So here's one we haven't asked you before, and it's pretty straightforward: how much internal storage (read: not including SD card or other expandable options) does your current phone have? We've asked you how much storage you need, and whether you have to have an SD card, but not what you're working with right now.


Oh boy, memory!

This isn't some kind of big, pressing issue, but hey, it'll be interesting to see how many gee-bees everyone has, right? Personally, I've got a 32GB Nexus 5 right now, and that amount seems to be working just fine for me.

How much internal storage (advertised, not actual) does your current phone have?

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David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

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    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      And what phone is that?

      • Fatal1ty_93_RUS
        • Felipe Pimenta

          That's not a phone lol

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Well yeah, it's not, but this is probably the closest to a device having built-in 128gig

          • read the title

            Try again, this time, read the title. it's clearly asking the storage on your current PHONE. It's not a phone, so it doesn't belong on this poll or in this discussion.

          • Cheeseball

            Yeah, I agree with you. It's not a phone.

            But damn am I interested. We need a viable iPod Touch competitor in Android space. WiFi tablets are too big and the cheaper, affordable phones usually have bad DACs.

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Well apart from that Walkman I posted above there's literally no competition for iTouch, you're right. That is, unless companies like Cowon start putting Android on their MP3 players

        • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

          What is that called exactly?

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            Sony Walkman NWZ-ZX1

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Oh man I'd love one of those. I love having a buttload of storage. Too bad they're all like $900+ online. How do you like it?

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            I Don't have it, just posted it as an exmaple of a 128gig storage device

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Oh gotcha. I see that Meizu M3 that @Beardymike:disqus mentioned too. They need to make more of these options. It's 2014 folks. We have robots on Mars!!

          • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

            I agree. Options like 4/8/16gig just dont' cut it. Especially when you see reports of how cheap these memory chips are today and seeing how app and game sizes tend to grow more and more.

            But maybe OEMs don't slap such big capacities because of how mobile content tends to be more and more cloud-based (E.g. streaming services a-la Play Music or Play Movies or iTunes Radio)

            But then again, Apple has been providing its phones with 64Gig options for, what, a couple of years now?
            And they even have iPads with 128gig options. One of the things Android really needs

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Yeah seriously, it's okay to a follower on some things, and local storage is one of them. Gimme a 128gb Nexus 7 stat!

          • Leonardo Farage Freitas

            Robot, dude. We have a robot on Mars. This is not 2017 yet :P

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            Whoops lol, for some reason I thought we had 2.

          • Fabricio Morato

            There are 2 rovers in operation on Mars : opportunity and curiosity.

          • Leonardo Farage Freitas

            Oh boy! How long did I sleep? Is it 2017 already?

            Thanks for the info =D

      • TY

        Maybe change the 64GB option to "64GB or more". There's indeed a phone called Meizu MX3 with a 128GB option.

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      Meizu M3 maybe.

  • aNYthing6

    32GB Nexus 5 - still have about ~19GB left (comes with ~27GB).

  • Daniel Walsh

    32 gb

  • jamaall

    Droid MAXX - comes with 32GB standard

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

    Yo dawg, no 4 TB option?

    • Nathan Fletcher

      I was on megaupload yesterday and I saw a plan for 96tb and I was like wtf?!?!?!?

      • Darshan Karia

        you mean 4 TB plan with 96 TB Bandwidth, right?

      • Deeco

        You mean Mega, right?

  • nope

    My 8GB Nexus 4 sometimes drives me crazy

  • yodatom10

    32gb galaxy nexus

  • Hans Pedersen

    48GB. This poll doesn't really work for that little majority of Android phone owners who actually has expandable storage.

    • al89

      yep same here...
      currently have a 16gb sgs4 with a 32gb micro sd card

    • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

      Poll was for ADVERTISED space not ACTUAL space. My HTC One X was advertised with 32GB for example

    • TheSparks

      I think this poll is regarding internal storage..

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Internal storage is literally in the title of the poll and the poll itself. Not sure how to make that more clear.

      • Hans Pedersen

        That's the problem, I think many people who buy a Samsung buys them because the storage isn't fixed.

        • darkdude1

          So you can literally change the internal storage? This poll is about how much storage the phone comes with, not how much you can add by SD card, USB OTG etc..

          • Hans Pedersen

            If you're going to abuse the word literally like that, then yes, if you're a geek, you normally can pick whichever NAND storage you want as the system's internal storage.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Again, that is not what the poll is asking. It's not relevant.

        • http://www.Mikereviews.co.uk/ Mike Brown

          No, He means he was asking for your INTERNAL STORAGE SPACE, Not an SD or USB addition.

          How much space was your phone advertised with 8 /16 /32 GB?

          • Hans Pedersen

            I know. And that is why I wrote, I don't think this poll is relevant for the majority of Andorid phone owners. Because the majority of the phones have expandable storage.

            Just to clarify. It's really hard to find a more price concious alternative than a 16GB phone and add 32GB SD storage. The added 32GB will cost you around €15.

          • darkdude1

            I have a Nexus 5 which doesn't have an SD card yet there are plenty of ways I can expand my storage too. I think this poll is very relevant to see what storage options people are buying, there is a conscious choice between 8/16/32/64+ gb phones.

          • Hans Pedersen

            The SD card is INTERNAL in the Samsung phone. It is pretty effing relevant to someone who's not overly defensive about Google being cheap about using 3rd party licenses, like storage drivers, in their devices.

