The Galaxy Note 3 is one of the more desirable high-end phones on the market at the moment, especially if you like your mobile hardware big and pleathery. If you also like your service from Sprint, then Amazon's wireless store has a heck of a deal for new customers: a Galaxy Note 3 for $112.49 on a subsidized plan. That's more than $200 off the retail price. Black and white models are available, and shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

galaxy note az

If you're not a new customer or signing up a family member for a new line, the deal gets considerably less sweet: the price jumps up to $279.99, $70 cheaper than Sprint's $349.99 price for the phone. (You might be able to take advantage of the new Framily Plan with this deal, but it's possible that Amazon's back end hasn't been updated to reflect it.) The unsubsidized cost of the phone is still a sky-high $750.

This is as low as we've seen the Galaxy Note 3 so far, not counting the various $0 down plans with deferred payment. It's selling well at its regular price, so discounts this large are rare. If you don't mind using Sprint as your provider and signing on the dotted line for two years, it's a pretty good bargain. That said, AT&T and Verizon both have their Galaxy Note 3 models marked at $300, so if you're not opening a new Sprint line, there probably isn't much temptation here.

Amazon - Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Black

Amazon - Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White

Michael Crider
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  • EyeCorporations

    Black link goes to ATT

  • Charles Sweeney

    Damn AP.....one would think that you've started writing articles this month, either that or you've only started paying attention to the Note 3. Last month Amazon had the Note 3 for $199.99 for current customers who were eligible for an upgrade. I know this for a fact because that's when I bought mine. So maybe you meant $279.99 is as low as you've seen the Note 3 so far in 2014.

    • Sean Lilley

      IF you sign up for a new contract it is 112.49

      • stephanie gurland

        I want the Note 3, currently have the Samsung galaxy 3 with Sprint, on a two year contract till April. Companies seem to be doing away with contracts now. What would be the best deal for me?

        • Sean Lilley

          Do you intend to leave Sprint? If so following amazon with a new contract will be ideal. However if you are staying with sprint you can upgrade cheapest at Amazon, Best Buy is a close second who had a sale last week of $299 (Instant phone, No shipping) I suggest either staying with Sprint and doing Easy Pay (a new Service they set up where you can pay the cost of the phone monthly inside your bill) or Going to ATT and they have a similar program now. if you can afford the phone outright though I would do Amazon or Best Buy Depending on your ability to wait for something new.

          I have no patience and I got mine at best buy, Lol.

  • Ashley Jean Weinreb

    i had to reset this phone at less 10 times and know it still wont work right