Samsung saw fit to sneak Android 4.4.2 out on the international Snapdragon-based Note 3 last week (starting with Poland, for some reason), but now things are picking up steam. The first 4.4.2 updates are arriving for the Exynos Note 3 (SM-N900). First up on the update list this time is Russia.

2014-01-20 14_51_27-Open Source Release Center

This update includes all the behind-the-scenes Android 4.4.2 enhancements, but it has those stylish white status bar icons too. Also in this update is wireless printing, emoji support, Hangouts SMS integration, and more. You can pick up the firmware below from SamMobile, but you'll have to register (it probably won't work on any other Note 3 variant). The update should slowly make its way out to the rest of the world in the coming weeks.

Samsung also rolled out the kernel source for KitKat on the Note 3 (SM-N900) at the same time, which you can get from Samsung's developer site. It's probably only of interest if you're a developer, but at least there won't be as much confusion about what Samsung's doing.

[SamMobile, Firmware Download (registration required), Samsung Developers Site]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Branden James

    Verizon be here in April :-)

  • Wazzifer

    N900T PLZ

    • Yassir

      Is that T-Mobile Note 3

      • Fifth313ment

        T-Mobile version probably will take some time as 4.3 on the Note 3 was severely (still is) buggy as hell. T-Mobile and Samsung to this day haven't released even one patch as of yet to fix multiple errors (WiFi Calling, unresponsive, wake-lock, touch panel and other severe issues). It's really crazy but it will be OK with me if these are worked out in 4.4.2.


        • Yassir

          Im on the T-Mobile version its not perfect but its not too bad. I'm looking forward to 4.4.2 KK. =)

        • JazzEspresso

          you think T-Mobile slow, imaging the AT&T!!, I think I will get the update probably close to end of this year!!!

  • Yash Ostwal

    Kernel source released! Does this mean that custom rom development and releases (like CM, AOKP, etc) will be a lot easier and faster?

    • sobhan

      nope :) Developers are not interested in Exynos version that you can see in XDA site.. which has almost 'n' no of posts than Exy one :(

      • Yash Ostwal

        But AFAIK, the developers were not interested because the "sources" were not published till now. Not sure the "sources" here refer to what exactly. If the sources become available, there will be more users for the ROMs for exynos devices as Samsung doesnt launch the Snapdragon versions in countries except US and UK, i think.

        Having said that, whatever the case is, I just hope that the stablitiy of ROMs for Exynos increases and for people like me who have no other option but to buy Exynos version of phones (coz I live in India), we'll have a respite from TouchWiz

        • Man of Persia

          Kernel source always publish by OEM included Samsung. But source that need for developing ROM is Exynos Sources which samsung never publish them. Like S1, S2, S3. S4 Exynos version. I have S4 octa and i will never buy any Samsung phone again.

          • Yash Ostwal

            I also own the Galaxy S i9000. And till now, it's been one of the first devices to get latest CM versions. Its only with the S4 exynos that the CM is not coming. I so hope that sometime i9500 also gets there, where i9000 is right now!

          • Man of Persia

            I also own the Galaxy S i9000 too :D
            but it doesn't mean developer don't need Exynos sources. they have spent a lot of time to develop Rom for this devices without the source and they finally get tired of Samsung and they will not develop anything for Exynos devices anymore ( I mean good/real developer! because S4 octa has noob developers with buggy Rom)

          • Yash Ostwal

            I hope they do start developing. Because there are many Samsung users! :)

          • Yowan Rdotexe

            Samsung will always publish their sources but those are largely useless to the community since much of it contains closed sourced binaries and blobs without any sort of documentation whatsoever. Critical parts related to surface flinger, OMX and mostly ADSP are missing. Yeah you do get their device sources but those aren't complete.

  • Shenell4485

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  • Bretton Key

    I have the Tmo Note 3, and I'm curious to what they going to do with KK.
    I have my device rooted, so I'm looking to really take advantage of the KK features and then some...this probably will be the last update for good while if you think about it.