          • Shawn Cheever

            Ok let's clarify what "internal" means: non-removable. You have a 16GB non-removable chip and then your removable 32GB microSD card.

          • dextersgenius

            Actually, even Samsung refers to the SD card as "external_sd", so your argument is invalid.

          • Hans Pedersen

            Physically internally in your phone, Rainman.

          • Bigmac

            Chaddy mac

            Dude I am no techy and I understand this well enough. I have a Samsung s4 which I bought with 16gig internal storage and I "can add" 32gig if I'd like. But the poll asks how much storage your phone has "built" in. Why are you arguing for arguments sake. Your being a Douche..

          • Hans Pedersen

            Just to be fair. The author has re-phrased the question since I started this thread. So yeah.... Call me a douche if you want to, but the argument was valid.

          • Shawn Cheever

            Right. Now pretend you don't have external storage, what do you have? I'm guessing by your last comment your phone has a total of 16GB internal (built-in) storage. So select "16GB" from the poll. Obviously adding various amounts of external storage you can have all sorts of strange numbers but the question was "how much internal storage".

          • Hans Pedersen

            And that's the point. That would be like stating my desktop only has 256GB storage, as the system drive is 256GB. I don't buy a phone without SD support, because I like the ability to add internal storage myself.

            The point, again, is that the poll is really not relevant for most phone owners, as it only asks about how much one part of the storage is.

            Jesus, I really couldn't imagine so many people getting this upset about someone pointing out something obvious like this. =)

          • Cheeseball

            You're not adding internal storage, you're adding removable storage, as stated in the Android developer guidelines.

          • Hans Pedersen

            See, I knew you were going to write that. Interpreting the word internal the logical way, and not the physical real world way.

            It's internal storage for the end user, as it's located internally in the phone. You always have it there, as long as you have your phone with you.

          • Cheeseball

            Right, but since this is a technology-based website, you are expected to at least know the basics of computer and Android OS terminology.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

            Yes, but the majority of readers on this site are downvoting you because the majority of people reading know what the fuck the author meant and the majority of people reading don't give a crap about your stupid, forced argument about why micro SD card slots are literally Jesus.

            It's Saturday. Go outside. Eat some delicious pie. Have sex with someone. Eat someone's pie outside, I don't know, dude. But come on, there has to be something more worth your time than this.

          • Joshua Hill

            I love when someone is told to go get a life. Why waste your time posting that. Heed your own advice :p

        • Kaero

          Except the question is SPECIFICALLY asking how much base storage your phone has before you go sticking microSD cards in it.

          • Hans Pedersen


            "So here's one we haven't asked you before, and it's pretty straightforward: how much internal storage does your current phone have? We've asked you how much storage you need, and whether you have to have an SD card, but not what you're working with right now."

            If you read that in plain English, it clearly asks how much storage you have to work with inside your phone.

          • Cheeseball

            "So here's one we haven't asked you before, and it's pretty
            straightforward: how much internal storage does your current phone have?"

          • Hans Pedersen

            ...please keep reading the sentence to the end.... Where it ends with "...what you're working with right now." :)

            I'm not the author. I didn't write that. But I still say, the poll is irrelevant. And I definitely stand by the point that some Nexus owners are disturbingly defensive about their phone's shortcomings, when someone points out that a poll made on a website is not reflecting real world usage. Some people even ask me to jump off a bridge and die.


          • Cheeseball

            "We've asked you how much storage you need, and whether you have to have an SD card, but not what you're working with right now."

            Previous polls have already referenced the two emphasized points above. The "what you're working with right now" references the marketed amount of storage your phone contains. Therefore, if you have a 32GB Galaxy Note 3, the value you would choose is 32 GB, and not 64 GB just because you can add an extra 32 GB of external storage to it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

            You're breaking my balls Hans!

          • Crispin Swickard

            As someone that has owned 4 nexus devices I have not had issues in shortcomings other than after having one for 2 years it becoming dated. That is not a Nexus issue. That's an electronics evolving at a rapid rate issue. My first N5 died out of nowhere a couple weeks ago, but I got a replacement that works just as great as the first one. (before it dies of course) I have nothing to defend about my phone, or tablet as they work great. As far as the dead device I don't feel I need to defend it either since these things happen with any electronic device now, and again, and this was the first I have ever gotten that I had to do an RMA on.

            Removable storage is just not required these days as it was back in the day of 256MB, 512MB of internal storage. Its like the argument of when iPod touches came along with smaller storage than their previous HDD based counterparts, and people just had to have 100s of gigs of storage. It took years for that to seemingly die out, and I still hear it now, and again 5 years later. I guess since the Nexus S was the first without removable storage we still have 2 years more of this ridicules bickering about excess storage, and by that point we will have probably 1TB NANDs as an average for flagship handsets. People thinking they need more than 16/32GB. Now THAT is disturbing.

            Not saying that you specifically think you need excess storage, but many people want to argue the limited storage when the amounts included these devices are more than sufficient these days. However you indicate a shortcoming on Nexus devices which I can only assume to mean they don't have removable storage.

            The poll is just simply asking how much storage is built into the phone, and nothing more. This applies to all phones with, or without removable storage. It is relevant to everyone, and establishing a baseline of what amount of storage their phone came with only as it is plainly indicated.

