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Samsung is slowly but surely sending its Android 4.4.2 update out to more and more regions and variants of the Galaxy Note 3. This morning SamMobile reports that both the LTE Snapdragon (SM-N9005) and the 3G Exynos (SM-N900) versions of the Note 3 are being updated over-the-air on networks in India, South Korea, and Switzerland. As usual, the rollout is staged, but users in these countries can try a manual update check via the Settings menu.


Both SamMobile and the Samsung Updates archive have also posted SM-N9005 update files for even more regions: Italy (Vodafone), Slovenia (Si.mobil), Bulgaria (MTL), Spain (Vodafone), and the general "Baltic" area, though there are no reports of over-the-air updates being sent out to these countries. Keep in mind that these repositories aren't official Samsung downloads, though they tend to be pretty reliable for impatient users. (If you're in one of those countries, be sure and check that your cell phone provider matches the build before trying to flash it manually.)

The 4.4.2 update is weighing in at roughly 380MB, and includes visual tweaks and small user interface changes to TouchWiz in addition to the underlying KitKat additions. None of the various American models of the Galaxy Note 3 have been updated, and they probably won't be for some time, since US carriers tend to take a somewhat unhurried approach to timely software upgrades. Even so, Samsung is moving uncharacteristically fast with the 4.4 update, so maybe we'll see it stateside sooner rather than later.

Source: SamMobile, Samsung-Updates

Michael Crider
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  • Hugh Johnson

    What about 'Murica the greatest country in the world! I am deeply offended and upset, we should get everything first always.

    • AbbyZFresh

      You guys get all the free stuff first. It's time for the rest of the world to have the best products first for a change.

      Besides, you guys still have your phone carrier situation to deal with even when KitKat reaches you.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

        Let's not pretend that carriers don't have their fingers in the pie anywhere other than the US. Australian carriers (especially Vodafone and Telstra) are just as bad as any US carrier. That's to say nothing of Japanese carriers like DoCoMo, and even some carriers in Western Europe.

        Carriers all over the world certify updates for phones they sell. That's not unique to the US. Carriers have every right to demand it, too, if they sell the phones. Think of it this way. They're the ones selling it, they're the ones marketing it, and if people have a problem with the device, they're going to go back to the carrier for help. Because of that, they have every right in the world to demand certification of updates to ensure that the new software won't cause a nightmare for their support staff. We may not like it, but the carriers' reasoning for it is entirely legitimate.

  • Wazzifer

    Cmon T-Mobile!

  • klaus

    my note 3 got the 4.4.2 kit kat OTA (it was bought in the usa) N9005. The smartphone is running faster. No problems.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Shawn De Cesari

      Where did you buy an N9005 in the USA? It must have been through in importer. As far as I'm aware, Samsung does not sell the N9005 in the US via normal retail channels.

      • Klaus

        I bought in a importer.

      • Klaus


        Baseband version

  • jim

    When will it hit Britiain

  • Tasos

    My note3 antutu score dropped from 36000 to 26000 after kitkat update and the sview in spigen case doesn't work

    • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

      It's no surprise, if you checked the forum you'd see the exact same thing, even AP has made a post about this being a PA nightmare a week ago

      • Tasos

        is there any solution or a way to go back to 4.3?? my antutu got back to 36000 after a factory reset (and the wifi problem too).
        Sview problem still exists though. Are they insane in Samsung? for the 1st time i though i maybe should buy an iphone!!!!

        • Guest

          They are aware of Swiew problem...
          They will fix it soon, in the next update..

  • shikhar

    Lock screen camera shortcut not working in galaxy note 3 india

  • William

    Finally 4.4.2 update is now available for my Note 3 in Australia!

    • Hiruna Wijesinghe

      Where did u get the 4.4.2 update ? I dont have it and im from melbourne :/

      • Doug

        Me also - I am checking Kies and OTA - no update

        • Tom

          I have a completly unlocked note 3 with no OTA or Kies update yet??!?

          • Doug

            I downloaded the ROM from Poland and manually updated. Its been three days now and all going well. Faster than before.

  • Fabio

    just got my update yesterday. Vodafone Ireland

    • Fabio

      snapdragon version - The update had 512MB.
      baseband N9005XXUENA2

  • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

    Has anyone else noticed insane battery drain, klunky camera app (freezes, hangs and all the above), VPN not working and 802.11 networks no longer being detected? i feel shamesung pushed this out too quickly without checking it's flaws, again.

    • Sony George

      Ys lot of flaws lk swtchg off..hangng..vry often hv to swtchoff or remv batry and swtch it on again...any remedy for this...

    • Rishab Kapadia

      absolutely true. Should Have read your post before updating. Well Learn't something today, don't Trust Samsung's Updates. had issues on My galaxy S2 as well after OTA.
      For such a top of the line phone, this is shameful.

  • Ichibanmugen

    I got it the same day in Netherlands also!

  • Nopdon Eakbuse

    KitKat on SS Note 3 N-900 (Thailand) break Solid Explorer, ES Explorer write permission on external SD card per Google design. Hope Samsung will fix it soon. I think they are the same in most countries.

  • Benny

    got the 4.4.2 updatevin note 3, but I am facing serious issue with battery backup. Even after optimising vatious battey use, there is a high drain in battery. Battery is not lasting for even hal day. ..

  • Danen

    New update freezes the screen every 2 minutes. Did factory reset and still the same problem. Any ideas what to do? Note 3 became totally useless

    • Fred

      Have same problem. Not every 2 minutes but if i try close in most cases facebook or chrome apk by backbutton, screen freeze... as you said. Totally useless and i cant downgrade to 4.3 without loosing warranty...:/

      • Danen

        Do you use original Samsung housing or flip cover? Mine started working again after i went back to the original case. Apparently Samsung activated some non 3rd party acessories bug with Kitkat.