styled socket, lol.

  • br_hermon

    This isn't that much of a deal. I've seen the switch listed at 45 before, now it's on sale at 39.99. Meh. Looks like they upped the retail price of the older generation to the newer generation's price to take the discount off of.

  • Mike

    Home Depot recently (maybe still) had a 2pk of the outlet switches for $60. I got myself a pack and haven't had any issues yet. Set up was less then 10 minutes and they are working great. The app isn't stellar, but it is very basic and gets the job done.