          • Hans Pedersen

            I have somewhere between 50-100 GB of cloud storage, I honestly don't know the exact number. I use 50 GB of those regularly, but it is definitely not true that expandable internal storage is not needed any more. I daily run into issues with cloud storage because of bandwidth issues, even when connected to a WiFi connection. You need offline access to files. You can't stream anything above standard definition reliably from services like Dropbox. My 48GB is always filled to the brim, even though I delete stuff all the time. I can't say the same about those gigs of cloud storage.

          • Crispin Swickard

            I doubt many people need to stream HD video content on a regular basis. lol If they do it would probably be for work uses, and there is probably a paid solution that said would would pay for if it was a business need. Then the big issue would be if they couldn't use wifi, and they have to stream over a carrier connection. Then the big issue would be data caps, and overages. That would then be a carrier issue, not a device.

            I would have to say that usage scenario probably effects less than 10% of people out there as most people use cloud storage for important information/information they need to be able to access whenever they have a data connection.

            If your not dealing with a mass quantity of music/high quality video content that for more like 99% of people don't have actual necessity to store locally, or have on cloud storage the regular internal storage amounts is more than sufficient.

            #1% ;P

          • Hans Pedersen

            Most high-end phones are Full HD today. Saying that most people don't want to take advantage of that is an odd argument. I'd like to see you confirm that claim with numbers if you want to stand by it. :)

          • Crispin Swickard

            And mine is full HD as well, and it would be great that everything that got watched on it would be that resolution as well. I have not personally, or known anyone personally that uploads videos to cloud storage for the intent of streaming them. Not to say people don't, but its bound to be a small usage sample. We would need a whole new poll, or 2 to establish those numbers.

          • Hans Pedersen

            People did it when the GS4 was new. Back then it was fully possible to stream 720p from Dropbox, you know, Dropbox video streaming is fully integrated in the TouchWiz media player. Apparently Dropbox felt it cost them too much bandwidth after a few months and now they simply throttle your bandwidth and force transcode your videos to lower resolutions.

            People with Full HD devices naturally wants to take advantage of them, that's something you can assume without a poll, assuming no one does what you personally don't do yourself, that's a completely different story.

            I can assure you a lot of people likes to watch 720p or 1080p video on their smartphones, but unfortunately, streaming that from the cloud is simply not realistic today. That is why expandable internal storage is still popular.

          • Hans Pedersen

            Sorry, I can now see what you guys are saying. Apologies for me being a complete dickhead, now if only I could remove my comments from this chat.

          • Hans Pedersen

            This site is really full of disgusting trolls of late.

            Someone with a different opinion is clearly not accepted by disgusting people like you. You fucking twat.

          • Tomáš Petrík

            The only troll here is you.
            If the author wanted to ask how many pink dots are there on your underpants, that is the question. Objecting whether the question is relevant, irrelevant, justified, or not, won't help you.
            The author of the poll wanted to know what is the size of the internal, non-removable storage on your phone. Regardless of having any other possible storage options. Is it that hard to understand?

          • BigMac Donald

            Douche maybe a bit harsh but now you see whats going on. So I will stick with dick head. Lol

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

        I agree, but I think some people interpret "internal" as anything contained within the phone.

        Perhaps "built-in" is more specific?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

          Seems perfectly fine to me.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          This person clearly understands the semantics, he's just being difficult.

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

            lol, I wasn't suggesting a change ;)

          • Joshua Hill

            That's funny, having read the entire thread I could have labeled you exactly the same. Everybody seems to understand Hans' argument they just disagree. The end result, everybody behaves like a child or a troll. Well done AP for fostering such as brilliant community.

    • Nick

      the poll clearly says INTERNAL storage, does it not?

    • David Perry

      They ask how much internal storage not expandable. ...

    • Hands Pedersen the lame troll

      You're a fucking idiot. Pls go jump off bridge. kthx.

      • Hans Pedersen

        Practice your social skills. You know, you might have to talk to a real person one day.

    • Hands Pedersen the lame troll

      You're a fucking idiot. Pls go jump off bridge. kthx.

    • Dinsdale Drummond

      Yh I actually get your point. I'm assuming that you did understand the title of the article but you're saying that the article itself is not relevant in a real world sense. I agree with that. I have 16 GB on my nexus 4. I would have preferred 32GB but that wasn't available. If the phone came with sd card support them I would be happy with the 16GB and the possibility of adding however much I needed afterwards.

    • Hans Pedersen

      I would just like to apologize to everyone for trolling on Androidpolice tonight. My mummy grounded me from going outside so I thought why not stir shit on the Internet. Needless to say, I feel like a dumbass now :(.

  • Martim

    I'd like to see a poll on the amount of free storage remaining on people's phones.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/cody-toombs/ Cody Toombs

      Seriously, that would be pretty interesting. That's a good measure for how many people are actually having problems with what they have.

      • Nathan Fletcher

        Just to comment, I have about 2gb free on my moto x, and that is with 4 large games (asphault 8, nfs13, cod strikezone and gta san andreas) on the thing with all my music and movies on a meenova.

      • Stacey Liu

        Well not necessarily. I intentionally keep about 2 out of 16GB free on my Nexus 4 for performance reasons (Anandtech recommends keeping 10-20% free for ideal I/O performance).

