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Motorola has just announced the much anticipated expansion of its wood finishes for the Moto X. The Walnut, Teak and Ebony versions of the device will be available on January 21st for an extra $25. If you're more of a minimalist person, the bamboo version of the Moto X has been dropped to $25 starting today.

Moto X Ebony

The Bamboo option debuted a few weeks ago at $100, so the price drop to $25 might annoy those who dropped the cash already. Still, Moto says it wants wood finishes to be affordable for everyone. Motorola is handing out $75 credits to those who bought the bamboo at full price, but the coupons are only good on accessory orders of $75 or more (not including the Chromecast).

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You can get the bamboo now, or wait on the other versions next week. It's all the same price, so go with your gut.

[Motorola, Moto Maker]

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  • Bob G

    Article should note that for those of us who ordered Bamboo Moto Xs first thing, Motorola's offering up a $75 credit that can be used on anything other than a Chromecast.

    • Cory_S

      Anything that costs more than 75 dollars.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Any *accessory* over $75, excluding Chromcast.

      • Grayson Carr

        Any "accessory order" actually, so I assume you could get three $30 accessories in a single order, totaling $90, for $15.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Fair enough.

        • Cynthia A. Barnett

          These are important design factors! Anybody else see what I'm talking about?

    • Cat Astrophy

      Why exclude Chromecast?

    • david coffey

      I don't understand people. Who would downvote this?

  • http://youtube.com/totoocyber Tony Balt

    This is real wood ?

    • Cesar


    • br_hermon

      Yes, they actually mined it from under a rock.

    • abqnm

      All except the bamboo.

      • TY

        Wood is a material, not a group of species. Bamboo is a type of grass which produces one of the natural materials known as wood.

        • abqnm

          I guess my sarcasm didn't come across. I was making fun of the posts about bamboo not bring wood. It isn't a tree but it is definitely wood.

    • PhillipCun

      real wood... but fake finishes. see D-L article.

      • Daniel


  • Cesar

    Teak looks pretty good. I'm not replacing my Moto X anytime soon though.

    • Sean Royce

      How are you enjoying you Moto X? I'd love one but I can't afford it. I'm fairly happy with my S4 as well.

      • Gandalf_Teh_Gray

        Active display is the best thing ever. The quick camera launch is useful. I don't use the voice commands very often as it doesn't pick up my voice at normal levels usually. The moto features, assist and migrate are helpful. Assist could be improved more for in car use. Hardware i'm completely satisfied with.

        • Sean Royce

          Thanks for your opinion.

  • wakefinance

    It's nice to see a company who actually responds to the market as far as pricing goes.

  • h4rr4r

    Bamboo is not a wood, it is a grass.

    • TY

      Still considered woody though.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

        This man knows his wood.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

          Indeed he does.

      • Ricky

        OH, He own you!

    • jamaall

      But doesn't it say "Natural" anyway?

  • John Smith

    "Got Wood Yet ?"

  • AbbyZFresh

    More awesome coming from Motorola.

    Too bad i already have the bamboo version which i wasted $100 extra for. i could've gone for the Walnut instead.

    • Dan

      I'm so bummed I finally got a Moto X when the Today show offered the $150 off right before Christmas. Now wish I had waited, loving the look of a black front with ebony wood back and black accents! I just can't justify the cost because I'm sure by summer time the Moto X2 will be out (or whatever they end up calling it). Hopefully all these options will be available at lunch when the 2nd version comes out.

      • Cesar

        There's no way Motorola's going to release a new flagship before summertime. The Moto X just came out in August. I wouldn't expect a new flagship from Motorola until at least the end of summer.

        • Dan

          Sorry, did not mean "by summertime" to mean "before summertime." Should have clarified by the end of summer, ala August-ish again. Either way, with the phone now 6 months old in another couple of weeks I, personally, can't justify buying it all over again for a wood back is all I meant.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius

      Skim up and you'll see you can get like $70 worth of accessories since you spent the $100 before.

  • shivakool

    wish it was available in my country a lot cheaper than nexus 5 which costs 537$ for 32gb

  • nvillaco

    Dat walnut is the hotness.

  • nvillaco

    There is an interesting detail going on though that I'm seeing while designing. There looks to be a "strip" of plastic that runs along the sides of the phone and stays the same color no matter what front color you pick. The bamboo and teak "strip" is white so even if u pick a black front, the sides are still white. The walnut and ebony have a black "strip" that also remains black no matter what front color.... This is confusing / weird. Is this really how the phone will arrive? Or is this just a Moto Maker mistake and the strip color changes depending on the front color that you pick?

    These are important design factors! Anybody else see what I'm talking about?

    • Dan

      Yes, I read somewhere when Bamboo came out that that "strip" along the top and sides could not be changed. So if you want a black front to match the strip along the top and sides you must pick ebony or walnut. If you want a white front to match the top and sides strip you must pick bamboo or teak.

      • nvillaco

        Interesting... haha damn I wanted a walnut phone with a white "strip" and white front. Why doesn't moto maker open up the "strip" as something you can customize too?! Every other phone manufacturer allows much more color customizing than.... wait...

        • JC

          Ha! I see what you did there!

  • Humberto Hernandez

    If you dropped 100$ for the wood back, you obviously dont care about your money. So, this new price will be ok for everyone.

  • GraveUypo

    they all look like old fishing ship's doors.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lucyparanormal Daniel Tiberius


  • alexcue

    I got a second back from an eBay seller and had no trouble popping off my original back and installing the second one. I wonder if these wood backs will ever make their way onto eBay or other sites. Too bad Moto probably wouldn't let you just order a wood back straight up. :-/

  • Richard

    The Mistake Motorola made is they should have released these wooden backs at Launch, I've would have love to add another $25 for a Wooden Back for my Moto X but too late, I've got mine already in Woven White

  • SBK

    My Moto G can't wait for a wood back, do you know if there is a Motorola plan to release also for the Moto G?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Probably never.

  • paxmos

    This is money ($100) people pay for a useless purpose!!!...it's not even a station wagon!!

  • hot_spare

    I thought cutting down the trees went out of fashion. maybe they thought it's a good idea to be fashionable by cutting a few more trees.
    What next? deer skin and tiger claws??

    • mesmorino

      What's wrong with cutting down trees for wood? Or for space? And what's wrong with deer skin or tiger claws? Both of those are extremely useful and versatile materials.

      Anyway, You're incredibly shortsighted if you think cutting down trees is ever going to go out fashion. Hell, all the forestry conservation efforts are for the express purpose of allowing us to cut down as many trees as we want without the supply running out.

      Next you're you're gonna say something as inane as "I thought drilling for hydrocarbons went out of fashion"

  • Truffol

    Wooden cases are nice... Apple upgraded the whole industry to aluminum and now companies are looking into wood and leather. The right direction in my opinion..