If you have a Nexus 7 or 5, then there's a good chance you've looked at all of El Goog's accessories in the Play Store. There's also a good chance you scoffed at the prices of said accessories, because let's be honest here – they're not cheap.

To make such a purchase easier on your wallet, however, Google has slashed 25% off the prices of most Nexus 7 and 5 cases (including folios and such). It may not be a huge savings, but 75% of the original price is still better than 100%, I suppose.


So there you go. If you're looking for a way to brighten up, protect, or otherwise add some flare to your tablet or phone, now's the time to grab some of the official accessories. Hit the link below to check out all the deals.

Google Play

Cameron Summerson
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  • power_pizza

    No deal on the wireless charger. The only accessory I'd actually consider buying from the Play Store.

    • Badouken

      The wireless charger was the only accessory ive ever bought from the Play Store... Its pretty expensive but man is it really convenient!

  • Tony Byatt

    No Nexus 10 Cover love...

  • Stéphane BODOVSKY

    Not available in France ...

  • Michael Romano

    Thoughts on the Nexus 7 cases? I currently own a poetic slimline case I bought from Amazon. Are these official cases any better?

    • Aaron Hafitz

      I have the sleeve for N7 ...its nice. Build quality is impressive

    • http://orvtech.com orvtech

      I got the black one, I love the finish and it feels great. Said that I feel that for that price it should have the magnet for auto-awake/auto-sleep without one have to push the power button.

    • http://www.fullmoonblog.com/ Flatlinebb

      I have that same case for the old Nexus 7. It does auto-awake the screen and the price was right (~$14). I'm very happy with it. The Play store cases are over-priced, even with the discount.

  • Mike

    Not available in Italy :/

  • Chris

    I thought the title meant you got 25% off the Nexus 7 with 5 cases lmao

  • Rafael Soriano

    I have the diztronic tpu case. Any noticeable difference between that and googles case?

  • Adam Truelove

    Why WHY only 4 colors for the N5 bumper case? No blue or purple or green?

  • nigel

    Available in the UK for a change

  • Mayoo

    Damn it ... It costs to be early adopters

  • Sir_Brizz

    Folio cases are sold out. Dang it.

    Not that 25% off makes them any more affordable.

  • Badouken

    Darn the Black Folio case for the Nexus 7 is sold out.... The red seems to be still in stock though... Id bite for $37 even if that is still a bit much... $50 is definitely way too much...

  • orangeirwin

    The nexus 5 official bumper looks nice, I have a red one; however in less than a month of carrying it in the pocket of my khakis it started to discolor. Instead I now rock a Supcase Beetle, $10 on amazon with prime shipping.

    • http://orvtech.com orvtech

      I heard people complaining that the buttons where to harsh to push. Did you find this an issue?

  • Robert Hart

    I have the black bumper case for my Nexus 5.

    The main complaints are using the power button and inserting USB OTG flash drives.

    The power button takes some extra pressure to activate with the bumper case on the phone.

    My USB OTG fash drives won't insert into the micro usb charging port with the case on the phone.I need to use a USB OTG cable and plug the fash drive into it in order to use it without removing the case.

    These are my USB OTG devices.

  • Gautam Lakum

    The deals are not available in India?

  • Adam

    But those shipping costs... £9.99 on top of the reduced cost doesn't work out any cheaper than buying a Nexus 5 quickcover elsewhere.

  • Rich Nahra

    I purchased two of the flip covers on the 19th and as of 21st they hadn't left the warehouse. Naturally, i called to have my invoice adjusted. No big deal right? Yeah, apparently its not possible. Person on the phone kept saying "we don't price match". ugh.. Finally, after talking with a lead, their suggestion was to refuse delivery (thats still in the warehouse) and re-order at the lower price. Play store has some growing up to do.

  • downlinx

    still $40 for the good case, i think not, i love my poetic too much

  • Snoopy
  • Twocups

    Move along nothing to see here - just received the "Nexus 7 (2013) Case – Grey/Blue" described as "A super-functional case for your favourite tablet" - NO DAMN SLEEP MAGNET... wtf - RMA'd faster than I could dial 0800 328 6081