        I would like to keep a lot more content on my phone though. I only have about 40% of my Google Play Music library stored on device. I also regularly delete junk and apps I haven't used in a while to make space for new ones.

        In my opinion, I have enough storage when I don't have to actively manage it.

        • GraveUypo

          yes, that last sentence nails it.

          • VinceBabin

            Could not have said it better.

        • Michael J Carroll

          I don't think you need to worry about the storage with Android 4.3. I know there was a problem with the earlier versions of Android because of no fstrim support.

          • Stacey Liu

            That's exactly why it's an issue. TRIM is ineffective without a decent amount of free space.

            Basically, TRIM tells your memory to get rid of data to get free blocks. If your storage is close to full, a lot of blocks will still partially have data, limiting how much TRIM can actually reclaim.

            It's becoming less of an issue as better flash memory controllers come out, but for now..it's still an issue.

        • Matthew Fry

          I imagine that 10-20% would be indicative of a space issue. My 32 GB HTC One has 10GB available. That's 31% and that makes it pretty easy to see that I haven't been actively managing my storage. On the other hand, my 16GB Nexus 10 sits at around 2-3GB which makes it pretty obvious that I'm struggling with my storage capacity. Then again, there's no reason why there can't be an, "I actively manage my storage so just put me down as having not enough" option.

      • GraveUypo

        that'd be innacurate. i like to keep 10gb free on my phone (which has a total of 48gb storage) so i can have enough space to record videos on a weekend away or transfer files and such things.

        given 128gbs of space im sure i'd still have to force those last 10gbs open either way.

      • vgergo

        6GB free out of the 32GB internal, 5GB free out of the 32GB microSD. If it gets any more pressing, I will stash out $50 for a 64GB card.

        • A.M

          yea I have a 64g card got it for $12

      • VinceBabin

        Would put a focus on the need for expansion storage. I think it's good to have, not that I have ever used it, Incase I
        ever need it.

        Should do a "How many times do you charge and or swap out batteries in a 24 period" poll too.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      An idea for another week, indeed.

      • Michael J Carroll

        Could you make it a two question poll so we could cross tabulate the results? Like, the first question would be how much storage and the second would be how much is left.

    • Stephen McGann

      16 Gigs with 11 gigs Fre

    • DennisHeffernan

      16 GB/6.18 free on my Note 2. N.b. the only reason there's so much free space is that Google Music now lets you put local tracks on the SD card (which is 64 GB/44.2 free).

    • Kcls

      I've got 16 gigs with 700mb free.

    • itsgonnalast

      Less than 900MB left out of 16GB

    • Omar Feliciano

      22.09GB free of 32GB

      • Guest123

        same here. . . love having two or three apps for the same thing — thank you google, LG, and AT&T for giving me so many non-removable choices.

    • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

      1.38GB of 26.03GB available on my 32GB Note3 /data partition, with ~305 apps installed. I've got FolderMount installed, but I've been too lazy to "App2SD" move any over to my 64GB external SD yet.

    • Sorento

      400 mb free out of 2 x 32gb sdcard + 1gb internal storage.

      I travel a lot, and usually bring large collection of music, movies, & games with me. Along with 1 spare battery, 1 power bank, and 2 set of earphones :)

      • CaibreGreyblade

        Thank gods, I am not the onlyo one >D

      • VinceBabin

        I can see the need for expandable storage if you have a low internal storage phone, but now 32gb seems to be the new norm. To me that's plenty. Maybe I'll grab a 32gb MicroSd and put a few songs on it.

    • Comk4ver

      I'd like to see a poll that asks how often they've had to clear their phone to an external or factory reset in order to make space. Took me one month to get the clear some space (I was recording a ton of video that night) and then another month after that to turn on the computer to move everything onto the external.

    • Jonathan

      I have 6.6GB free on a 16GB Moto G and I use my Meenova for movies and CWM Backups

    • VinceBabin

      11gb free here on a 32gb Note 3.

      Mostly photos, I don't use any music or videos. I've only filled my old iphone (16gb) Once with photos.

  • ElfirBFG

    8 GB Moto G. I miss my 32GB card, but the G is impressive outside of the storage limitations.

  • Ben

    256 MB. Now weep for me. ;)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      What phone is that?

      • http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1356962 ThilinaC

        Any xperia 2011 device should do,remember the fun times I had with my Xperia Neo.

        • Guest

          Can confirm; I've got 420 MB on my Xperia Ray (also from 2011). Thing is, they're advertised as 8 GB, since the SD card is included.

      • Rupeshwar

        On my Sony Live With walkman

        • CaibreGreyblade

          Oh, I know that feeling, still using Mini Pro as my second phone. Thou, I love that little beast - I really, really like physical keyboards.

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        i have a galaxy ace and i have the same space :) but with ext partition with link2SD i'm fine

    • Deeco

      Weep alone or Move with the times.

      • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

        Everyone does not and cannot move with the times, as long as their phone requirements are fulfilled.
        I have mentioned what kind of ZTE Blade I have (for testing purposes obviously), and I do have a Nexus 4, being a power user. Maybe he isn't a power user and uses just Hangouts. So that is enough for him, with an external SD card.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      yah, i've the same ahahah

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      My good ol' ZTE Blade is 160 MB or 192 MB or 220 MB internal depending on how I partition it. Weep harder. :P

      More specs you ask? 600 MHz Qualcomm MSM7227A, 384 MB RAM, 3.5" 800x480 screen, 3.2 MP single non-flash shooter.
      But but but... runs Android 4.4.2 seamlessly, almost.

