If you were one of the four, maybe five people who picked up Verizon's self-branded Ellipsis tablet, then a journey to the settings menu is probably in order. Why? Because Big Red is sending an OTA to the device that brings a handful of useful changes. Here's a look at the changelog:


  • Verizon 4G LTE data connectivity 
  • Mobile Hotspot User Experience and Connectivity 
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Image quality when using the camera 
  • Battery life 
  • SIM Card Activation experience improvements 
  • Added support for Prepaid Plans 
  • Added feature to allow editing of the APN name for Private IP 
  • Option to configure camera to store photos and videos on an external SD card that can be purchased separately. 
  • Added option for end users to move all applications to tablet space manually except for the preloaded apps. 
  • Improved the UI notification for low memory condition

See? Good stuff. The update is probably already rolling out, but if it hasn't hit your device yet, give it a few more days. It'll get there.


Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Nathan Borup

    ...Does ANYONE have this device??

    • mustbepbs

      I feel sorry for anyone who bought this device.

      • Nathan Borup

        Seriously... this device is a joke. I would just buy the lte N7

    • Justin

      sub, i would like to know the answer too.

    • Savannah

      Yeah. I bought one. They had black Friday deals, and the associates totally conned me into getting one. It's really not a bad tablet, the app space is just awful. After the mess I went through trying to get a resolution to that problem, I wish I would've just never bought it.

      • Nathan Borup

        3 words... I AM SORRY. That tablet is just a joke

        • Savannah

          Yeah, they totally misrepresented it. They told me I would be able to put apps on the SD card, but you absolutely can't... Since I'm not a big tablet user, I figured this Tablet would be okay for my purposes. I was WRONG. Only 1gb is allowed for app space, and most of that is taken up by pre installed crap that you can't remove without rooting it. The space is so crappy, the pre installed apps can't even download updates! I went to the Verizon store to complain, and the idiot there basically said that's what you get for buying a cheap tablet.

          • Nathan Borup

            wow... freaking verizon. that is low

          • Savannah

            AND, this update that is supposed to fix everything hasn't hit my tablet yet... we'll see if they actually fix it. They promised the update in December and it never happened. So, I'm not going to hold my breath. :/

          • Ressie

            I just updated mine and it was useless... Still can't transfer anything to the tablet space. I am back to low storage.

          • Jaydee

            I was able to transfer the non-preloaded apps to the tablet space, e.g. Feedly, Quickoffice, ES File Explorer, etc.

          • Savannah

            I can transfer to my tablet space now, but the preloaded apps still take up way too much space. They only half fixed the problem. They need to allocate MORE space for downloadable apps... being able to transfer apps doesn't help much if you can't download the app to begin with. SMH.

          • Jlo2288

            I was thinking the same thing and its so true. Pretty sad my phone has more space for apps then my tablet does.

          • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

            1 Gb? Holy crap. That's useless.

          • Lee David Brinkley

            It's also NOT true. It Comes with EIGHT GB storage space.

          • paulhogue

            I've been fighting this for months...yes, it has 8GB storage space. But you can't access it. There is only 1.5GB of app space (RAM) where the pre-loaded apps are stored and all the app processes must run. Just not nearly enough room to do anything...

      • Dan

        I love this tablet. I have no complaints. I fixed the app space problem with very minimal issues. Research can fix your problems.

        • Savannah

          Well, please enlighten us with your process.

        • Cheffy

          How did u fix the app space problem??

        • Wichard 9018

          Do you have a "fix" you can share with us?

  • robopanda333


  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    Looks like a bulkier Nexus 7 2012

  • BigMixxx

    hell has officially frozen over...

  • AbbyZFresh

    So Verizon can send updates to their official tablets but not to the smartphones?


    • dreeemer

      Huh? I got my Maxx updated to kit Kat couple months ago ota. What u talking bout?

  • Nicholas Ruiz

    Unfortunately we have one of these at my work :/

  • charlie lamar

    Amazingly its not the worst device ever, would not suggest this on contract period. But if your looking for a very cheap sub par tab....

  • ike

    Its actually been a great device for me as an assistant to a CEO. We use Google business apps and drop box. If I was a gamer yes I would be pissed but for business its fine. The only problem has been the app space and if this update fixes that it will be perfect for me, especially since I got it on the Black Friday deal aka free

  • James Behan

    Got it for free on black Friday with the purchase of my moto x. It's actually a phenomenal little tablet. Verizon did good.

  • ressie

    I have the device. It was free on Black Friday. I needed something simple so I was ok with it AT FIRST. It's terrible NO app space at all and the 1/28 update is a joke! I still have no space and I only have about 6 downloaded apps. I can't even receive emails because of low space...

  • Phillip

    How has anyone actually updated theirs? Every time I try to update, it just says "Cannot connect to server"

    • Jaydee

      I just updated mine--you have to have the mobile data 4G LTE on even if you have WiFi on or you will receive the "Cannot connect to server" error.

      • Phillip

        Still didn't work, I even shut off the wireless and used just the 4G. There must just be too many people trying to connect at the same time or something.

        • Phillip

          Finally got it! Had to shut the tablet off and turn it back on...sheesh.

  • vision

    Has anyone updated their tablet, haven't been able to do mine

  • Joshatdot

    I've been getting the "Downloading update package." or summat for nearly a week .. still at 0%

  • pbug56

    I'd love to know why my wife's pad has not gotten the update. But I'd also like to know how Verizon let this out the door with these issues and problems. A lot of this was fixed a couple years ago in older Android versions.

  • McDuff

    Really unbelievable! Nice tablet except for the 1Gb storage. I'm so tired of seeing the low memory notice because I have 5 emailed. We need to be able to repartition the internal SD card and be able to move objects to the external SD card.

  • captainmj

    Any update on update to alleviate the poor internal storage issue so that an external SD card can be used?

  • dreeemer

    Got one. For FREE. For that price, it can't be beat!

  • Robert Reppert

    Update fixed nothing, oh sure you now put kindle app in tablet partition but once you open a book regardless it loads it into app space. Forget about opening your Google drive even to view it because you guessed it opens in app space. Piece of garbage

  • jerry g

    The tablet stinks. The tablet space is actually the sd card. Why? Who knows? I added a 32 gb sd card and it did nothing. Actually all the game apps transferred to the card automatically. I am so sorry I bought it. I am surprised Verizon would sell such a product. Then not give software updates to fix it. Personally I think we have all benn bamboozeled.

  • Jim Taylor

    Just checked for the update, and while my tablet doesn't show that version, it says it is up tio date. Whasup?

    • Sandy K

      I just did the same. No new update. Uuurrrhhh.

  • Wichard 9018

    Verizon gave me one for free because I have three (3) phones with them. Main problem I see is the 32GB SD card can only be accessed through the file manager. Can't move apps over unless I use a root hack app. Not sure I'm ready for that. Hope Verizon & Android come up with a better solution.

    • Sandy K

      Hear hear. Any news on a supposed update?

  • Sandy K

    It is Novembe 2, 2014. Has my software version is MV7A_31D25_442A.according to the "press" release the version is supposed to beMV7A_31D26_422_D3A. Does anyone know if this ad is legit? I got two of these devices. I've had to get one replaced and this one I am on right now has same issues (invalid SIM card and no service) as the other one. Verizon? Are you out there?

  • Hillary

    Help! Santa brought my step daughter and nephew Ellipsis for Christmas because they were $50 and Santa was sick of them using the iPad all the time. My sister just told that my nephew's tablet is low on storage. When she checked to see what was using the storage, there were games and "misc." She deleted some games, but couldn't figure out what the "misc" was.

    Can anyone help?