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Update: Well, the deal lasted the whole hour, but now it's done. You can still get $70 off through Valentine's Day.

Okay, you know the drill. Motorola is offering another deal on the off-contract Moto X, but this time the final price for the 16GB version of the device is going to be an all-time low of $299. All you have to do is register for a code in the next hour (or few minutes).


Just like last time, you will go to this page and add your information. Then Motorola sends a unique promo code via email. What you're actually getting is a $30 off code, but that combines with the automatic $70 discount that Motorola is running through Valentine's Day. The last few events haven't included the developer edition phone, but it is included this time for an extra $50. The code will expire eventually, so make sure you use it while you can. 

Every other time Motorola has done this, the codes were gone in under 10 minutes. We'll update when they are gone, but you ought to hurry up. In fact, why are you still reading this?

[Motorola, Motorola Promo Code]

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  • http://meatcastle.com/ Youre My Boy Bloo

    Trigger pulled... Now the waiting game starts... Can't wait to get wood...

  • Atique Ahmed

    The site is so slow right now :/

  • Tony Byatt

    I'm surprised the codes still available...

    Hope that's because the have a lot to give away versus low demand...

    • Brandon Miller

      It is still up now at 3:30 ET. Interesting. Either Motorola came well prepared or a lot of people who would want a Moto X already have bought theirs over the past couple months.

  • glash

    That ~220€ price difference between this price and the European made me sad :/

  • David P

    Got there at 1524 fully expecting not to get a code and got a code. Motorola must've come well-stocked this time around

  • Tony Byatt

    Got the code...

    Expires 2/3/2014 11:59PM EST.....

  • just

    Great - I got the code, but can't order the phone (white 16GB GSM unlocked) I wanted (==> "Sorry, you selected a configuration that is backordered and unavailable for selection at this time. Please select another Moto X - GSM Unlocked.")

    • just

      Forgot to mention: "Availability: In-Stock Mar 11, 2014" - and the coupon expires Feb 3, 2014

  • Dysbert Tovar

    Take my code. VDayX-PA5G-NXUE-ZKTS-IXYS

  • Brzfld

    @Brzfld on twitter to get my code. DM me

    • Chris Teddi-b’poetic Vaughan

      is this gotten already?

      • Brzfld

        Find me on twitter so someone doesn't steal the code.

  • Chris Teddi-b’poetic Vaughan

    booooooo I missed it :(

  • Ruchin Shah

    Enjoy : VDayX-BI5V-VLSY-ZRLU-LC4P

    Reply when you use it...thanks.

  • sctang25

    I have the code but cant get the moto x to ship to me before i leave US, willing to exchange my code for USD 50 Amazon gift card code....email me if you are interested..