  • Cesar

    16GB on my Moto X, which is just enough for it to not be enough. :(

    • Scott

      Should have grabbed the 32!

  • Dominik Nguyen

    I still have nexus s with its 16 GB, works fine for me( 3-4 gigs free)

  • Vaseline

    32GB Internal + 64GB External SD card = 96GB total

  • matus201

    16GB Nexus 5, it is enough as I use google music. However, I do regret not getting the 32GB version a tiny bit..

  • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

    32GB Internal but 24GB usable. LG G2

    • Xyriin

      Yeah, they wasted 3.2 GB on the system partition on the G2, annoys the hell out of me since I've got CM11 taking up 641 MB. I'd love to have even another 2 GB in my data partition as I'm sitting on less than 1GB free right now on the data partition.

      • http://ralphchastain.com/ Ralph Chastain

        Ya. Well, to me the Samsung is worse. I have 2gb just for apps for the S2 and 9gb just for apps on the S4 even though the phones are supposed to be 32gb.

  • Shawn Cheever

    16GB Nexus 5. Since I don't play large games anymore and primarily use it for listening to music (All Access) I opted for the smaller choice.

  • Mathiias

    Where's the "not enough" option?

    • melhiore

      Hehe, so it is not only me who is missing this option... :)

  • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

    8Gig Nexus 4

  • Brad Medlin

    32 gb droid maxx and 32 gb note 3

  • Crispin Swickard

    Have a 32GB N5, but that was only since they were out of stock of the 16GB by the time I ordered on launch day. I should have asked if I could downgrade when I had to RMA the first one when it died. Of the total storage space listed on the phone of 26.76GB I have 24.97 available...

  • Pope Ron Polyp II

    I thought I would want more than 16GB but actually everything I use is either in "the cloud" or on my LAN, and I'm nowhere near maxing out my 16GB. Still, I don't think you can ever have too much.

  • Felipe Pimenta

    32 Gb Xperia S (only size available for this phone, but you got what I meant).
    Used to be with 2~3 Gb left until I got a tablet. Now between 10~16 Gb free...

  • nofearofimaginarymen

    16gb Nexus5. 4gb left after caching the music I want when I have poor/no data, backup, and apps.

  • Jsilvermist

    If the Nexus 5 had a 64GB or 128GB option I would have paid a premium for it.

    Currently have the 32GB Nexus 5, it's actually usable to me compared to my previous 16 GB on my Nexus 4 (Not that I didn't love it, but it was a bit lacking on storage for me), but still wish I had more space many times.

  • jason ritson

    8 MB - Nokia 105

    • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

      Bitch please! Another emergency device I have is the Nokia 1100. 500 contacts, 10 nos. of call logs, 100 texts. How about?
      And you know what fantastic screen resolution it has? 96x48, yo Full HD, Full Heavy Display.

  • http://www.baldypal.com/ BaldyPal

    this is how I feel about SD cards which is why I opted for the 32GB Moto X.

  • Anthony

    32GB LG G2. Good enough for me.

    • Anthony

      A down vote? Really? Because I said 32 gb is good enough for me? Lol...

      • supremekizzle

        Calling attention to, or bitching about, down-votes is tacky.

        • Anthony

          Sorry to disappoint you but I rarely comment at all. You can see that if you look at my profile or whatever it's called 24 comments in a couple of years.. . I just found it funny that someone would down vote my opinion about what I need for myself. Go troll somewhere else. Thx bye..

          • https://plus.google.com/108596272537415356460/posts Jason Farrell

            It's not funny that you got down-voted; it just happens, ESPECIALLY when you call attention to it.

          • Anthony

            I think it is funny. Thanks

    • echo.one

      Lucky you. I've got 16GB G2... It drives me crazy...

  • Transflux

    Android Poll-ice.

  • r0xp0x

    32GB, sadly. I wish the LG G2 had a 64GB option so I could have my music on the phone without having to worry about running out of space with photos, videos and such. Instead I'm using my old Samsung Galaxy S3 4G as a MP3-player, but it works just fine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

    I got the 32GB version of the Nexus 5 which is nice, but I don't mess with music and comics etc on it much since I have my 16GB Xperia Z Ultra for all that and it has an SD card slot. Optimally phones would come with 64GB built in plus an empty slot, but I'm living in a dream world here.

  • SilentMobius

    16GB internal but a 64GB microsd for music and video

  • Scott

    32 GB Moto X... last phones were 32 GB Razr HD Maxx and a 32 GB Galaxy Nexus.

  • Mc355

    Note 3 with 32gb internal storage and added 64gb micro SD card. Gotta love it!

  • jo

    It's not how much storage your phone has its how much money you have.more memory more money

    • CPA01

      I take it you are an iPhone user with that attitude? 64 GB microsd can be had for $35. 16 GB more internal costs at least $50, $100 on apple. What were you saying again?

  • CJ

    16gb on my Moto X and I hate it.

  • Severo Rivera

    I've got a 16gb Nexus 5 with more 6.5 GB left.

  • Tyler Kirchman

    I barley use the storage on my phone. All my music is in Google music.

