Sprint's mobile data is typically not the first, or the second, or even the third to come to mind when looking for a zippy connection in the US, but the company is looking to change this impression with its new tri-band LTE network, more memorably known as Sprint Spark. Unfortunately, only a limited number of the carrier's phones are able to take advantage of this new capability, with some of them requiring an OTA before they're ready. Today Sprint has announced that the LG G2's update is on its way.


The ZVA software update will enable the LG G2 to connect to Sprint Spark's LTE bands 26 and 41. This is mostly good news. Unfortunately, only a few markets currently have access to Sprint Spark (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Tampa). In addition to that, LG G2 owners who install this update will be greeted by a rather glaring icon in the notification bar. Sprint's apparently proud of its little piece of art, as this spinning spark manages to snag a full bullet point in the changelog. Yay?

Source: Sprint

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

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  • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

    Data is a novelty on Sprint anyway. You can't even use it if you are using the cell radio. So you either have to use VOIP on their shitty data network, or do without MMS and any apps that use data.

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    • Brad

      Who talks on the phone anymore anyway?

    • koiulpoi

      Capabilities such as SVDO and SVLTE are more dependant on the handset manufacturer than on the cellular provider. That being said, simultaneously using WiFi and voice services is available across the board, and with WiFi approaching ubiquity, it's a non-issue for most users.

      • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

        This is about the LG G2. And being able to use my wifi spots that I pay extra for is no excuse.

        • koiulpoi

          The LG G2 on Sprint, due to being a Sprint Spark device, uses a single-radio architecture. This allows for more seamless transition between frequency bands, better performance at the edges of service or seams between cell sites, as well as battery life improvements. These improvements were, likely, considered to be more beneficial to overall consumer experience than the underused talk-and-surf ability of certain other handsets.

          Being able to talk and surf on Sprint with CDMA only worked due to early Sprint LTE devices having two radio paths. If it's a requirement for you, I recommend you either purchase a secondary device, or switch providers. Sprint, with Spark devices, has no plans to include this in future devices.

          Once Voice over LTE becomes commonplace, you'll see this appear again, but I wouldn't expect that until at least 2020.

          • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

            Now you are just spewing more crap we all know and can read on any number of sources. You argued my post, I've made my points, you repeat crap we all know. There is no argument. And nothing you are saying is countering what the post was about. Kindly STFU with your tryhard attitude because you aren't impressing anyone, you're just being an asshat.

          • koiulpoi

            If you would, kindly act a little more professionally, and refrain from attempting to fling insults. Thank you.

            I actually was giving you information as to why the situation is what it is, in hopes that you would gain an understanding of it. Your opinions you draw from that understanding are, of course, your own.

            I can see that you're rather unhappy. Do you currently have Sprint service? If so, you'll be happy to know that T-Mobile is offering to pay for your Early Termination Fees, as well as give you money back for your device. This could allow you to switch providers today.

            If you do not currently use Sprint, I'm not sure why you'd be posting on this article, so I will not address that possibility.

          • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

            Why are you STILL over here being a fucking asshat? Did I fuck your mom at the bar or something? SORRY OK! I would have fucked any of those women!

          • koiulpoi

            Why are you being so rude?

          • SteveH100

            He is being a nitwit.

          • SteveH100

            why are you so dumb?

          • SteveH100

            Personally I find you seem to be complaining about what you "should" have known before the purchase. Makes one wonder why you made the purchase, assuming you actually did.

        • JeremyV

          If you want to be able to use the feature such as Hotspot then just do not make a call? If you do not like how you can not call and use data, then Get a different device, a separate Mobile Hotspot. But first of all you had 14 days to use the device and find its pro's and con's. It is not sprint, or LG's fault you did not use the time wisely. The only person to blame is yourself

          • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

            Eat a bag of dicks. P.S.Die in a fire.

          • JeremyV

            You must have some sexual insecurity, hence your reference to fucking moms at bars, bag of dicks? Hmm Anyone Want to guess the age of this person? Maturity wise i am guessing 13, Age wise probably 25. You obviously have no knowledge and are here to complain about something you have done to yourself. So Why don't you go complain on another thread,and stop taking it out on people who are explaining things to you. Thank you, Have a nice Night :)

          • SteveH100

            people like that person should be barred from posting...way out of line.

          • GetALifeAndStopBitching

            Here is educated america everyone....smdh....

          • SteveH100

            idiot you show your lack of intelligence

  • oesjmr

    I don't care about any of this, just give me KitKat already!

  • mike

    It says 2013 :-

  • xRepinsSporx Alex

    Just installed. So freaking fast now here in Austin. Crazy icon

    Now for 4.4 to be released

  • sglick

    Ugh...this SPINNING ICON IS AWFUL!!!! Sprint has just lost another customer, as I refuse to sit back and take this crap when I can go to AT & T or Verizon and their devices don't have ANNOYING ICONS THAT SPIN EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY. Amazing how other phone providers don't DO THINGS THAT PURPOSEDLY ANNOY AND DRIVE CUSTOMERS AWAY LIKE SPRINT HAS WITH THEIR DUMB SPARK ICON. Morons. CEO Dan Hesse is the top idiot at this soon to be bankrupt corporation. They are total jerks for designing this. Epic FAIL SPRINT....

  • BigAppleGuy

    Consistently 21+ Mbs down and 7 up on LG G2 Spark in NYC.

  • CSUram

    15.53 down and 7.34 up this morning here in Fort Collins, Colorado! Couldn't be happier after relying on under .5mbps down for about a year! I think I can deal with the pesky icon.

  • Marcus McLin

    I have the LG G2 in downtown Chicago and downloaded the Spark update weeks ago. Connection has been TERRIBLE since the update. I have to have at least 4 bars just to connect to the internet through Spark. Anything less and that Spark icon just spins until I get a "Connection Timed Out" error message. Also, when I'm away from home I now have to manually turn off my WiFi just to get the phone to switch to Spark, otherwise it'll constantly look for a WiFi signal and won't switch over to Spark on its own. The handful of times that I'm able to get a good Spark connection, I've noticed that speeds were faster, but I haven't been able to hold onto a good Spark connection for more than 2 minutes at a time. I'll be watching a YouTube video and a couple minutes in it'll just stop and say "Buffering," until I get that stupid "Connection Timed Out" message again.
    I'd rather have the old Sprint LTE back. It may not be as fast as Spark claims to be, but it's a heck lot more reliable.

  • Hiedi Fliess

    St.louis. TOO

  • Hiedi Fliess

    How do i turn of notification bar...scrolling across top?