A nice update for the VoIP app Viber has just been dropped into Google Play with some highly desired features, so get ready to call everyone you know to deliver the good news. Presumably you will call them with Viber.

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Here's the changelog for version 4.2:

  • Block any number or contact
  • Send up to 10 photos at the same time
  • Message or call using Viber directly from your native contact list
  • Customize your message and call sounds
  • New media gallery (photo and video) within conversations
  • Improvements and fixes

This update makes Viber feel more like a phone replacement with contact list integration – you don't have to be in the app to initiate calls or messages any more. If you don't want to talk to someone anymore, boom, blocked. Viber is, as always, a free app/service with no ads.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Kurama21

    Thanks Guys, I would appreciate putting the Direct APK here, since it's Not available for my country :(. thanks

  • Mystery Man


  • Edvin

    the viber messenger isnt so good - because of the security

  • Aka

    I like it how Viber tries to take over my sms notifications even if told not to.
    did they fix that?

    • mesmorino

      That's actually one thing I intensely dislike about Viber. The other is the poor notifications/notification sounds set up

      • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

        Hey, Can you please clarify your issue?

        • mesmorino

          I can't seem to replicate it at the moment so it may have been fixed, but basically for a long while I could not change the notification sounds, and I also couldn't reduce the phone volume without muting viber, because viber audio was treated as a ringtone rather than a notification .

    • DopeJam

      never had this problem. All my friends use viber and I never heard of such a problem. Must be something with your phone or specific problem for your phone

  • Frank Lopez

    This viber service is turning out to be a beast

  • ddh819

    i wish call blocking was built into android

    • mesmorino

      Look out for it in Android 6.0 when Google finally remembers that cellphones are actual telephony devices.

      Also keep an eye out for the ensuing lawsuit where Apple tries to patent call blocking.

    • http://www.appfreakblog.com appfreak

      The latest build comes with a blocking function, although it doesn't apply to group chats

  • eddie

    have a new motorola moto g, just installed viber and no voice call. text goes fine. got following message: unfortunately, viber has stopped. on samsung mini no problem.

    • Julia

      I have the same problem since 2 days. I had no problem before.

      • Anu

        Same problem. New Moto G phone, It was working fine until 2 days ago when I started getting the "viber has stopped" message. Very frustrating.

        • trini

          same here

    • AJ25

      I have the same problem with my moto g! What gives??

  • Emiliya Remington

    I have the same problem with MOTO G I bought 5 days ago. "Unfortunately viber has stopped." Where is the problem? Is it with the phone or in viber?

  • Ramesh

    Pls try to resolve the Status Issue. As the application window is opened and directly goes to home. status remains as online.
    Pls resolve this issue like if the window closes for more than 1min or some thing else status should change as last seen time not as online.
    Pls have a look into this issue ans replicate.
    Replication steps:
    1. Open the Viber app window and Chat or view the message.
    2. Click on Home button with out using back button.
    3. Status remains as Online for ever until the data service closes.

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Hi! Viber will show your status as "online" as long as you are available for calls and texts, for more info please read this article: http://bit.ly/1oNU9dz

      • Dan

        If someone blocked me, can I still see there online status or delivery status?

  • j

    Will the block feature not be coming to the iphone?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Hey, The block feature is in the advanced stages of development for iOS and will be released in the near future.

  • Razvan

    how can I block a contact on windows 8.1 ?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      This feature is currently in planning and will be available in future updates for WP8.

  • vetia

    If you are blocked will your message say delivered

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      Yes, your message will be delivered as usual. Blocked users are not informed in any way that they have been blocked.

  • vetia

    If someone block you on viber will your messages say delivered

  • vetia

    Does anybody know if you delete a person from your phone contacts will you and that person that blocked you still be visible on viber?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      As long as you are in that person's contact list, your online status will be visible to that person. Your online status will be visible to that person, regardless of if he/she is in your contact list. If you wish to disable your online status, you can do it by following these steps (can slightly vary, based on the operating system that your phone is using):
      1. Enter the More Options menu
      2. Choose Settings
      3. Go to Privacy
      4. Uncheck the box next to Send 'Seen' Status

      • Alec

        I have not been able to see any of my contacts online or last seen status for the past 2 weeks. My personal settings are all turned on and I am sure a few of my contacts did not turn off their settings as well.

        • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

          Hi Alec,

          We will need some more information from you in order to assist with this issue. Please open a support ticket here: http://bit.ly/1aOwGy2

  • maggie lu

    If I block a contact on viber will I stil receive messages if they messages me through their laptop viber for windows?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Hi Maggie,

      If a contact is blocked, it does not matter what platform they are using to message you. You will not receive the message.

      • tash

        Hi viber! can someone block the IP address instead of jsut the number?

        • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

          Blocking a contact in Viber only blocks their phone number. Viber does not and cannot block a user's IP address.

  • curious

    If I start to use Viber on pc, will blocked contact get notification that I use pc?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber


      Viber users do not receive notifications when their contacts install Viber for Desktop. This means that no one, including blocked users, will be notified.

  • mica

    If someone has blocked me can I still see the online ,last seen status and will delivered be written by messages with check marks.how do I find out if I'm blocked.

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      Hi Mica,

      There is no way to know that you have been blocked. This feature is a private one and is not meant to be obvious to the person that was blocked.

      However, if you have been blocked, messages will not be marked as "seen," as messages will not be received by the user that blocked you. If you see the "seen" tag, you have not been blocked.

      You can read more about this feature here: http://bit.ly/1qGjqpt

  • Malek

    How can i know if someone blocked me on viber?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      You will not be able to tell if you have been blocked, as this is a private feature.

      Blocked users are not meant to know that they have been blocked.

  • sleeki

    If someone's phone is down then you send messages, which are marked 'sent' and then decide to block them, will they see the messages when they get back on even if they log in with a different phone?

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      If the message is "sent" before you block them, they will receive your message.

  • Cee Cee

    If someone has blocked you, if you phone them, does it ever go to "ringing" or will it only say "calling?" If someone has blocked you and you phone them on Viber Out, the call should still go through, shouldn't it? Thanks Viber for your help.

    • http://www.viber.com/ Viber

      A call may stay in calling and not switch to ringing for several reasons, including being blocked or connection issues.

      Viber Out calls are connected through a GSM network, on which Viber settings are not relevant, and should go through regardless of if the calling account has been blocked via Viber.

  • Cee Cee

    One more, Viber...if someone has blocked you, there are conflicting reports that you will see random online status' for them and never "online." Please clarify. Thank you!