  • Simon Belmont

    256MB of storage with 130MB free after factory reset on my Sprint HTC Hero running CM7.2. Yeah, yeah, I'm not really still using that as a daily driver. :P

    I have 32GB of space on my Nexus 5. An upgrade from the 16GB on my Galaxy Nexus.

    • Steve McQueen

      My first Android (HTC Aria/Liberty) had 512MB of internal storage too. :)

  • Emp

    16, and it is more that enough. Love the cloud

    • Emp

      Btw, got 8 not used out of the 16

      • CPA01

        Ha! I got 12.5 free out of 16 on my nexus 5

  • Paul Taylor

    8 Gig with 1.2 Gig free. Anyone who has more than half their capacity free, you need to find more stuff to use your phone for! :-)

  • icyrock1

    16GB Nexus 4 with 800mb left available.
    16GB Motorola G with 2GB left
    8GB Motorola G with 1GB left.

    Those are the three phones I carry at all times (for now).

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      I thought I was bad with my Nexus 5 and Xperia Z Ultra lol

    • Detonation

      Why do you have 3 phones?

      • Wesley Modderkolk

        Maybe he is a drugs dealer for 2 rival gangs?

        • Leonardo Farage Freitas

          And the third is for talking with his contact on the police.. This guy lives on the edge!

        • SSDROiD

          I also like to live dangerously. Had to plug my phone into battery while there was still 57% remaining yesterday. That was pretty wild.

  • steven

    64GB. Dev Edition HTC One. :)

    • Comk4ver

      I was wondering what phone has 64gb...

      • xanok

        I believe there's also a 64gb version of the GS4.

    • Comk4ver

      I was wondering what phone has storage larger than a 32gb. Thanks but no thanks...

      • CPA01

        IPhone, Ubuntu Edge, some versions of the s4

  • http://www.youtube.com/crisr82 Kristian Ivanov

    Most people won't get the poll and will probably count "sdcard" as internal storage due to the common confusion most people have

    • icyrock1

      I highly doubt that the people who read this site can't make the distinction between local and removal storage.

      • CPA01

        I doubt the masses know as apple users who are mostly techical novices would come here. Plus iPhones don't have expandable storage anyways

  • Kevin Mirsky

    I have an S3 with 16GB. I had to pick up a 32GB SD card because that just wasn't enough. Next phone will definitely be 32GB or greater.

  • Stuart Anderson

    16GB N5, 6.14GB available.

  • Nathan Fletcher

    I have the moto x with 16gb. I wish that I was able to get the 32gb version through republic wireless, but oh well. I am able to deal with the smaller amount of storage because I use the meenova and luckily the moto x supports otg natively. Overall I still live the phone.

  • garychencool

    400MB :(

  • Tony

    199.50MB, 20MB free :[

    • Fatal1ty_93_RUS

      Do you happen to own a HTC Wildfire S?

      • Tony

        Nope. LG Optimus T.

  • Mystery Man

    32gb note 3. I hope Samsung eliminates 16gb with the s5 also. Otherwise fuck them.

  • fzammetti

    I think a better poll would be "how much TOTAL storage space do you intend for your next device to have?". I think that would be a telling answer.

    Me, I'm at 32Gb internal now with a 64Gb external card... in an ideal world my next device would have 128Gb internal and no card at all, but basically, 128Gb of total storage space is right for me so if I gotta do 64Gb internal with a 64Gb card so be it.

    The 96Gb I have now is adequate, but not ideal... I have 2Gb internal free and about 4Gb free on my card, but I had to uninstall a couple of games and not have some videos with me that I'd like to have, so I need a bit more than now. Given that I *almost* have everything with me at all times that I want though I believe 128Gb will do it... until it doesn't anyway :)

    • Robb Nunya

      I could live with 64GB internal, but yeah, I get ya.

  • Marc Edwards

    My criteria for buying a phone: removable battery and sd card. I would consider going without the sd card in a phone with at least 64GB memory, but I already own an sd card that big, so why pay the premium? It's outlived one phone, so I'd say it's earned it's worth.

  • Comk4ver

    I'm currently rocking a G2 from Verizon (32gb) came from a 32gb Verizon Galaxy Nexus, which was preceded by the DROID X 8 gb with a 32gb (previously a 16/8) microsd, which was a replacement for my Moto DROID which was a 512 mb. I must say even looking at the next possible poll question might even lead to an even more important question: how many times have you had to delete/reformat/move files from your phone because you've gotten the warning running out of space? I made an attempted proactive choice in choosing a 32gb phone because Google is trying to move away from SD cards. But seeing how I just moved all my downloaded files from my phone (only took about two months) to my external hard drive well looks like I'll be looking for a 128 gb for my next phone. No the files eating my phone are not music or photos, mostly movies, audio books, and ebooks/pdfs.

  • Bigmac

    16gb but I use 6..gs4. I mostly use for phone and browsing so most is bloatware galaxy s4 comes with a tone of it.. Got myself 32gb external but can't see myself ever coming close to touching it..


    LG G2 32 GB
    Only 24.84 available -_-

  • Nicktrance

    16GB (11GB actual) and it's more than enough for me. I do use a bit more on my tablet though but not so much that I have to constantly transfer files to/from my PC,
    I still don't understand how people can suffer from not enough internal storage other than complete mismanagement, I mean how many music/video/images/games do you need to have everywhere you go unless you have no other computer?

