Today the folks behind Todoist have announced the latest version of their capable task management offering: "Todoist Next." This new name comes with a complete rewrite of the software that improves integration across its 13 supported platforms. Yet for us Android users, the app still looks largely the same. It has kept its current name in the Play Store, and it retains the look introduced in version 2.0 (even though the latest release is 3.0). That's not to say that there's nothing new to see here. Users are now able to work together with others on tasks and balance events more easily with a new visual scheduler.

Todoist1 Todoist2 Todoist3

In addition to these features, Todoist has also opened up data syncing to free users. This functionality was previously only available to paying customers. Ultimately, though, anyone who wants access to the full feature set will still need to cough up $30 a year.

What's new:

  • Todoist has been totally re-envisioned!
  • Invite anyone to collaborate with you on tasks and projects
  • Enjoy a sleek, streamlined design across 13 platforms and devices
  • Plan your days easily with visual scheduling

Source: Todoist

Bertel King, Jr.
Born and raised in the rural South, Bertel knows what it's like to live without 4G LTE - or 3G, for that matter. The only things he likes sweeter than his tea are his gadgets, and while few objects burn more than a metal phone on a summer day, he prefers them that way anyway.

  • woj_tek

    Lol... a to-do app and the most basic funcionality (reminders) is paid...

    • wickets

      well developers deserve to be paid, but even so, $30 is rich

      • woj_tek

        I know they do! but... you know - notifications for $30 yearly? ;-)

        • Leif Sikorski

          If they keep updating the app - it depends all on the progress. Most apps get much attention from the devs for a year or so and once their userbase is saturated they jump to a new project.

          I think for well supported apps it's a bit unfair to pay just once a very low price. On the other side we don't know how the support will be in the feature, so 30$ on an annual basis also seems to be too much.

          It's one of the reasons why I like in-app purchases, but there are just very few apps who make use of them (beside games). In-app purchases for new major functions would be the fairest option for both sides I think

          • Brian Koppe

            I like the cheap monthly subscription model I've seen on a few apps lately (like DigiCal). The $25 or $30 per month price tag of many task apps has kept me away from becoming a paid user, but I'd be much more inclined to sign up for a $1-2/month subscription.

          • Gillott232

            Understandable, but when you really work it out, it's only $2.50/month. If you've used the free version and would enjoy the upgraded features, is $30/year any different than $1-2/month in the long term?

          • Brian Koppe

            Personally, I'd be much more likely to pay around $1-1.50/mo, so the end price is quite different in that case. But even $2.50/mo is different if I decide the full version of the app isn't worth it after a month. That ability to reevaluate on a monthly basis is valuable. Finally, the psychology of paying $30 now or $2.50 now is different as well.

          • Gillott232

            Understandable, but when you really work it out, it's only $2.50/month. If you've used the free version and would enjoy the upgraded features, is $30/year any different than $1-2/month in the long term?

          • RTWright

            I have DigiCal, no monthly or yearly fees with it. I'm also using their premium addition.

          • Brian Koppe

            DigiCal's full weather forecast feature is an additional $1.50/mo

          • RTWright

            Well there is really no reason for anyone to pay for it, because it's pretty much redundant when you figure how many weather apps there are and most of them are free. So for a calendar app to even offer something like that for a fee is silly considering all that. I know I don't pay a monthly fee and wont for that matter.

          • didibus

            I agree, and there should be a way to pay for newer versions. Some apps stop making profit at some point, because they have sold to all interested users already. Once this happens, the dev stops adding features, but if you could pay for those, it'd be great.

        • Casper

          You can still have notifications, reminders and notification of deadlines is two different things in this app.

          • ken147

            Are you sure? the pricing page is confusing me.

          • Casper

            Yes. Try the app. If you set a deadline on a task you will be reminded 30 minuts before. You cannot set a reminder for 1 hour before however. This is a least how I used the app before I paid.

          • ken147

            Tested it 3 times, zero notifications.

      • Yuliang Huang

        Their free version used to only allow you to sync your task once a day or you do it manually...

  • ken147

    So I have to pay 28 dollars a year to get a crucial feature like notifications?!?

    How about no.

    • Casper

      You have notifications. Reminders are something different in this app. At least try the app before talking.

  • ShahinTr

    Because there's no other free to-do list around right? Majority of the calendar apps have a to-do list.....don't know what makes this one so premium that you have to pay $30/year. Lol.

    • Casper

      $30/year is nothing compared to the new level this app takes to-dos. If you think its expensive, its probaly not for you though.

  • Oenbearen

    I don't want to brag you about the app, folks. Just a few words from me, being a to do addict. There is not a single app that allows me to:
    - save and access files stored in the service (not only pics etc)
    - use the app on whatever platform I want (have you seen such cross platform app yet?)
    - use different variety of date settings
    - enjoy the simple and we'll thought design
    - have a good Web management for your tasks

    And yes I am a paid user and haven't seen such attitude towards updating the app and working on bugs in any of the devs. On the play store. They reply to every email after almost few hours.

    I recommend it from the bottom of my heart. Please bear in mind that notifications were not the only function you pay for.

    • Vishal Sheth

      Is it available for BlackBerry 10?

      • GeordieGadgee


    • Gillott232

      I agree. I have tried a variety of to-do programs, and ToDoist is my favorite of all of them. I was willing to pay the $30/year to access the advanced features because I can write the expense off for my business. If you are a business professional, it's worth $30/year to upgrade.

    • RTWright

      Right now I use Due Today, very nice App and while this one offers up some features DT doesn't have, don't really need all of that myself. But I don't disagree with their pricing except I always worry how long a company will be around. Which is true with any App/Software you purchase or put money into.

  • AlexMovda

    Todoist + Bitrix24 = the best free productivity combo ever created.