LG used to be a second rate Android OEM, but the last few years have been good to the Korean company. After making the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 for Google, its own "G" line of flagship phones have been more successful. Everyone has been wondering if the successor to last year's LG Optimus G Pro would be coming soon, and LG Korea just spilled the beans on its social news site – the G Pro 2 will indeed be unveiled next month.


The Optimus G Pro from last year (LG has since dropped the 'Optimus' branding) was basically a bigger, faster version of the Optimus G. While the company's little pre-announcement tease didn't offer any concrete details beyond the name, it's probably going to be much the same this time around. Last year the the G Pro made the jump from Snapdragon S4 Pro to Snapdragon 600. Perhaps the G Pro 2 will step up to the Snapdragon 805 from the Snapdragon 800 in the LG G2. The 5.5-inch LCD on the Optimus G Pro was a big increase over the 4.7-inch Optimus G, but screens keep getting bigger. The G Pro 2 might even be joining the swelling ranks of 6-inch phones.

LG didn't mention Mobile World Congress by name, but LG announcing a phone in February probably means it's happening at WMC.

[LG Korea]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • supremekizzle

    It's funny about the growing screen sizes. For instance, I'm looking at replacing my girlfriends Motorola Droid X with a Moto G. Wanting to see how the screen sizes compared, I Googled, "Motorola droid x screen size." And the description describes the droid x as having a HUGE 4.3" screen. Lol that's small now.

    • Scott
      • Matthew Fry

        That's a pretty cool tool!

      • Martha Walker

        but LG announcing a phone in February probably means it's happening at WMC.

  • edictogram

    Dear loving friends, Samsung and Google signs 10 year patent, this could bring more awesomeness see : http://goo.gl/aJp4ht

  • Will Thompson

    The Optimus G Pro is by far the best phone I and my family have ever owned. Outstanding battery life that puts Samsung to shame, fully charges easily under two hours, quick and responsive, and the screen size and clarity has led to much attention and interest from others. Hopefully the next model continues LG's resurgence. Just don't buy a washer or dryer from them.

    • Scott

      How about a fridge?

    • KlausWillSeeYouNow

      I own one, but I am APPALLED that LG has still not updated it from 4.1. That is an absolute disgrace. I will think twice before getting the G Pro 2.

      • Martin Cohen

        With 4.4, you no longer get the useful Google Maps - just the current carppy one (no "Save as Contact", poor navigation, no "My Maps").

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          I'd still prefer it to 4.1. There's more to KitKat than Maps.

      • Shaunak Basu

        I will think before buying from LG again.... (Unless it is Nexus)... Most people who do not find this no update an issue probably do not know that 4.3 onwards supports OGL 3 thus giving faster graphics at lower memory/power consumption and 4.4 onwards RAM requirement has been optimized... I am really sorry I bout OG Pro :(

      • Will Thompson

        Update finally here as of 5/21 for AT&T...

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          That's great news! Thanks for telling me, I would have likely never known... Got tired of waiting and am typing this on my Sony Xperia Z2. :-)

          Is it the 4.4 update?

  • KlausWillSeeYouNow

    I really love my G Pro on T-Mobile, but a few other devices are tempting me. Only problem is that they're so darn expensive (namely, Z1s and One Max). I usually flip my devices, since I don't (yet) have T-Mobile's JUMP! (I just put them on eBay and do the best I can), but I knew that the resale value of my G Pro would be limited. Now the price of a *NEW* G Pro is $369.99. I paid $419.00!

    The G Flex doesn't really impress me, since I already have an LG*; however, I feel attracted to the HTC One Max because of the fingerprint scanner, front-facing speakers, and metal body. Yes, the Sony is gorgeous and superior to the One Max specs-wise, but the speaker placement has become increasingly important to me. Another strike against the One Max is that I question if it's actually better than my G Pro. I'd hate to downgrade. So, I am torn. I just don't know if the right route is to stay content until the market catches up to Sony and prices fall, or snatch the One Max (which I expect will fall dramatically in price soon). Now, this G Pro 2 is pretty much totally confirmed.

    *Note: I really like LG devices. Yet, I am stunned that LG has still not updated the G Pro. I think my JB 4.1.1 is causing some upgrade fever for me; I look at the Z1s and One Max with at least 4.3 and wonder why that can't be me. Not sure I want another LG for that reason; they are extremely lackadaisical about updating software.

  • Antonio Medina

    I agree lg g pro is better then samsung cheap phones I went to 4 note 3 for multiple problems related to hardware software and build quality the executive CEO offices from Samsung email and contact me about the problems an offer me to replace the note 3 for the 5 time and I told them screw you I'm going with apple and LG they have better products and warrants and so far no problems with iphone 5s 32gb factory unlock and lg g pro unlock version and I'm happy

  • Sha Shahin