  • rawdeadfish

    32 gb on my note3, 4gb free since I had to clear space this morning. 32gb SD card has 240 megabytes free, pictures, music, a couple movies, and podcasts make up the content. I work in a no-wifi, bad 3g sprint zone, so local content is my savior. I can't wait for the next awesome sale on 64gb SD cards.

  • vgergo

    My phone has 32GB + I use a 32GB card, which I am going to swap to 64GB when it feels not enough. I have a few other sd cards which I use in my DSLR, and can swap in if I need to sort/edit/send some of them.

  • Leonardo Baez

    s3 with 16gb internal memmory, plus a 32gb sd card for photos, music and video.

  • Ankit Khandelwal

    My Details -
    Internal Storage - 8GB,
    Free Memory - 700MB,
    SD Card - 32GB,
    Firmware - Android 4.1.2 JB.

  • Levi Grove

    8 GB RAZR M, for life!

  • david coffey

    I have 13.68gb left of 32gb, but i'm pretty messy with my space management. I bet I could trim 2 or 3 gigs EASY. The random ROMS I've downloaded that I haven't trashed yet. The multiple backups. Several apps that I can trash...

  • http://royblumenthal.com/portfolio royblumenthal

    I recently freed 11gb of my 32gb in my Galaxy Note 2. I had about 800mb free, and I was wondering what the hell to delete.

    Went to System/Storage, and waited for it to calculate what was in each category. 'Misc' had 13gb in it.

    Out of curiosity, I tapped on 'Misc'. Lo and behold... a menu opened that I hadn't known about before... a checklist of various items in the category. Arranged from largest to smallest. Right at the top of 'Misc' was ANOTHER 'Misc' taking up 11gb.

    I had a semi-fresh nandroid backup, and a completely fresh Titanium backup, so I figured I'd see what happens if I deleted it. So I did. And I haven't noticed any ill effects.

    I have NO idea what was in that file. But it was crippling my phone. Now I've got speed and smoothness back.

    (I'm running LiquidSmooth 2.37, Android 4.3.1.)

  • Dan

    16GB Nexus 5 9.76GB available.

  • Stanley Chan

    16gb with 7 free and 64gb ext storage with 5 free in my GS4

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  • pance nikolov
  • Fifth313ment

    I love the Note 3! 32GB plus my 64GB class 10 microSD for a total of 96GB! I mean only like 85GB usable but that is still awesome! 32GB should be the standard by now with how cheap memory is. I only voted in the 32GB on the poll though.


  • acemod13

    Oddly, Some newer phones split up the storage like Sony Xperia E... Why?

  • CaibreGreyblade

    32 GB on my Note 3. Which is actually fully used by instaled apps. Media, music, iso for emulation, etc, sits on micro sd card. All 62gb of data. And I also use OTG to connect my two 128gb pendrives. AND I also use, when in home, home server to stream my 4tb NAS server to my mobile toys.
    I do not believe in cloud. It just doesn't work for me, performance wise and now, privacy wise. On the other hand, small storage device became more or less affordable..

  • Derek v

    64GB Galaxy Note 3 also have a 64GB sd card but admittedly being a huge musicmovie nut and I hate streaming unless I have to and I have several high end android games I realize I am not the typical user.

  • Jack

    32gb note 3 with another 32gb ext. Plenty although if you wanted to store loads of films etc which is gonna happen we need to be looking at 1TB cards.

  • xdapao3

    As it is this poll tells nothing as it doesn't account for external storage... I have a Note II (N7100) with 16GB internal storage + 64GB external microSD for a total of 80GB and NEED IT ALL, I could not use it with only its 16GB internal memory and the same goes for 32GB phones. 64GB would be tolerable BUT would be a pretty big downgrade as I would have to give up some of the stuff I keep and need on my smartphone (and no, it's not games I'm talòking about, I don't have a single one installed. On my smartphone I keep a selection of the same files, the most used ones, I have on my Windows laptop).

    For me, the more the better. Ideally, I would have on my phone the same amount of storage I have on my laptop (a 500GB SSD)...

  • j

    32gb note 3 with class 10 64gb sd card, and i still want more lol. got about 15 gb left to use

    • j

      forgot...8gb left on internal and 7 on external

  • http://www.microwav3d.com/ Mihir Garikiparithi

    I really wish my HTC One had external SD support... But I suppose OTG adapter + USBs works better to some extent because you can then label USBs with "movies" or "documents" or whatever and have a little more structure...

  • schlanz

    2.3gb left of 32 on my Note 3, and 29gb left on my 64gb sd. And thats without any music (google music ftw!) I have a bunch of games, apps take up over 15gb alone. I get that many people have simple storage needs but I will never buy a phone without an sd card unless its 64gb, and not exorbitantly priced like iphones.

    • http://www.microwav3d.com/ Mihir Garikiparithi

      you're lucky you can use GMusic.

  • Jeremy626

    32 is my minimum

  • chris

    I hav 18gig free out of 32gig , when phone manufacturer gona ship flagship model wif larger 64gig & > 64gig ? Many ppl dont mind pay bit xtra more as long as they wun overcharging for bigger storage

  • Wanderer

    I have 16gb built in & 16gb sd card, I need it because i have at least 9 games, all big and a shit load of apps, i like to pimp up my phone.

  • artiplier

    Pretty much just apps on my 32GB internal with about 1GB free. I also have 64 GB of expandable storage with about 28 GB free....used mostly for photos and music with a few HD videos for on the go.

