The various families of custom ROMs are in an arms race... in a really nice way. Each one is trying to one-up the others with new features and improvements on stock Android, with some genuinely spectacular results in some cases. The latest beta builds of Paranoid Android include some particularly useful features, most notably a revamped Quick Settings menu. The PA version of the drop-down icon grid allows for multiple functions for each square and on the fly rearranging. Check it out in the video below:

Also new is an "on-the-spot" preference dialog, a contextual pop-up system designed specifically to address user-accessible settings that usually only need to be set once. You can see the first example in the opening seconds of the video above, asking users whether they want to activate a tablet-style Quick Settings section on the notification bar. Other, smaller changes include maximized lockscreen widgets, separate passwords for device encryption and the lock screen, and an updated AOSP icon for the dialer. Users can also install Google's proprietary KitKat dialer without conflicting with some of Paranoid Android's features. PA will automatically disable network tiles and increasing ringtones to ensure compatibility.

Last but not least, PA has a swanky new boot logo, designed by fans Espen Olsen and Leonard Leijenhorst. The usual bug fixes and performance adjustments apply. Official Paranoid Android 4.0 (KitKat) builds are available for the Galaxy Nexus GSM, Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 2012 and 2013 (WiFi and mobile), and the Nexus 10. You can find both the ROM files and the Gapps package at the Paranoid Android website.

Source: Paranoid Android Google+, XDA Developers

Michael Crider
Michael is a native Texan and a former graphic designer. He's been covering technology in general and Android in particular since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order.

  • Konstantinos Pap

    Awesome boot animation. :)

    • Martin

      After Apple's iOS7, everything is now about colors :-)))

      • TechWings

        Yeah, because there was absolutely no color in the world before iOS 7. Thank God Apple had the stroke of genius to invent color because now we all prosper! /s

      • abobobilly

        Its funny how you people are a believe that "Apple is the first".

        In my opinion, its as stupid as "What comes first? Chicken or Egg" argument.

        • http://twitter.com/anishbhalerao Anish Bhalerao

          Even between Chicken and Egg, APPLE "came" first... Inside the Chicken. And then came the Egg.

          • trias prasetya

            is it only me, or is it really hilarious..
            apple is,.. a cock?

          • Pierre Gardin

            Apple came first.
            Then egg.
            Then chicken.

            Then apple omelette.

        • Android_slag

          If you don't understand the egg myme first then you don't understand evolution. Steven Fry

      • Espen Flagtvedt Olsen

        Gee... it has NOTHING to do with ios7 to do. Minimalism has been around for a while now. Also it is based on google's bootanimation design

  • vs8

    Can't wait for that awesome quick settings feature to be ported to Xposed or Gravity Box.

  • akshay7394

    I LOVE that bootanimation!

  • Youri

    This is gonna be an awesome/feature packed rom when it gets out of beta

    • Piotr Hryszko

      By the time it gets out of beta Google will release another version of Android and the fun will start from the beginning

      • cj

        Does it matter if it's called beta? It's been stale since release one

        • Piotr Hryszko

          It matters as long as it's missing all the features that made that ROM so great. Just hope the team can solve all the issues they've encountered.

      • grumpyfuzz

        No it won't, with Kitkat they chose to rewrite and redesign every feature, so they didn't port it from jelly bean. With future versions of android, they can just port the kitkat versions to the new versions, which will be a LOT quicker.

  • redmafia

    Cool cool cool. Now we need an xposed module to disable the location consent popup for the gps toggle (or is there one already?)

    • Piotr Hryszko

      I'm not sure how but guys at SlimRom have achieved that already

  • GuilhermeMendes

    why is taking so long to bring pie controls to kit kat custom roms?

    • unsivilaudio

      They are completely rewriting the code based on 4.4.x source. Apparently they were dissatisfied with how it was implemented previously (too much bloat maybe?).

    • YamenSharaf

      Just use LMT Launcher

      • GuilhermeMendes

        LMT sucks (sorry). i'm using stock with gravity box, very satisfied with the results so far

  • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

    :( Don't like the merged bootanimation. The one from Mr Leijenhorst with the typographic "Paranoid Android 4.0" animation was much more elegant.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I have to say I was a fan of the 2nd one before the merge. This one and the first one are too all over the place and colorful.

      • http://www.westagemusic.com/ Marc

        Exactly Artem. :)

      • Dairox

        I was going to comment exactly that. Yesterday in the G+ post I requested the PA team that if they could release both animations (so we could choose) in a flashable zip or something, they only said "ask it to the designers".

        • Cj

          The submissions were mainly done by video. What was posted in the community is the same thing that the developers have access. Hence the "ask the designers" comment. The developers don't actually have zip files for all submissions made

      • avbluestar14

        where can I see these entries? i looked on pa g+ page, and i can't find it

  • joser116

    I love their mascot.

  • Alberto Blasi

    still available for Nexus devices only?

  • lucas

    Very good

  • Guillermo Collado Wilkins

    The quick pulldown from the corner keeps messing with Gravitybox and its tiles. Also, PIE controls from Gravitybox (which look horrible even when customized) override the ones from PA.
    Can anyone help me disable the quick pulldown from PA so I can use the one in GB?
    Maybe also use GB immersive mode with PA PIE controls? (I cant get PA's immersive to show the notification bar)


    • Jason Mann

      Anyone know how to do this?