    People always ask why I would need so much storage...I figure it's a bit more future proof with more storage, and new apps over the next couple years will likely take up more storage. Heck, The Bard's Tale takes up 3.3GB alone with the hi-res textures enabled.

  • Matt Graham

    32 gibs for me. I came from a 1GB, and was sick if fighting it.

  • http://Egosistema.net/ RSX

    Xperia E with 4GB of internal memory =/

  • RH

    Note1, stock, rooted. Around 103 apps installed, those that can, shifted to the SD card.
    Around 11gb still remaining. 16gb mSD card, that one is about full though ;)

  • John McBride

    The question needs more exploration in the context of Verizon's Elipsis 7 debacle -- it's an 8 gb. device with only 1 gb. of app space -- install a couple of apps and it can no longer perform updates. Most apps can't be moved to an SD card.

  • Lpf

    32gb phone, 64gb sd card. No category for me?

    I'm using about 40gb

  • CPA01

    Nexus 5 - 16 GB, 13.5 of that free

  • Cuvis

    I have a Nexus 4 with 16gb, and it's just not enough. My next phone will have either 32gb or a SD slot.

  • http://mavi222.deviantart.com/gallery/ Mavi

    ZTE Blade - 200MB :(

  • Derpy Derp Derp

    16GB, though this is a first gen Galaxy S. Meaning at the time, 16GB was the top storage tier.

  • RTWright

    I have 32GB on my GS3, then have a 16GB ( Which I'm about to replace with a much bigger card ). Thing is, I can't stand streaming audio. When I listen to music, I prefer it to never be interrupted by lost or low signal. Which can happen at any given time, some areas more so than others. I also find it better to store such on my SD cards as apposed to my Internal because then I can have different cards with different sets of music on it.

    16GB internal for apps and OS is fine, I do prefer 32GB or better internal because of the pure fact that Games are getting so huge in size. Some of them are anywhere from 2 to 8GB each ( As some download extra content after install and as well future updates making them bigger ). Then there is the Movies you can create using your phones camera. This stuff starts to really take up a large, very large amount of space. Now again, I know there is these 'Cloud' services, but I've never been about wanting to pay someone else for something I should be able to do myself without paying extra. Which means, storing and backing up on my own device, rather it be on the Internal or microSD or even both. I should have this right to do this and not be forced into doing it over the quote on quote cloud systems.

    Again, I don't like putting trust 100% into systems that if something should go wrong, either on their end or mine, that I do not have access to such files. If they're on my end? Short of the Card or Phone going bad? I'll have full access always, no matter if I have a poor or no signal. Also I back up media files on to my computer as well at home. So yeah, I'm big on making sure I have full access and backups controlled 100% by me and only me. This doesn't say I don't use cloud services for file sharing with friends and clients, because I do. Just I don't use it in the ways others do. To each their own there. I do think it's time the 16GB devices go away permanently and the lowest offered should now be 32GB and up, because we are approaching that point where everything is bigger.

    If you have any major brand of phone now, you know full well that the 16GB usually tends to have 8GB or less free after all the junk the Carries and OEM's stack on it. So you're not really getting as much as you'd like. I know a few that have 10GB or more free, but those are usually the Nexus devices that not nearly enough people buy. Everyone still goes to Carriers overall vs Google. Hopefully this trend will start to change, it would definitely help if certain people at Google would learn they do not know what's good for 100% of the smartphone users out there, because they honestly don't!

  • shonangreg

    32GB Fujitsu Arrows X (docomo Japan F-02E)
    using 5GB of 26GB available
    64GB micro-SD card
    40+ GB of music available for offline playing mostly to a Bluetooth speaker.

    This memory combination works great for me. Photos go to internal memory and get synced by dropbox and Google photos (neither of which are WiFi-tethering friendly, btw. They eat my data allotment and battery... Dropsync does this right with a whitelist and a blacklist for SSID'S.) I'll probably add a full 4GB mirror of my dropbox too.

    Removable storage has proven essential for me, either on my main phone or a secondary WiFi-only phone still good for offline music playing to a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Aric

    32 gig Samsung Galaxy s3 GT-I9300 with 64 gig SD card. Deleting music is abhorrent to me, and I don't stream because the world isn't yet as perfect as Google would like it to be.

  • sounder

    32GB on my SM-N9005 with a 64GB card.

  • Bob Hart

    20GB free on 32GB Nexus 5

  • kurichan

    20GB available from 64GB

  • Roh_Mish

    12.94 of 16 GB on Nexus 4

  • mike

    It's a dam shame phone prices go up each year but storage capacity doesn't . I really feel for iphone users the most spending $850.00 plus tax on a phone with only 64gb with no external storage option. With phones prices closing in on $1k cosumers should be getting 100gb-160gb of internal storage minimum .

  • Robb Nunya

    16GB, but it has a MicroSD slot, so I'm good.

  • gsDroid

    Moto X 32Gb with 19.4 free
    Nexus 7 16Gb with 3.7 free

  • Lawrence

    Enough storage room to store a battery.

    • Matthew Fry


  • Geoffrey Rockwell

    I would NEVER even consider a phone with less than 32 Gigs of native storage! Also I DO NOT LIKE sd cards...too small to bother with and too fragile...long live the more durable AND convenient memory stick!!!